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Symphony Royale

Now the next James Bond installment, Spectre, is on the horizon. So what better way to get jazzed up (See what I did there?) about Bond 24 than to check out the San Francisco Symphony’s “The Spy Who Loved Me: Music from the Bond Films & Favorite Spy Movie Themes,” featuring Sheena Easton, who performed the theme from Bond 12, “For Your Eyes Only” (which hit #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1981).

My Day at Cypress Point

Golf Digest ranks the Top 100 Courses in the World, and #2, repeatedly, is Cypress Point in Carmel, California (Augusta is #3 if that’s any indication). It’s private, with a very small membership, and golf geeks can argue over whether it is the toughest course to get onto in the country, or 2nd, or 3rd, but no one would argue that it’s really, really hard to get an invitation. A few months ago, I was invited to play, and a vacation 18 months overdue was postponed to accommodate the opportunity.

One Noisy Night Of San Francisco Music

How much music can fit into one night? That depends on how carefully you plan. Last Saturday I sampled some opera, jazz, and disco. It could have been rap, hardcore, and bluegrass, I suppose, but I was in the mood for opera, jazz, and disco. In that order. This is a recap of a night spent checking in on San Francisco’s musical grand buffet. At 5:30pm, I bought a standing room ticket for San Francisco Opera’s “Les Troyens” (The Trojans). Composer Hector Berlioz based the work on Virgil’s epic poem, “The Aeneid,” and the undertaking was so massive it had to be split into two separate operas, each with their own curtain call.

Sochi Style Wrap-Up

With the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi all wrapped up, we wanted to take a look back at the most impressive looks. (And we mean impressive in the dictionary sense of “to leave an impression.”) The looks are ranked from Gold to Did-Not-Finish. And if they look a little off-color, that’s because we use the bacon medal system, as imagined by American snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg…

Extras Style: Tim Burton Takes North Beach Back to the 60s

Yesterday, SFist tipped everyone off about Tim Burton filming Walter Keane bio-pic “Big Eyes” in North Beach, near the intersection of Grant and Green. While yesterday’s shoot reportedly was set in the late-50s, today they were shooting for the mid-60s, as evidenced by the VWs, Continentals, and blend of funky and Jackie O-type costumes.

Wall Street Journal on The Forgetful Gentleman

Last Friday, an article in the Wall Street Journal called “Dapper For Dummies” highlighted some services for modern gentlemen. Among them was The Forgetful Gentleman, whose stationery has long been a staple on our desks. In part, the article notes, “[Nathan] Tan’s website began as a reminder system for men prone to forgetting their mothers’ birthdays. He has since suspended the reminder service, and sells personalized stationery, complete with stamped envelopes, packaged in what look like cigar boxes.”

Kind Spirit: Louis XIII

New at the Wingtip club: One well-appointed bottle of Remy Martin’s Louis XIII Cognac. There are 1200 individual brandies, ranging from 40-100 years, blended into this bottle. The famous decanter developed out of a bottle left on the battlefield of Jarnac (1569) and unearthed by Emile Rémy Martin in the mid-19th century. It is now… Read more »

Barbour Polo Club Gear Over 50% Off

Barbour just released a beautifully-shot video of a polo match that makes full use of their 2013 Polo Club line. We are currently offering over-50% discounts on Barbour’s spring polo gear at our bi-annual Risk/Reward Sale

A Bespoke Audi S8 for the club

Getting to and from our club just got a whole lot more stylish. Late last week, we picked up a custom 2013 Audi S8 quattro tiptronic courtesy of Audi San Francisco. Best of all, this S8 was completely ordered to spec for us.