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Davek Alert Umbrella

Never Lose Your Umbrella Again (Davek Umbrella Kickstarter)

For years, Davek has been the solution for people sick of umbrellas that buckle and flip inside out at the slightest hint of a breeze. Now Davek has solved our final umbrella quandary–how not to lose it. Davek’s Alert Umbrella is about to conclude a round of funding on Kickstarter, and, from the looks of it, this ingenious innovation will be funded without a problem. When the Davek Alert the market, they will be priced at $125, but currently the umbrella is available for a pledge as low as $89. Many more details at Kickstarter.


Peanuts! Crackerjack! Tokens & Icons Baseball Cufflinks!

There’s something in the air today. Smells like spring. Fresh cut grass, white ash, and worn leather. Baseball season is here.

And we have the authentic, accessories for all spectators and man cave denizens. Tokens & Icons is our go-to source for nostalgic fan favorites, like Baseball bat bottle openers, MLB game-used baseball cufflinks, SF Giants World Series game-used cufflinks (pictured at left), and cufflinks made from seats of stadiums of yesteryear–coliseums where the greats used to swing redwood trunks and smash 1000-mph fastballs into the next county–places like Seals Stadium (pictured above), the Polo Grounds, and the original Yankees Stadium.

See all of Tokens & Icons’ MLB accessories here.


EyeBobs Readers At City Lights Bookstore [PHOTOS]

The beat generation was raised at a bookstore, just a stone’s throw from Wingtip, on a jagged block of Columbus Avenue, nestled between San Francisco’s North Beach and Chinatown districts. City Lights Bookstore was opened in 1953, the brainchild of Peter D. Martin, but it was co-founder Lawrence Ferlinghetti who turned it into a place where poets could read and publish works that weren’t necessarily “fit to print,” in the established sense.

EyeBobs Peckerhead Reading Glasses At City Lights BookstoreFerlinghetti’s name became synonymous with free speech in 1956 when he published a diminutive book of poems with a four-letter word emblazoned on the cover in stately Albertus type: “Howl.”

The contents of Allen Ginsberg’s monumental poem raised the ire of morality police and both Ferlinghetti and store manager Shigeyoshi Murao were arrested for disseminating “obscene” material. The case was taken to the California State Superior Court and tried under Judge Clayton Horn, where, thankfully, reason prevailed. Judge Horn’s decision reads,
in part, “There are a number of words used in “Howl” that are presently considered coarse and vulgar in some circles of the community; in other circles such words are in everyday use. […] Would there be any freedom of press or speech if one must reduce his vocabulary to vapid innocuous euphemism?”

City Lights was granted landmark status in 2001. The adjacent Adler Alley, once a seedy shortcut, (and the only thing that stood between the poets and their favorite haunt, Vesuvio Cafe), is now a paved-over pedestrian walkway called Jack Kerouac Alley, with colorful walls and bronze placards of poetry set into the ground. City Lights continues to publish new works and serve as a Mecca for San Francisco literary adherents and tourists alike.

Special Thanks to Scott and Andy at City Lights Bookstore for their kind assistance in helping us shoot this series of photos.

EyeBobs Readers

We recently visited City Lights Bookstore and Jack Kerouac Alley to test out our EyeBobs reading glasses. [TOP: Wingtip Master Barber Joe Roberts wears Board Stiff reading glasses in green spotted tortoise; ABOVE-LEFT: Mr. Roberts wears Peckerhead reading glasses. All reading glasses pictured are $79.]

