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One of our favorite grooming products makes its long-awaited return.

Baxter Of California’s new formulation of their Under Eye Complex is “infused with caffeine, antioxidant vitamins, and seaweed extract to re-energize skin while fighting wrinkles and improving skin texture.”

It’s the key to combating a long day after a hard night.

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1. Daines & Hathaway Tan Bridle Leather Captive-Top 4oz Flask ($80) 2. Springbank 10-Year Old Scotch Whisky (50ml, $8.99; available in-store only) 3. Tokens & Icons MLB Game-Used Bat Bottle Opener ($105-$125) 4. Avo XO Preludio Tubos Cigar ($14, available in store only) 5. 24-kt Gold-Plated Trident Bar Spoon ($19) 6. Brizard & Co. Single Cigar Tube in croco pattern black ($60) 7. Brizard & Co. Double Guillotine Elite Cigar Cutter ($115) 8. Davidoff Anniversary No.1 in wooden tube ($45, available in store only) 9. Bittermens Hellfire Shrub Bitters ($17.99, available in store only) 10. Stainless Steel Jigger ($14; also available gold-plated) 11. Scrappy’s Cardamom Bitters ($18.99, available in store only) 12. Peugeot Pepper Mill (priced from $28 for the 4″ model to $360 for the 31″ model) 13. S.T. Dupont L1 Silver-Plated Diamond Head Lighter ($750) 14. Pantherella Rockingham Striped Cashmere Socks ($75)


1. W. Kleinberg Ostrich Credit Card Case in forest green; available in seven other colors ($250) 2. Edward Armah Reversible Pocket Circle ($75) 3. Dents Harris Tweed Gloves ($180) 4. Stolen Riches Floral Lapel Pin ($30) 5. Seiko GPS Solar Watch ($1750-3100) 6. W. Kleinberg Lizard Money Clip ($87.50) 7. Dunhill Apex Stripe Tie ($230) 8. Sterling Brogue Shoe Cufflinks ($195) 9. Pantherella Fair Isle Stripe Merino Wool Socks ($32) 10. W. Kleinberg Glazed Alligator Teardrop Key Fob; available in six other colors ($115)


1. & 2. St. James of London Shaving Sundries ($25-36) 3. Wurkin Stiffs Original Power Stays in three collar-lengths($20) 4. Baxter Of California Tortoise Shell Comb ($14-18) 5. Wolverine Flat Waxed Laces ($12) 6. Wurkin Stiffs Nuts & Bolts Tie Bar; available in five colors ($30) 7. Venetian Cream Shoe Conditioner ($6) 8. Baxter Of California Safety Razor ($60) 9. Marvis Toothpaste ($6) 10. St. James Of London Cologne; available in four scents ($35) 11. Pantherella Strand Merino Houndstooth Socks ($29)

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For many, it was a sad day when we stopped carrying Truefitt & Hill grooming products. At long last, we have good news for you:

St. James of London makes their shaving sundries in the same factory and with the same formula as Truefitt & Hill; just in different scents.

PLUS: We’d like to offer you your first St. James order at a 20% discount for giving it a try. Just use code THANKSTJAMES and the discount will show up in your shopping cart.)


St. James of London was introduced by world-renowned grooming product magnates Creightons PLC in 1953. The year saw the rise of a new Elizabethan era, and the emergence of a new breed of English gentleman, who was a dashing, jet-setting adventurer with impeccable grooming habits. St. James continues this tradition of refined English style today. St. James of London’s products are 100% natural, and sulfite-, alcohol-, and paraben- free. They are produced in the UK.

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A Dunhill buying trip has forced me to visit London for the first time since 2001. Landed around 10:30am. Arrived in central London around 12:30. Grabbed a quick bite, and started heading toward Bond Street and Jermyn Street.

First stop was the barbershop of Geo F. Trumper at 1 Duke of York Street. Now, I love Wingtip’s Master Barber, Joe Roberts, but I wanted to do some research, so I let my hair grow an extra 4 days to wait for Trumper. The retail area is beautiful, so well stocked with their grooming products and other accessories. I was able to walk-in and get a spot with just a 15 minute wait, but it seemed all four barbers were busy all day long. I was offered a glass of water while I waited, although it sounded like occasionally they offer whisky (Joe, Wingtip’s barber, always has bourbon and scotch at the ready, and sadly, probably doesn’t have just water at the ready). The haircut was fine. The shampoo was a little odd in that, rather than have me lean back in a chair over the sink, they had me lean forward, face down, which made for the most awkward shampoo I’ve ever received. And surprisingly, while cleaning up the back of my neck, the barber used a straight razor but no shave cream. At the end of the day, the cut was great and that’s most important. Oh, and it cost £36 which is like $500 American dollars, so there’s that.

