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This Thursday: The Return Of Survivalon

We are thrilled to host Bert Pulitzer for a Survivalon trunkshow this Thursday, April 23rd. Pulitzer is an outerwear innovator, the man who taught Ralph Lauren about the neckwear business, and the guy that first made a name for Velcro. He relaunched Survivalon in 2012, and we’re happy to see it’s return. These waterproof jackets are stylish, in traditionally muted shades as well as brash and compromising colors. They are highly functional, long-lasting, and American-made. And their client roster has included titans among men, like John Wayne.

Here are some of the key features of the Survivalon jacket:

Why so many pockets? They are part of the “survival” architecture needed to carry the must-have devices of today’s world.

  • Water repellent phone pocket
  • Water repellent tablet/mobile device pocket
  • Zip-closure deep document pocket (deep doc poc) for cash, wallet, passport, boarding pass, charging cords, a great bourbon(!), legal papers, the little black book/poker dates…very secure and private


  • Double entry front flap pockets keep keys, change and metro cards at easy access; They are also perfect for chargers and hot spot devices
  • Horizontal pocket for sunglasses is an obvious but you could put other things in there…cigars & accessories, a nail file, meds, your “return me home” if I get lost letter. The possibilities are endless!
  • All of these pockets are customizable for your daily adventure. Fly fishing, gentlemen?

What’s up with that zipper? The granddaddy of zippers, the YKK #10, is used for our Survivalon®. Back in 1975 they were only used for tents, but are now a mainstay and used for tons of applications. This zipper wears in for comfort and will last for many years to come.

And the Velcro? Back in 1975, Velcro was used only in hospital applications where quick and easy closure was important. We thought you deserved that on your jacket as well. Like the zipper, it also wears in for comfort and basically lasts forever.

What other stuff are you holding this jacket together with? Solid brass snaps nickel-coated or black anodized for tarnish prevention will not rust or corrode and will last for many, many years. The elastic draw cords with nylon cord locks that have stainless steel springs are military spec.

We examined the jackets thoroughly, looking for places to “fix” them, only to find that every pocket, zipper, snap are just enough without ‘gilding the Lily’, as it were.


Q&A: Introducing Hydrogen Leather Shoes

As manager of San Francisco’s Hotel des Arts, Hero Nakatani took the meaning of “hotel art” to a new dimension, offering the rooms as blank canvases for artists to create modern, arresting visuals that made guests forget all about dull seaside landscapes and generic vistas. Nakatani then took on the footwear business, seeking to bridge the chasm between comfortable, urbane sneakers and sophisticated, but unforgiving oxfords. The result was Nakatani’s Hydrogen-1 shoes, a name that relates how these shoes are elemental, essential, and classically simple. Below, we talk with Hydrogen founder Hero Nakatani about his journey.

Wingtip: What is the menswear niche that Hydrogen-1 shoes seeks to fill?
Hero Nakatani: Understated style with comfort–for work or leisure.

WT: How did you set up your shoe manufacturing arrangement in Italy?
HN: We found a manufacturer with experience making our kind of high-end shoes. It was far from automatic that they would agree to work with a small, new company like Hydrogen-1. But they loved our designs, thought they were something really new and different, and it’s been a great relationship.

WT: What were the shoe production details that were at the top of your list while seeking that manufacturer?
HN: In comparing samples from different manufacturers, what really set them apart was the quality–across all the aspects. The leather, the soles, the cut, and the stitching. It was also really important to find someone who collaborated well, that is, translating a design into a finished shoe.

WT: Where are the shoes manufactured?
HN: They’re made in Italy’s Le Marche region, known for its shoe, and other artisanal, manufacturers.

WT: Was there a certain pair of shoes in your life that inspired you to get into the shoe business?
HN: I had these great looking Italian shoes that worked well with all my suits. The leather had this great patina, but they were so uncomfortable. Standing up all day, working at the hotel, I thought there had to be a better way!

WT: What was your experience like launching Hydrogen-1 on Kickstarter?
HN: It was a whirlwind, nail-biting, and ultimately very gratifying experience, just one month from launch to finish. Compared to other Kickstarters, we were raising a lot of money, $86,000, to buy the inventory for our first collection. The success rate for fashion businesses wasn’t all that promising, but if you can get around 25% of your goal raised in the first week or so, the odds look much better. And with the help of various friends in putting together an amazing launch party, we were able to do just that!

WT: How did your design or hospitality experiences from Hotel Des Arts inform the creation of Hydrogen-1?
HN: I’ve always been most inspired and motivated by the creative aspects of my job. The Hotel des Arts [pictured below] experience was a big milestone, doing that in the hotel trade. That, and other successes, gave me the confidence to believe that I could change professions altogether, and be successful.

