New For Summer: Orlebar Brown Swim Trunks

We are very excited to introduce a line of swimwear. Orlebar Brown trunks are designed in London, and may be best known for kitting out a certain James Bond [at left], but you don’t have to be Daniel Craig to look great in these trunks. They are based on a “17-piece pattern of traditional men’s trousers,” which means the fit will keep you looking your best from brunch to the pool.

We’ll defer to Orlebar Brown for the details:

“Made from quick-drying 100% polyamide sourced from France, all the zips and side fasteners are from Italy and are then manufactured in Portugal.

“Tested for light, rub, salt water and up to 50mg of chlorine per litre (when the average pool should only have 14mg).

“Every element has been planned and thought through to make them the short you can swim in.

“Four part shaped waistbands with double fusing, darts at the back and a tailored fit. The signature OB branded side fasteners are one of the distinguishing features.

“OB Classic shorts vary in length from Springer (shortest), Setter (short), Bulldog (mid-length) to Dane (long).”

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Tim Niven

Tim is Wingtip's Assistant Product Manager, a Bay Area native who has been with the company since 2013. Tim's a connoisseur of film and television, and by that he means he Wikis plots for film and television. His style inspirations come from the little screen--Barney Stinson, Brad Williams, and Tom Haverford. He is also a huge comedy nerd, as well as a regular nerd. He is an avid wearer of suits.

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