EyeBobs Dot-Com Reading Glasses At City Lights Bookstore
Wingtip Bespoke Assistant Timothy Niven wears Dot-Com reading glasses in tortoise / blue

EyeBobs Peckerhead Reading Glasses At Jack Kerouac Alley
Mr. Roberts wears Peckerhead reading glasses

City Lights Bookstore, Columbus Avenue, San Francisco

EyeBobs Total Wit Reading Glasses At Jack Kerouac Alley
Mr. Niven wears Total Wit reading glasses in clear

Jack Kerouac Alley, Chinatown, North Beach, San Francisco

EyeBobs Board Stiff Reading Glasses At City Lights Bookstore
Mr. Roberts wears Board Stiff reading glasses in green spotted tortoise


College Basketball Cufflinks from the Sweet 16 Top Dog (and an Underdog)

University Of Kentucky Memorial Coliseum College Basketball CufflinksTokens & Icons College Basketball Cufflinks are now available with arena flooring designs from number-one ranked U Kentucky’s Memorial Coliseum and 11th ranked UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion. The authentic flooring pieces were recovered during renovations, and were set in sterling silver by Tokens & Icons. These are the perfect dressed-up accessory for those that wear their fandom on their sleeve.

University Of Kentucky Memorial Coliseum

University Of Kentucky’s college basketball cufflinks are available in a bluegrass blue taken directly from the classic floor of Memorial Coliseum. The Kentucky Wildcats have racked up the most wins in college basketball history, and this year’s team, which may be the best in school history, has added at least 38 W’s to that total.
UCLA Pauley Pavilion College Basketball Cufflinks

UCLA Pauley Pavilion

The true blue paint of UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion was the early stomping ground of luminaries like Kareem Abdul-Jabar, as well as young stars like Russell Westbrook. The Los Angeles location has also hosted glitzy media events, like the Who’s induction into the Rock-and-Roll hall of fame. At press time, UCLA was an 8.5-point underdog in their Sweet 16 match-up with Gonzaga.

Additional College Basketball Cufflinks

If you’re not a Wildcat or a Bruin, you may be interested to know we also carry college basketball cufflinks from Kansas, U Penn, and Syracuse. All Tokens & Icons College Basketball Cufflinks are $160. Click for more details. (Tokens & Icons also carries cufflinks, bottle openers, and other memorabilia for NCAA football, NBA, MLB, and the NHL.)


Happy Life Day

Next year at this time, I’ll be in a movie theater watching “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” for the 15th time (as long as it’s not some Phantom Menace fiasco, in which case I will have seen it only 12 times, max). But this year, with the theaters all-but-shuttered, it’s time to stay home and celebrate Life Day in the spirit of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Tis’ the season to sit around Malla’s music box and watch San Francisco’s interstellar musical children Jefferson Starship sing their forgotten classic, “Light The Sky On Fire”. Or if you want to get really freaky, pop on a holoprojector to watch some see-through miniature trapeze artists, or fire up the mind evaporator and listen to the soothing sounds of one our favorite outer space entertainers, Mermeia (known on Earth as Diahann Carroll).

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you haven’t treated yourself to the Star Wars Holiday Special. It’s been widely critiqued. It has been called the “Dumbest Event In Television History.” The special’s producer, Dwight Hemion, called it “the worst piece of crap I’ve ever done.” And George Lucas called it “one of those things…I have to live with” (Maxim, May 2002). Some revisionist critics, in reappraising the film, have been kinder, loftily claiming that it “wasn’t the worst thing to come from 1978.” But don’t let that stop you from slipping on a pair of Chewbacca cufflinks (We’ve got a bunch more options online and in-store if you need a last-minute gift for the Geek Who Has It All), and enjoying the maligned masterpiece.

By the way, you won’t be able to watch this on TV. The master tapes were surely destroyed years ago, like the Jedi order in Operation: Knightfall. Even if some irony-laden station like FXX wanted to show it, they would have to search for a bootlegged version, with shoddy quality and straight from ’78 commercials. You would have better luck at beating Han Solo at sabaac than finding a decent copy of this film. This special is so embarrassing it would make Jar Jar Binks blush; I’m starting a rumor that it’s the underlying reason that George Lucas is opening his museum in Chicago, a galaxy far, far, away from here, where he won’t be recognized as often.