A quick walk around the corner got me to the Turnbull & Asser store at 71-72 Jermyn Street, which happens to be on sale right now (like most men’s stores, including Wingtip!). I managed to escape with just a single dress shirt and a photo of Winston Churchill in his green velvet “Siren Suit” (a lounge/smoking robe). Their selection of cashmere dress socks is pretty impressive; definitely something for Wingtip to strive for.

Davidoff London Store Anniversary Cigar Then it was another block to Edward Sahakian’s Davidoff store on the corner of Jermyn & St. James. Last time I was in the store, over 10 years ago, I bought a pre-embargo Cuban Davidoff. To the uninitiated, Davidoff left the island in 1989, so there has not been a Cuban Davidoff produced in almost 25 years. On my first visit to London back in 2001, I think I paid £10o for the single cigar which is like $10,000 in today’s money (okay, maybe not that expensive, but it is one of the most expensive cigars I have ever bought but they are exceedingly rare and getting more expensive by the day). The price of that cigar has doubled in the decade since my last visit.

This trip, I opted for the one Davidoff that they have that Wingtip doesn’t have: a special 25th Anniversary cigar that was blended especially for the London store. That cigar was introduced back in 2005 so it’s aged another 9 years since then, and you could tell by the medium gray ash. A very nice smoke that I got to enjoy sitting next to Edward Sahakian who is a bit of a legend in the cigar world. After telling him about our humble cigar shop in San Francisco, he packed me up 3 more of the special Davidoff for London cigars at no charge, which of course then obliged me to go back in the humidor and buy more cigars. He is a true gentleman.

Not a bad first day considering the jet lag. More adventures tomorrow…

London Dispatch: Day 2

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On Saturday, September 14th, Wingtip — the store and the club — hosted its first wedding: my wedding to my beautiful wife, Stacy. And since this is the company’s blog, and the store and the club played a starring role in the entire day, I thought I’d do a recap of the details that would be most interesting to our customers and members.

This wedding would not have been possible without the generosity of many of Wingtip’s vendors including Dormeuil (my tuxedo fabric), Antonio Valente (tuxedo shirts), Michael Toschi (my shoes), Donatiello Winery (reception wine), Dion Neckwear (groom’s bow tie & braces), Telford’s (cigars), Pantherella (groomsmen’s silk hosiery), Per Diem (catering), Louis Walton Ties (groomsmen’s bow ties), and all of the Wingtip employees that helped it make it a very special day.

Hint: mouse-over the photos for the director’s commentary.

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Currently on display, directly in front of the new walk-in cigar shop at 550 Montgomery (more on that soon!), is a collection of some of our favorite Wingtip brand products. Here’s a breakdown…

1. Button-Down Oxford Shirt

2. Denim Button-Down Shirt

3. Linen Sport Shirt

4. Golf-ball case (in collaboration with Daines & Hathaway)

5. Captive-Top Flask (available in additional sizes) (in collaboration with Daines & Hathaway)

6. Wingtip neck wear in repp stripes, micro-neats, and striped grenadine

7. Shoe Shine Kit Bag (in collaboration with Daines & Hathaway)

8. Dopp Kit (in collaboration with Daines & Hathaway)

9. Stud box (in collaboration with Daines & Hathaway)

11. Cashmere Navy V-neck sweater (in collaboration with Johnstons of Elgin)

12. Shaving Sets (available with silvertip and pure badger brushes, as well as Mach 3 and Fusion blades)

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Baxter of California at WingtipLast month, we bragged about the Largest Ascot Library in the Free World; this month, we are proud to announce that we are pretty sure that we have the largest Baxter of California Hair Pomade bar on the 500 block of Montgomery Street in San Francisco.

