Bruce Zuckerman: The Wingtip Custom Shirt

The custom shirt is one of the hallmarks of well dressed gentlemen. And although styles, fabrics, and tastes change as time passes and generations evolve, the custom shirt remains one of the affordable pleasures that will enhance a man’s wardrobe.

The great benefit to the custom shirt is, simply, that it is made to match what the wearer wants–not what the ready-to-wear manufacturer has decided what the shirt will look like–regardless of price and label. You choose the style for every key element of a fine shirt, not merely the collar and cuffs, but the pocket, the front and back tailoring style, closure(s) on the forearms, monogram parameters, all in addition to the desired fit.

To wear it in or to wear it out? That is but one question. Many contemporary gentlemen have a particularly unique style issue that custom can easily address: the length of the shirt. This dilemma is easily addressed by a custom shirtmaker.

What about my outsized wristwatch? Another great question. As the popularity of large wristwatches has outgrown the cuffs on most off-the-rack shirts, the custom shirtmaker can enlarge the cuff to accommodate the watch–not both cuffs, mind you, just the single cuff that you wear your watch beneath.

What fabrics do you offer? That’s one of our favorite questions. We have thousands to choose from, including Wingtip, Thomas Mason, Cotonificio Albini, and more. The best way to see them all is to make an appointment and stop by.

How much will it cost me? The bottom line question, indeed. But you’ll be happy to know that our custom shirt options begin at just $165, comparable to many off-the-rack options.

So stop by the vault at Wingtip in San Francisco, and ask for myself, Bruce Zuckerman [pictured above left], or Wingtip store manager Michael Alzona [pictured above right]. We are happy to accommodate walk-ins, but the best way to set up a leisurely fitting is to make an appointment. Visit soon to see all of the options, and get fitted for your own custom shirt.

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Bruce Zuckerman

Bespoke Director, Bruce Zuckerman brings over two decades of custom clothing experience to Wingtip, including years of working with the same factories Wingtip is using for custom suits, coats, and shirts. Zuckerman sold men's and boys' clothing during his college years, but left for a lucrative career in computer tech. After 17 years, the computers were less than satisfying, and he plunged into an uncertain but ultimately rewarding career in clothing. Zuckerman prefers the versatility of solid fabrics, but has a soft-spot for bold pinstripes and Glenplaid.

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