WT: What is your favorite hotel in the world, besides Hotel Des Arts?
HN: Gosh, there are so many, but ultimately I like hotels that are small and intimate, like the Mercer in New York. It’s been around for so many years now, but has stood the test of time. Then there is also the tiny Gallery Hotel in Florence Italy. It’s very Italian.

WT: Any recommendations for lodging or restaurants for Wingtip readers visiting Italy?
HN: Gallery Hotel, right off of the famed Ponte Vecchio. If you take your wife, she will love you even more when you take her to the Salvatore Ferragamo museum (You will get special access if you stay at the hotel). Then go to dinner at Piazza Santo Spirito. There is a great local hangout “Osteria Santo Spirito.” I worked there when I was a student in Italy.

Hydrogen-1 Shoes’ spring collection is now available at Wingtip.


Don’t Get Pinched

Whether its St. Patrick’s Day, or any other day that requires a quick pop of color, Stolen Riches laces are a fun and stylish way to mix it up. Seen here in pinch-deflecting Niklaus Green (above-right) and Moville Green (above left), Stolen Riches offers a shade of every color on the visible spectrum.


The Gentleman’s Harrington

The Harrington style dates back to the 1930s, but its place in pop culture was cemented in the 60s by scooting swarms of mods and titans of cool, including Steve McQueen (far left), Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Ryan O’Neal.

Wait, Ryan O’Neal?

Sure, his coolest film role was con artist Moses Pray in Peter Bogdanovich’s “Paper Moon,” but from 1964-69, O’Neal was a supporting player on TV soap “Peyton Place.” He played a high-schooler named Rodney Harrington, whose Baracuta G9 jacket was so on-point that he couldn’t keep the ladies off him.

The British manufacturers Baracuta continue to make that original, iconic G9. But here are the key features that make our Gentleman’s Harrington an upgrade: Its shell is a warm, refined wool, more substantial than the usual cotton. And it gets better, because this is no ordinary wool. It is one of the most innovative fabrics on the market. It is Loro Piana Storm System, which means the wool shell is reinforced with a weatherproof, but breathable, lining. Finally, although we appreciate the look of a flashy tartan underneath a solid exterior, the plain lining of the Gentleman’s Harrington strikes us as more business-friendly. Our Gentleman’s Harrington is offered in a true navy, a few ticks past midnight, but not quite black.

Available now in sizes Small through XXXL, $895.


The Skeptical Shopper’s Guide To Saint Crispin’s Shoes

Next week, St. Crispin’s visits Wingtip for a three-day trunk show. We adore these shoes, and fell that they represent an investment-caliber value, even at their steep price tag. But we know some readers may get light-headed over the thought of parting with $1700 for a pair of shoes. So, here we embody the “Skeptical Shopper,” and volley the hard questions to our Bespoke Advisors Michael Alzona and Bruce Zuckerman:

Skeptical Shopper: What makes St. Crispin’s special?

Michael Alzona: The fact that they offer a custom fit and they design every single one-of-a-kind pair makes them particularly special. Saint Crispin’s are only available at the world’s finest retailers. Wingtip is one of four in all of North America.

SS: I hear they’re from Romania? I thought all the best shoes were from Italy or England.

Bruce Zuckerman: Although English and Italian products are renowned, the old world craftsmanship and worker pride in Romania is respected throughout the leather goods marketplace, worldwide.

MA: Sure, Saint Crispin’s is a smaller shoe company, but pound-for-pound they are a top-notch contender for the mantle of “World’s Finest Shoe Brand.” They have earned a massive amount of respect among the world’s shoe and fashion aficionados for their high quality and designs.

SS: What will make this trunk show exciting?

MA: We are very excited to have the owner Phillip Car at Wingtip again this year to help clients with custom fittings and consultations.

SS: Bottom line–Why should I spend $1700 on a pair of shoes?

MA: Finest quality hand welted shoes custom fit that I can design? Hollowed shoe trees specific to the shoe? Monogrammed sole? Sign me up!

BZ: These are more than just shoes; they are an investment in your wardrobe, style, and comfort, for years into the future.

Saint Crispin’s trunk show runs next week, Monday, March 16th through Wednesday, March 18th. Contact Mr. Alzona or Mr. Zuckerman at to make your appointment.


Saint Crispin’s Custom Shoes Trunk Show: 3/16-18

We are thrilled to welcome back Saint Crispin’s shoe company for a trunk show featuring spring 2015 and custom selections. The trunk show will run Monday 3/16 through Wednesday 3/18. Contact to make an appointment.

Below, we’ve snapped some shots of some of our current stock, but these are just the tip of the iceberg.

Saint Crispin's Custom Shoes Featuring Pantherella English Socks

Saint Crispin's Custom Shoes Featuring Pantherella English Socks

Saint Crispin's Custom Shoes Featuring Pantherella English Socks

Saint Crispin's Custom Shoes Featuring Pantherella English Socks

About Saint Crispin’s

“The craft and our company: The Saint Crispin’s company in Brasov, Romania employs 25 highly trained crafts people and has an output of approximately 1.500 pairs per year only.