If you haven’t yet heard, Baxter of California is an exciting new addition to our Grooming department at Wingtip. While they make a shave cream, a moisturizer or two, a shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc., it seems that the hair on your head is their obsession.

While some grooming brands make a pomade, Baxter makes five: a Pomade Cream (light hold, soft finish), Pomade Slick (medium hold, shiny finish), Pomade Clay (light hold, shiny finish), Pomade Hard Water (firm hold, shiny finish), and Pomade Soft Water (light hold, shiny finish). Let’s face it: that’s a lot of different pomades. And which one is right for you? The wrong decision will cost you $18 and weeks, if not months, of using a sub-optimal pomade. The horror!

Members of the Club at Wingtip can visit any of the men’s restrooms and find the full assortment of Baxter of California pomades to try before they buy. A member visiting every weekday can know in just one week exactly which pomade is best for them. A member that visits the gym in the middle of the day could come to the club in the morning, try a pomade, go to work, then go to their gym, workout, shower, come back and try a different pomade, and he/she would know in just 2.5 days which pomade is best for them. And someone that feels no shame in tying up our restroom could apply a different pomade to five different zones on their head, compare the results in the mirror, and in one visit, we would know that we never want to see that person in the club again.

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Ahh, yes: the straight razor shave. So old school. So romantic. Skyfall even made it very sexy. And I will be the first to say that every man –gentleman, or not– should get a straight razor shave at least once in their life. It is a rare form of male pampering that is indulgent, nostalgic, relaxing, and beautifying all at the same time.

That said, there is a reason we aren’t all shaving with straight razors. The reality is that the skin on our face is not conditioned for a razor so sharp, so close, and hence, the multi-billion dollar cartridge razor industry dominates. Trained and licensed barbers capable of performing a shave with a straight razor are only slightly more common than experienced barbers that can do it well. Finding one can, literally, be painful.

But what if you could get all the pampering without the precariousness?

There is a middle ground: the Fusion shave. It incorporates all the best parts of a straight razor shave (the hot towels, the application of pre-shave oil and foaming shave cream, someone else shaving your face), the aftershave mask, without the worst parts (threat of nicks & cuts, risk of a skin reaction). For the time-starved, a Fusion shave can also be performed in 20-30 minutes vs. 45-60 minutes for a traditional straight razor shave. Granted, the extra time in the chair is relaxing, but it’s only a true man of leisure that can spare hours a week for his shave.

On my wedding day, my groomsmen and I had the pleasure of Joe Roberts, Wingtip’s Master Barber, cutting hair and performing Fusion shaves so we’d all look as well-groomed as possible. Mission accomplished.

Read more about Wingtip’s barbering services…

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truefitt-hill-5x7The recent news that our Truefitt & Hill distributor will no longer be carrying our favorite shaving cream brand had us thrashing through our medicine cabinets taking inventory.

We were loyal to Truefitt & Hill, and happily shared their products with discerning gentlemen for eight years.

We are sad to see them go, but it’s time to clear out their shelves to make way for a new brand or two (keep an eye out for promotions for them when the time comes). In the meantime, if you’re wondering, Why should I purchase a discontinued brand that’s not on sale? Here are a few reasons:

  • We still marvel at Truefitt &
    Hill’s products, and aren’t discontinuing them by choice.
  • You still get 10% of your purchase
    back in the form of Wingtip Rewards Points.
  • Free shipping over $50.
  • Price Match guarantee — href="">Email
    us if you can find T&H cheaper elsewhere.
  • Stock up while you still can. We

See the remaining Truefitt & Hill inventory here.

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In the 1992 film Glengarry Glen Ross, Alec Baldwin, as the salesman Blake, taught his counterparts to “Always Be Closing.” From 2006 to present, on the TV show 30 Rock, Baldwin brought Blake’s brass-balled attitude to Kabletown CEO Jack Donaghy, who ruled the network with an iron fist, albeit with a soft spot for his hapless protege Liz Lemon (Tina Fey).

During 30 Rock‘s run, Donaghy dispensed reams of contemporary wisdom, and though he was self-assured in every facet of his life, he was especially fastidious with his appearance. So, with the series finale of 30 Rock airing tonight, it’s time to look back at some of Jack Donaghy’s most quotable advice on men’s fashion.

On wearing a striped tie with a striped shirt

On the importance of a good haircut

On evening wear

On personal style

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