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Peanuts! Crackerjack! Tokens & Icons Baseball Cufflinks!

There’s something in the air today. Smells like spring. Fresh cut grass, white ash, and worn leather. Baseball season is here.

And we have the authentic, accessories for all spectators and man cave denizens. Tokens & Icons is our go-to source for nostalgic fan favorites, like Baseball bat bottle openers, MLB game-used baseball cufflinks, SF Giants World Series game-used cufflinks (pictured at left), and cufflinks made from seats of stadiums of yesteryear–coliseums where the greats used to swing redwood trunks and smash 1000-mph fastballs into the next county–places like Seals Stadium (pictured above), the Polo Grounds, and the original Yankees Stadium.

See all of Tokens & Icons’ MLB accessories here.


College Basketball Cufflinks from the Sweet 16 Top Dog (and an Underdog)

University Of Kentucky Memorial Coliseum College Basketball CufflinksTokens & Icons College Basketball Cufflinks are now available with arena flooring designs from number-one ranked U Kentucky’s Memorial Coliseum and 11th ranked UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion. The authentic flooring pieces were recovered during renovations, and were set in sterling silver by Tokens & Icons. These are the perfect dressed-up accessory for those that wear their fandom on their sleeve.

University Of Kentucky Memorial Coliseum

University Of Kentucky’s college basketball cufflinks are available in a bluegrass blue taken directly from the classic floor of Memorial Coliseum. The Kentucky Wildcats have racked up the most wins in college basketball history, and this year’s team, which may be the best in school history, has added at least 38 W’s to that total.
UCLA Pauley Pavilion College Basketball Cufflinks

UCLA Pauley Pavilion

The true blue paint of UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion was the early stomping ground of luminaries like Kareem Abdul-Jabar, as well as young stars like Russell Westbrook. The Los Angeles location has also hosted glitzy media events, like the Who’s induction into the Rock-and-Roll hall of fame. At press time, UCLA was an 8.5-point underdog in their Sweet 16 match-up with Gonzaga.

Additional College Basketball Cufflinks

If you’re not a Wildcat or a Bruin, you may be interested to know we also carry college basketball cufflinks from Kansas, U Penn, and Syracuse. All Tokens & Icons College Basketball Cufflinks are $160. Click for more details. (Tokens & Icons also carries cufflinks, bottle openers, and other memorabilia for NCAA football, NBA, MLB, and the NHL.)


There’s Always Next Year

We’ll probably watch the Super Bowl on Sunday–you know, for the wings and the commercials. But seriously, we’ve had our dreams dashed by the nation’s most ignominious birds these past three years (by the Ravens in Super Bowl 47; by the Sea Pigeons in last year’s NFC championship; and by the Sea Pigeons, who put the final nail in the coffin of a bad year on December 14, 2014.) Between those sullen affairs and watching this year’s Niners flail around in a cesspool of locker room conflict that culminated in the firing of Coach Harbaugh, we’re feeling more deflated than a New England football.

Oh well, next year we’re bringing it all back home. Superbowl 50 (aka L) is slated for 2/7/16 in Santa Clara, and we intend to have a little skin in the game next year. Plus the sliver lining–we won’t be led by a guy who buys pleated parachute khakis at Walmart. Until then, a couple of accoutrements to weather the off-season:

San Francisco 49ers Cufflinks $60
Bills Khakis Football Leather Belt $85


Show Your SF Giants Pride

That was ugly last night. But Bochy’s Boys still have a chance to take it all at home. Welcome them back to the Bay with your Giants finest. A few ideas below:

SF Giants World Series Cufflinks are created from game-used World Series balls. Both 2010 and 2012 editions are still available (Although the Royals are slight favorites, We’re guessing there will be a 2014 set soon!), but highly limited. Built by Tokens & Icons. $350
SF Giants Baseball Bracelets are created from authentic balls recovered Giants home games. They are certified by the MLB. Built by Tokens & Icons. $95
For a little more color try the SF Giants Logo Cufflinks, enamel-based cufflinks licensed by the MLB. $60
Another way to show your loyalty is by swapping out your dress laces for a week with these “Happiest Orange” laces. Not only do they undeniably smack of Giants Orange, they’re a solid sartorial pick for either black or brown oxfords. By Stolen Riches. $17.50
So they’re not orange, they’re deep forest green; but for the type of fan who would never wear a band’s t-shirt to that band’s concert, SF Seals Stadium Cufflinks are the right kind of obscure loyalty. They are created from authentic seats recovered from SF’s Seals Stadium. Sure, the Giants never actually played there, but the name lives on via mascot Lou Seal. Built by Tokens & Icons. $170
To toast the Giants, there’s no better way to crack open a bottle than with an SF Giants Bat End Opener. These are created from the victims of breaking fastballs: splintered bats. What makes the knob-end bottle openers special is that there’s only one knob per bat, making these rarer than other bat openers (which are cool, too, but are currently on backorder). Built by Tokens & Icons. $150

