2016 Golden Globes Style Report

Award season is coming…

Last night the kickoff to the annual award season began with 2016 Golden Globes (awards for TV and film). Always a great inspiration for menswear and style, below are five of our favorite and least favorite looks for the night.



Michael Fassbender– Classic, clean, and simple from head to toe.


Jon Hamm– Even after the ending of Mad Men, this guy does not stop being dapper.


Aziz Ansari– Always well-dressed and fly, we’re huge fans of the black tartan. Great twist on a traditional look.


David Oyelowo– Bold and not in a bad way.


Rami Malek– Midnight Blue tuxes are always a good choice. Lapel pins are also a nice touch.



Michael Shannon– Your tux is supposed to fit, not look like it’s gonna suffocate you.


Bryan Cranston– Black on black on black? You’re Heisenberg, not a waiter.


Quentin Tarantino– What’s with the “ghetto” look man?


Alan Cumming– ¬†We have no idea what’s going on here.


Wiz Khalifa– We also have no idea what’s going on here.

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Tim Niven

Tim is Wingtip's Assistant Product Manager, a Bay Area native who has been with the company since 2013. Tim's a connoisseur of film and television, and by that he means he Wikis plots for film and television. His style inspirations come from the little screen--Barney Stinson, Brad Williams, and Tom Haverford. He is also a huge comedy nerd, as well as a regular nerd. He is an avid wearer of suits.

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