Our business model is based on the single pair order, which allows us to provide excellent service to customers. Due to limited output, the company works with only a handful of select international partners. Saint Crispin’s is one of the worlds smallest shoe manufacturers, but we are renowned amongst shoe and fashion aficionados for their impeccable craftsmanship and design.

Saint Crispin’s shoes are only presented in the world finest shops in Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Holland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom and in the United States.”


SNL’s 10 Top Menswear Moments

Saturday Night Live turns 40 on Saturday, and will air a 3+ hour secial on Sunday (blasphemy!) to mark the occasion. We want to celebrate too, but we don’t want to get into an argument about who the best cast members or sketches were. Instead, we present to you our top, favorite, and most outrageous menswear moments, in no particular order. Feel free to share your favorites in the comments.

Wild And Crazy Guys

Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd’s George and Yortuk Festrunk were “Two Wild And Crazy Guys” from Czechoslovakia who were single and ready to mingle. In the late 70s, these two pulled out all the stops to entice “foxes” to join them in their swinging pad. But whether due to their tacky leisure wear or just their pathetic pick-up lines, they failed, and were left at the end of each sketch wondering whether America’s promise of easy women and hot, combustible polyester was just an illusion.

The Blues Brothers

Classic cool and good music. That’s what the Blues Brothers, played by John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, represented, and that’s the kind of music they played. Everything they did had swagger and they always killed it when they performed live on stage, especially their rendition of “Soul Man” in 1978. We here at Wingtip love a good suit and they both rocked good suits in solid, solemn, no-nonsense funereal black.

White Like Me

Bravo to Mr. Eddie Murphy for sitting down in that chair and getting that make-up done for god-knows-how-long; and big props to the costume department for putting together that three-piece with the button-down collar. One of the funniest and most controversial sketches of all time, Eddie Murphy does a fantastic job showing us what it’s like to be a white guy in America, while looking like Ned Flanders from “The Simpsons.”

What Up With That?

This sketch has everything going for it in the funny and costume department. We have Fred Armisen doing a spot-on Kenny G impersonation, we have Jason Sudeikis in an awesome Adidas tracksuit, and we have the main man, Kenan Thompson, in a ridiculous brick-colored three-piece suit. By the amount Kenan sweats during this sketch, if we didn’t know any better, we would think he’s doing his best Katt Williams impression.

Bill Swerski’s Super Fans

Is it possible to wear too many sports-themed articles of clothing at one time? If Bill Swerski’s super fans are any indication, the rule is: The more the merrier. The Chicago sports fans, played by George Wendt, Mike Myers, Chris Farley, and Robert Smigel, accessorized their orange-and-navy hued Chicago Bears gear with thick mustaches, aviator shades, and a smorgasbord of Polish sausage, deep-fried-what-have-you, and mugs of beer. “Da beers.”


His phone caromed between miniature and gigantic. His bangs were fussy. And, when he couldn’t be bothered to walk, he rode a Rascal. That’s Will Ferrell as the owner of “Jeffrey’s,” a boutique that was so hip, no one but its workers could feasibly shop there (especially before they installed their front door).


Weekend Update’s New York Correspondent Stefon is easily the city’s hottest person. If anything is happening in the Big Apple, Stefon knows about it. The only thing more magnificent than Stefon’s highlights and signature olive Ed Hardy shirt are his choices in New York’s hottest night clubs, like Taste, which has everything: “Ice sculptures, winos, Germfs–German smurfs–a Teddy Ruxpin wearing mascara, an old lady wearing Kid ‘N Play hair, and none other than DJ Baby Bok Choy.”

David Bowie

There’s no way Bowie misses a list like this. Bowie brought Berlin back to New York for this December 1979 performance. The outsized costume was inspired by Klaus Nomi (to Bowie’s immediate right) who lived the cabaret lifestyle in Berlin before taking his act to New York. When Bowie saw him performing, he knew he had to have Nomi and Nomi’s black-tie-meets-Sprockets suit in his show. The ensemble was so binding that as the opening chords of “The Man Who Sold The World” were struck, Nomi and backup singer Joey Arias had to hand-carry Bowie to the front of the stage.

More Cowbell

Easily one of Will Ferrell’s most recognizable sketches, never has rock-n-roll been more expertly portrayed (except for, perhaps, “This Is Spinal Tap,” also a product of the greater SNL braintrust) than in this instance. The best thing about this sketch is the attention to detail. From Ferrell’s unzipped sweater to the masterfully exposed midriff, the looks here scream 70s rock.