Pouring Cachaça in the World Cup

To celebrate the World Cup this month, we will be pouring $10 caipirinhas at the club for the duration of the tournament. The caipirinha is Brazil’s national drink, and while we never exactly forgot about it, we want to shift focus to it–at least until the World Cup is claimed.

The caipirinha is known from SF to Rio and beyond–it was even popular where I worked in Minneapolis. Every bartender worth their salt knows it; and it has been named by the IBA (the International Bartenders Asscoiation) as one of the official cocktails. At one time it had cache and panache, as popular as any thing around, yet as cocktails grew more popular and the obsession with whisky grew (yes, I am guilty of the love of the brown spirit), the Caipirinha went by the wayside.

That’s a shame, because it’s beautifully simple. The only trick is figuring out this SAT question:

_______ : CAIPIRINHA

The answer is “cachaça.” You have to find a great cachaça. It’s a sugarcane-derived spirit, and we’re fond of Avua. It is available at Wingtip (10% Off during the World Cup) in an unoaked bottling that we prefer for our caipirinhas ($35 $31.50), as well as a bottling that was aged in Brazilian amburhana wood ($45 $40.50), which has a distinct flavor that tastes superb on its own, but that I actually like to mess with in some sherry cocktails. (Ask me more about that when you visit the bar!)

Besides the cachaça, all you really need is a handful of limes and a muddler. Just shake up a few slices of muddled lime with a bar spoon of sugar, 2 oz of Cachaça, and a heap of ice. Dump the lot into a double rocks glass and you’ve got one hell of a drink, both refreshing and complex. It’ll keep you watching soccer long after the US has been eliminated.

The World Cup kicks off this Thursday with a 12:30PM (PST) match between Brazil and Croatia. It runs through July 13. For a complete schedule, in Eastern Standard Time, check ESPN here


Lost Coast Outfitters’ Top Five Weekend Essentials

Lost Coast Outfitters’ George Revel, who runs his fly-shop-in-shop at Wingtip, likes to get out into the country every weekend possible to go hunting or fishing. This weekend he’ll be fishing around Bridgeport, but first, he shops our store for his Top Five Weekend Essentials, all of which can be found at Wingtip.

Bills Khakis Shotgun Shell Belt

This belt allows me to express my love for the sporting life in my everyday wear. Plus it matches my Wolverine White Pines. ($75)

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Damn this stuff is delicious. It’s a longtime favorite for passing around the campfire. And the bottle comes with its own shotglass. (Available in store only)

Wolverine Weekender Duffel

This bag’s killer. It’s the right size, with a nice aesthetic; I can stuff it with everything I need for the weekend. Like most of my outdoor gear, it’s US-made. ($400)

Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Gold Cup Boat Shoes

These are comfortable, slip-resistant, and pretty fly (fishing, that is). When I’m out on the boat, I can kick ’em off and quickly go barefoot if I need to. They have the convenience of flip-flops but are nice enough to wear out after a day of fishing. ($150)

Barbour Sapper

I really like to wear the Sapper hunting and around the city. It has nice big pockets for shells, and a good range of motion. It also has a slimmer fit than the classic Barbour designs. I dig it! ($429)


Derby Day Recap

Thanks to everyone who came out for our Kentucky Derby Party two Saturdays ago. We donned our finest seersucker clothing and ostentatious hats, and sipped mint juleps from Match Pewter julep cups that were laser-etched at 1000 dots-per-inch, right here in the basement of 550 Montgomery St. The job was performed by Reclamation Etchworks, who are now offering metal engraving and leather debossing, as well as their signature etched-glass carafes and decanters.

As for the race, at first we weren’t sure if we were rooting for a horse or a search engine, but morning-line favorite and eventual winner California Chrome instilled a lot of Golden State pride in everyone.

