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The next James Bond film, “Spectre,” is still four months from release, but news hit this week that suggests the hunt for the next James Bond is on. British bookmaker William Hill, who offer betting opportunities on everything from horse-races/elections to the names of the royal babies, slashed the odds on the likelihood of Homeland actor Damian Lewis getting the next 007 assignment after Daniel Craig. Down from 25/1 to 2/1, (all odds current as of press time), Lewis is the odds-on favorite in a brawny pool of MI6 probables that includes Idris Elba (11/4), Tom Hardy (7/2), and Michael Fassbender (7/1).

Craig, who plays the current beloved spy has an “open-ended” contract with the film studio and is no longer obligated to to reprise his role as Bond. He may be back for Bond 25, but with action heating up at William Hill, we doubt it.

While we don’t know what specifically caused the change in the betting line, we don’t really care. We hear “James Bond” and “gambling,” and we’re already making a foray into prop betting with some potential wagers for Bond 25.

More units of alcohol will be consumed in Bond 25 than in Spectre. (ODDS: 4/1)

According to this chart there’s been a slight decrease in units of alcohol consumed in the last three films. While this trend might continue in Spectre, it will reverse course in Bond 25. He’s clearly still mourning the loss of Vesper Lynd, and when that pain bubbles up to the surface, he’s going to go on a proper bender.

An American will perform the theme song for the next film. (3/1) 

Chris Cornell (US) handled Casino Royale. Alicia Keys and Jack White (US) did Quantum of Solace. Adele (UK) won a grammy for Skyfall. Sam Smith (UK) is set for Spectre. “Quantum Of Solace” wasn’t too hot, but if they’re chasing chart-topping artists, the only choices left are James Taylor or Taylor Swift. Edge: America.

Bond will crash the car. (2.5/1)

Only in Quantum of Solace did the Aston Martin survive the car chase during the Daniel Craig era. Bond’s car is for sure going to get kerplunked in Spectre, but maybe, just maybe, he might be able to bring it back in one piece in Bond 25. Check out the previous wrecks here, here, and here.

There will be no more Tom Ford suits. (100/1)

I don’t think he’s going away for a while.
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