Scottish Drip Torture

Last week, we covered Wingtip’s whisky service on ice. But what if someone prefers their whisky neat? Of course we serve it to them neat, but with the option to add water to taste. Even a drop or two of water can make a huge difference in the release of aromas, for reasons not fully understood yet (one of the more extensive articles about Dropping or Not Dropping can be found at 

The Club recently worked with Angels’ Share Glass of Scotland to procure a couple dozen droppers & jugs so that members that choose to add water to their whisky can release just one drop at a time.

The whisky dropper is displayed on an exquisite oak stave, crafted from a vintage whisky barrel. The glass dropper is approximately 200mm in length with an angel at the top. 

The Angels’ Share has put together a brief video showing you how to use their dropper.

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Wingtip Founder & CEO, Ami Arad is the quintessential modern gentleman. He has distinctive taste, an eclectic style, and dresses for every occasion. Ami developed his vision for Wingtip at a young age; even back in high school where four years of speech and debate meant weekends wearing a coat and tie, he was in his element. Years of working in upscale men’s clothing stores and socializing in cigar shops, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, inspired Ami to develop Wingtip, a men’s specialty store and private social club.


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