Wrap-Up: Sundance Style

Over the past week-and-a-half, auteurs, wannabes, and looky-loos crowded into Park City, Utah, for the annual Sundance film festival. One of the largest “independent” film festivals in the nation, this yearly affair brings us the newest works and projects by Hollywood’s top talents as well as regional unknowns. We’re always excited to see which films have been bought for distribution, as well as which sartorial choices have been brought to the blistering temps, so we decided this year, Why not look at both?

The Players

James Franco: Rocking the ugly Fair Isle Christmas sweater like a baller, James Franco proves yet again that everything he touches turns to gold. Opting for the more casual and dressed down look this year, the director/actor/writer/style-icon/philanthropist/humanitarian (Are we missing anything?) shows that a crewneck sweater paired with some jeans can go a long way.

Jemaine Clement: Perfect for the conditions in Park City, where temperatures can swing from chilly to frigid, the down jacket has always been a staple in menswear, and especially snow wear. Whether you’re facing nippy wind or a couple feet of white powder, the down jacket’s got your back. Clement also does a good job of pairing it with a button down and tie, which we can always get down with.

Common and Erykah Badu: We gotta give respect to a man that wears a suit in the snow. Nice job on the proportional lapels and tie, but lackin’ a little flavor without the pocket square. Erykah Badu, on the other hand, takes the cake with that hat. Not really sure if she’s imitating Pharrell’s headwear style or if she’s just a really big Harry Potter fan. Either way it’s awesome.

Harvey Weinstein: The producer behind such hits as “Every Quentin Tarantino Flick Ever” also has a hit on his hands with that cream colored cable-knit shawl collar sweater. Keeping with the surroundings of the festival, Mr.Weinstein brings it with his fashionable and highly functional choice. He’s keeping cool, while not keeping cool, and we like that.

The Films

“Fresh Dressed” (dir. Sacha Jenkins): While we have much fondness for the classics like Sinatra and Dino, we here at Wingtip also have much love for hip-hop. “Fresh Dressed” chronicles the roots of urban style as it exploded through hip-hop culture. From Adidas tracksuits to stereo sets, this flick will take you back to a time when Charlie Sheen was working it on “Wall Street” instead of drinking tiger blood.

“Best of Enemies” (dir. Morgan Neville and Robert Gordon): In 1968, a televised debate between righty William F. Buckley and lefty Gore Vidal rocked the world during the Democratic and Republican national convention. Their policies were so polar that every topic was heated and every political stance was fierce. Because of this, ABC, whose ratings were at the bottom at the time, shot through the roof. We’re not taking sides on anyone’s political ideas, we’re just excited to see the suits these guys rock during the debates.

“Knock Knock” (dir. by Eli Roth): Keanu Reeves stars in this psychological thriller by the man who’s brought us such cinematic horrors as “Hostel” and “Cabin Fever.” Living a perfect life, Evan Webber’s (Reeves) life is turned upside down when he lets two mysterious women enter his home for one night. While this film is typically more horrific than what we would recommend, we can’t argue with the robe game.

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