The Islay Of Teas

As the chill settles in over San Francisco, you may see Wingtip’s roving gourmand Matt Gill recommending a cup of Lapsang Souchang tea. It’s not just hot, but it’s smoked. Gill describes its flavors as reminiscent of “cigars and campfire.” We’re enchanted.

The Lapsang Souchang tea is part of a wider roll-out of teas from Five Mountains. The brand is offered in some of SF’s top dining destinations, like Quince and Benu, as well as some coffee shops.

“They also have access to some of the rarest tea in the world, which is why we chose to go with them,” says Gill. “[Five Mountains] offers a range of Pu’er tea that has been aged anywhere between 5 and 50 years. Just in case anyone wants it, they also have access to one of the oldest tea trees on the planet. At an estimated 2000 years old, a pound of tea from this Camelia Sinesus plant runs around $10,000 per pound.”

As the service becomes a familiar and favorite menu item, look for the offerings to be expanded with special accoutrements like biscuits and sandwiches. As Gill notes, “Like many things at Wingtip, this is just the start.”

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