Take A Swipe Outta Frostbite With Dents Touchscreen Gloves

When it’s cold enough to wear gloves, it’s too cold to take one off to answer the phone, check the map, or take a picture. It’s not only frigidly inconvenient, but the more times you take your gloves off, the more likely you are to lose one–or, if you’re lucky, drop one in a gutter teeming with slush.

Since 1777, Dents of England has set the standard for glove-wear by addressing such quandaries. So it’s no surprise that their leather touchscreen gloves ($145), besides being functional, would maintain a pristine profile, and boast a discrete cashmere lining.


Holiday Gift Guide (Don’t Take Our Word For It)

We like to think of ourselves as a shop for the gentleman who has everything, or maybe as the shop for the guy who’s hard to shop for. So it’s no surprise that many of our favorite items show up in newspaper and magazine gift guides each year. Here are some recent listings:


Exfoliating Body Bar featured in Man Of Many’s2014 Christmas Gift Guide – The Groomer


Handkerchiefs featured in The Daily Beast’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide: For the Don Draper in Your Life


Black And Chrome Large Stapler featured in Bloomberg’sWhat to Get the Club-Going Classicist


Cavalier II No. 97 duffel bag (pictured at left) featured in Design Trend’s, “Travelers, Jetsetters, Globe Trotters—Gift Guide For Those On The Go!

Medium Pouch No. 64 featured in Bloomberg’sWhat to Get the Club-Going Classicist


Wine aroma kits featured in CTV News’Holiday Gift Ideas For The WIne Lover In Your Life


Patchwork Scarves featured in New York Daily News’The best new holiday markets in New York from Bryant Park to the Brooklyn Flea


Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste featured in Man Of Many’s2014 Christmas Gift Guide – The Groomer


Paris Classic Chocolate Pepper Mill featured in Yahoo’s “Gift Guide For The French Chef


Momentum Over-Ear Headphones featured in Paste Magazine’sGift Guide For Tech Lovers

Momentum In-Ear Headphones featured in Forbes Magazine’sHoliday Gift Guide For Travelers On Your List

Momentum On-Ear Headphones featured in Technology Tell’sApple Gift Guide

Momentum Over-Ear Headphones featured in San Diego Source’sAnnual Holiday Tech Gift Guide

G4me One Headset featured in SlashGear’sHoliday Gift Guide


Featured in the Wall Street Journal’sFuture Presents: A Tech Gift Guide From the Cutting Edge; The Innovative Gadgets and Electronic Toys to Buy This Holiday Season

Play 1 Speakers (pictured at left) featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer’sGizmo Guy 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Play 1 Speakers featured in Outside Magazine’sHoliday Gift Guide 2014: The Ultimate Base Camp

Featured in Sydney Morning Herald’sChristmas Gift Guide – Digital

Play 1 Speakers featured in Recode’sHoliday Gift Guide: What to Buy a Boomer

Play 3 Speakers featured in Geekwire’sAnnual Geeky Holiday Gift & Gadget Guide

Featured in 9to5mac’sHoliday gift guide: Smart home products – get a jump on HomeKit for 2015

Featured in PC & Tech Authority’s2014 Christmas Gift Guide: For the Home

Play Speakers featured in Tom’s Hardware’s(Practical) 2014 Holiday Gift Guide


Boston Garden Parquet Floor Bottle Opener featured in the Boston Globe’sHoliday gift guide: Best boutiques in Cambridge, Newton, Scituate

MLB Wallet featured in New York Daily News’Need something for the sports fan in your life?


Featured in Forbes Magazine’sHoliday Gift Guide For Travelers On Your List


The Avengers Cane-Umbrella by Fox of London

There are two Avengers universes: one with umbrellas and one without.

We get our next glimpse into the latter in May, when “Avengers II: Age Of Ultron” will spread through movie theaters like the plague. We may never get another glimpse into the former, thanks to a horrific 90s reboot from Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes. But for fans of the cult television show, we have the next best thing: The Avengers Umbrella by Fox Umbrellas ($210). While it’s not gonna help you stop an invasion by the Chitauri or the Kree, it will be of use if you need to fight Cybernauts or John Cleverly Cartney. From the sleek black umbrella canopy to the whangee cane handle, this is a spot-on replica of the the iconic weapon-of-choice of our second favorite British Intelligence agent, minus the sound recorder, hidden camera, and cane sword (now sadly illegal).