“It’s Pat” was a sitcom-styled sketch staring Julia Sweeney. It’s not really fair to call this a menswear moment, since the whole sketch was predicated upon Pat’s ambiguous gender. But we give Pat points for putting curves in places we didn’t know were possible, and for sticking to a signature style (khakis, button down cowboy shirt, thick frames, and perm).

With additional reporting by Tim Niven


It’s time for some Derek Rose boxer shorts

Don’t get caught with your pants down. If the cartoon above has any bearing on how you might feel on Valentine’s Day, then it’s high time you ratcheted up your boxers game a notch. Luckily, we just received a shipment with four new boxer short styles from top UK loungewear provider, Derek Rose.

Two of the below are made in Derek Rose’s “modern fit,” a style they rolled out just last year. The modern fit boxers feature a trim silhouette, a curved hem and shorter cut for easy wearability under trim pants, and a self-seeking magnetic closure to the fly. Read more about the modern fit at The “classic” is the fit you’re used to if you’ve tried Derek Rose boxer shorts in the past. And the “Ethan” is their brand new fitted boxer. All four are available in M-XXL sizes, in store, and ready to ship.

“Nelson” pure cotton modern fit boxer shorts ($55)

“Wellington” satin-woven pure cotton classic fit boxer shorts ($48)

“Plaza” pure cotton modern fit boxer shorts ($55)

“Ethan” ultrasoft micro-modal boxer briefs ($65)


Any Reasonable Offer Will Do

This Thursday, from 12-3pm, Wingtip founder Ami Arad will hold court on the sidewalk outside of Wingtip for one of his famous “Any Reasonable Offer Will Do” sales. The odds and ends that didn’t sell during the fall season will be available for a song, a reasonable song, that is.

Ami suggests that if you aren’t versed in the art of haggling, you check out the tutorial below before the sale.


Wrap-Up: Sundance Style

Over the past week-and-a-half, auteurs, wannabes, and looky-loos crowded into Park City, Utah, for the annual Sundance film festival. One of the largest “independent” film festivals in the nation, this yearly affair brings us the newest works and projects by Hollywood’s top talents as well as regional unknowns. We’re always excited to see which films have been bought for distribution, as well as which sartorial choices have been brought to the blistering temps, so we decided this year, Why not look at both?

The Players

James Franco: Rocking the ugly Fair Isle Christmas sweater like a baller, James Franco proves yet again that everything he touches turns to gold. Opting for the more casual and dressed down look this year, the director/actor/writer/style-icon/philanthropist/humanitarian (Are we missing anything?) shows that a crewneck sweater paired with some jeans can go a long way.

Jemaine Clement: Perfect for the conditions in Park City, where temperatures can swing from chilly to frigid, the down jacket has always been a staple in menswear, and especially snow wear. Whether you’re facing nippy wind or a couple feet of white powder, the down jacket’s got your back. Clement also does a good job of pairing it with a button down and tie, which we can always get down with.

Common and Erykah Badu: We gotta give respect to a man that wears a suit in the snow. Nice job on the proportional lapels and tie, but lackin’ a little flavor without the pocket square. Erykah Badu, on the other hand, takes the cake with that hat. Not really sure if she’s imitating Pharrell’s headwear style or if she’s just a really big Harry Potter fan. Either way it’s awesome.

Harvey Weinstein: The producer behind such hits as “Every Quentin Tarantino Flick Ever” also has a hit on his hands with that cream colored cable-knit shawl collar sweater. Keeping with the surroundings of the festival, Mr.Weinstein brings it with his fashionable and highly functional choice. He’s keeping cool, while not keeping cool, and we like that.

The Films

“Fresh Dressed” (dir. Sacha Jenkins): While we have much fondness for the classics like Sinatra and Dino, we here at Wingtip also have much love for hip-hop. “Fresh Dressed” chronicles the roots of urban style as it exploded through hip-hop culture. From Adidas tracksuits to stereo sets, this flick will take you back to a time when Charlie Sheen was working it on “Wall Street” instead of drinking tiger blood.

“Best of Enemies” (dir. Morgan Neville and Robert Gordon): In 1968, a televised debate between righty William F. Buckley and lefty Gore Vidal rocked the world during the Democratic and Republican national convention. Their policies were so polar that every topic was heated and every political stance was fierce. Because of this, ABC, whose ratings were at the bottom at the time, shot through the roof. We’re not taking sides on anyone’s political ideas, we’re just excited to see the suits these guys rock during the debates.

“Knock Knock” (dir. by Eli Roth): Keanu Reeves stars in this psychological thriller by the man who’s brought us such cinematic horrors as “Hostel” and “Cabin Fever.” Living a perfect life, Evan Webber’s (Reeves) life is turned upside down when he lets two mysterious women enter his home for one night. While this film is typically more horrific than what we would recommend, we can’t argue with the robe game.