Tote-Bag Turn In (Earn Credit for your Wingtip Totes)

A scourge is cluttering our closets, wasting space in the trunks of our cars, and overfilling our kitchen drawers. It’s a menace to society known as… The Wingtip Tote.

Don’t get us wrong, we love our totes! They’re durable, 100% cotton, and when used frequently, they’re environmentally friendly. But often, our unused totes are simply discarded to your laundry room, where they lower the property value on your house, and accelerate global warming.

From now through June 30th, Wingtip is offering to buy back your surplus Wingtip Tote Bags* so that we can reuse them in our store.

For every bag you return, we will add 30 points ($3) to your account!

Let’s do our part to keep those totes off the street. (Unless, of course, they’re being used responsibly.)

*Clean, ready-to-be-used Totes only, please.

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