For those of you who don’t know, Fox Umbrellas is one of the oldest makers of umbrellas, dating back to 1868. All of their products are crafted and assembled in England. They’ve provided umbrellas to the likes of JFK, members of the English and Japanese royal families, as well as film usages including “Around the World in 80 days” starring Jackie Chan, and the critically acclaimed BBC drama “Sherlock” starring Benedict Cumberbatch, in addition to, of course, the Avengers.

Whether it’s pouring rain outside, mildly foggy, or you just want to dress up as the oenophile secret agent himself, you too can now channel your inner John Steed. (We can also help if you’re in need of a 3-piece suit and a bowler hat.)


Moore & Giles Holiday Giveaway: Benedict Duffel Stuffed With Goodies

We’re collaborating with Moore & Giles to give one lucky gent a Benedict Duffel bag, stuffed with accessories from some of our favorite vendors–St.James of London, Baxter of California, Marvis, Wurkin Stiffs, Pantherella, Derek Rose, Peter Millar, and Margo Petitti–plus additional leather goods from Moore & Giles.

You’ll definitely want to throw your hat in the ring for this prize.

The giveaway ends Friday. Details at Moore & Giles.


Stocking Stuffers for the Bon Vivant and More


1. Daines & Hathaway Tan Bridle Leather Captive-Top 4oz Flask ($80) 2. Springbank 10-Year Old Scotch Whisky (50ml, $8.99; available in-store only) 3. Tokens & Icons MLB Game-Used Bat Bottle Opener ($105-$125) 4. Avo XO Preludio Tubos Cigar ($14, available in store only) 5. 24-kt Gold-Plated Trident Bar Spoon ($19) 6. Brizard & Co. Single Cigar Tube in croco pattern black ($60) 7. Brizard & Co. Double Guillotine Elite Cigar Cutter ($115) 8. Davidoff Anniversary No.1 in wooden tube ($45, available in store only) 9. Bittermens Hellfire Shrub Bitters ($17.99, available in store only) 10. Stainless Steel Jigger ($14; also available gold-plated) 11. Scrappy’s Cardamom Bitters ($18.99, available in store only) 12. Peugeot Pepper Mill (priced from $28 for the 4″ model to $360 for the 31″ model) 13. S.T. Dupont L1 Silver-Plated Diamond Head Lighter ($750) 14. Pantherella Rockingham Striped Cashmere Socks ($75)


1. W. Kleinberg Ostrich Credit Card Case in forest green; available in seven other colors ($250) 2. Edward Armah Reversible Pocket Circle ($75) 3. Dents Harris Tweed Gloves ($180) 4. Stolen Riches Floral Lapel Pin ($30) 5. Seiko GPS Solar Watch ($1750-3100) 6. W. Kleinberg Lizard Money Clip ($87.50) 7. Dunhill Apex Stripe Tie ($230) 8. Sterling Brogue Shoe Cufflinks ($195) 9. Pantherella Fair Isle Stripe Merino Wool Socks ($32) 10. W. Kleinberg Glazed Alligator Teardrop Key Fob; available in six other colors ($115)


1. & 2. St. James of London Shaving Sundries ($25-36) 3. Wurkin Stiffs Original Power Stays in three collar-lengths($20) 4. Baxter Of California Tortoise Shell Comb ($14-18) 5. Wolverine Flat Waxed Laces ($12) 6. Wurkin Stiffs Nuts & Bolts Tie Bar; available in five colors ($30) 7. Venetian Cream Shoe Conditioner ($6) 8. Baxter Of California Safety Razor ($60) 9. Marvis Toothpaste ($6) 10. St. James Of London Cologne; available in four scents ($35) 11. Pantherella Strand Merino Houndstooth Socks ($29)