Enjoying a Dunhill Cabinetta 1989

Before: Dunhill CabinettaAnother trip to London, another stop to the Dunhill Tobacconist at the corner of St. James and Pall Mall. The shop, which opened just a little over a year ago, has a beautiful and somewhat modern humidor and wall of cigar lockers along with a world class selection of cigars. On my last visit, I tried the Dunhill Don Candido, one of seventeen cigars that Cigar Aficionado has rated 100 points in more than twenty years of rating cigars. At $280 for a single cigar, it was the most expensive cigar I’ve ever smoked. Until Thursday…

During: Dunhill CabinettaOn this visit, I wanted to continue my Bucket List run of smoking all seventeen of the 100 point cigars, but sadly, the shop only has two more cigars that have achieved that status: the Dunhill Cabinetta and a churchill version of the same cigar. With the churchill size running £995 ($1,500), I opted for the less expensive –yet most expensive cigar I’ve ever smoked– Dunhill Cabinetta robusto.

A better review than I could write was already written by internationally acclaimed wine & cigar critic, James Suckling, who wrote that the Cabinetta was almost as good as sex. I’d rather be more specific and say that I’ve had sex that was worse than the Cabinetta, and sex that was better than the Cabinetta. I hope that helps you with your cost/benefit analysis should you find yourself in a store with one to purchase.

After: Dunhill CabinettaWas it worth what I paid? Yes. Partly because it was a superb cigar, but mostly because I was smoking something that will be gone from the world completely soon and I can say I partook. It’s extremely rare. Very special. Refined. Well-constructed. Beautiful even to look at. Would I pay the price to smoke it again? Most definitely not. Yet, I’m sure the next trip to London will find me back at 1A St. James to try the Churchill size…

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