We’ll keep cheering on the three-year-old colt especially since, if Cali Chrome fights his way to the front of the pack in the next two outings (the Preakness Stakes on May 17th and the Belmont Stakes on June 7th), he’ll be the first Cali-bred horse to win the Triple Crown. Regardless, throughout the season, we’ll remain refreshed and hydrated, slurping down icy juleps each weekend.

To that end, we’re now offering Match Pewter, non-etched, mint julep cups for just $60 each (regularly $85). We’ll drop the price further to just $40 if you buy them in a set of four or more. These are, as mentioned, non-etched, but we’re happy to create a custom-etched set of julep cups if you are interested (Contact us for options at



Sports Style: Opening Day, Masters Tournament

Our home team, the San Francisco Giants, play their home opener against the Arizona Diamondbacks this afternoon. We’re cheering them on in baseball cufflinks and orange accessories. From left to right: Tokens & Icons World Series Game-Used Baseball Cufflinks, Tokens & Icons Game-Used Baseball Cufflinks, Peter Millar Chambray Tie in papaya, Wingtip Silk Tie in tangerine.

Peter Millar’s brand ambassador golfers keep rolling out new styles and fresh combinations at the major tournaments. Here’s what’s slated for the Masters Tournament at Augusta this week (click the images to enlarge):


Maserati Test Drive at Silver Oak Cellars

This past weekend, Silver Oak Cellars and Maserati Of Marin hosted an event for a small group of Wingtip’s most devoted gearheads.

Both the Ghibli and the GranTurismo convertible (also called the GranCabrio in Europe) were available for drives. Not surprisingly, given the gorgeous weather and the extra 100 horsepower, the convertible was the favorite. It was a shimmering beast, with a purring exhaust that had been finely adjusted by a piano tuner–yes, really. And it prowled through the hills of Napa at rapid speeds while sticking to the ground like a lava flow. The 404 horsepower Ghibli, brand new to the U.S. market with its sights set squarely at Mercedes’ E-Class, Audi’s A6, and BMW’s 5 series, did not get nearly as much road-time considering the allure of the aforementioned pop-top. However, members and the public alike all cooed over its paint color, a shimmering hue called “Blu Emozione” which was the visual equivalent of the raucous exhaust note.

After the drive, members sipped through a vertical tasting of Silver Oak’s ’09, ’07, and ’03 Napa Valley Cabernet varietals; each expression had something to say, from the fresh, mouth-watering ’09, to the well-adjusted, take-me-to-your-prime-rib ’03. To mark the event, there was a sample bottle of the ’09 engraved with the Wingtip marque and is available for purchase through the club (Brad borrowed the bottle, so keep an eye out for it in the wine cave).

The next driving event, is on the horizon with Maserati Of Marin’s “other” brand–Ferrari–along with invitations to this month’s Ferrari Challenge races in Sonoma.

Thanks to Silver Oak Cellars for their generous hospitality, and to Maserati of Marin for letting us test-drive their stellar automobiles.


Authentic Arena Cufflinks for March Madness

Whether your bracket is broken or you’re still in the hunt for that cool billion dollar payout, Tokens & Icons basketball arena cufflinks are a novel way to show off your school pride. Each cufflink is made from an authentic piece of stadium flooring that was salvaged during these arenas’ respective renovations. The specific pieces of flooring contain the actual floor paint, so your school colors shine through.

Although we couldn’t have guessed Kansas and Syracuse would be edged out of the hunt before we published this article, we are happy to report that both UCLA and Kentucky are still in the hunt. As for the Penn Quakers, there’s always next year.

Each set of sterling silver basketball arena cufflinks is available at Wingtip for $160.

More about Tokens & Icons basketball arena cufflinks

The James Naismith court at Kansas’s “Phog” Allen Fieldhouse, which lays claim as the loudest place to see college basketball in the country, available in blue.

Also in blue, the Rupp Arena of the Kentucky Wildcats, the winningest program in college basketball, and the largest basketball-specific college arena in the country.

Available in True Blue, from UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion, which launched the careers of luminaries like Kareem Abdul-Jabar and young stars like Russell Westbrook. The pavilion has also hosted glitzy media events, like the Who’s induction into the Rock-and-Roll hall of fame.

The Carrier Dome of the Syracuse Orange boasts their distinct orange floor, and bears the title of the largest on-campus basketball arena, and the largest domed college stadium.

The Palestra in Philadelphia, known as “The Cathedral Of College Basketball,” has been hosting the Penn Quakers basketball since 1927. The 10k person capacity was a marvel at the time, but today provides some of the most close-up, in-your-face basketball anywhere.