The Road To The Derby Winds Through The Bay Saturday

Big news for singles looking for anti-Valentine’s Day events and anyone who needs an excuse to polish up their Match Pewter Mint Julep cups: The Bay’s only stop on the road to the Kentucky Derby, El Camino Real Derby, will be raced at Golden Gate Fields this Saturday.

The winner of the El Camino Real will be awarded 10 points, and have a good shot at qualifying for the Kentucky Derby. Last year’s winner, Tamarando, was jockeyed by overall all-time-winningest jockey Russell Baze. Sadly, after a prodigious showing at the El Camino Real, Tamarando’s hopes unraveled after an 8th place showing at the Spiral race three weeks later.

But this year we begin anew. And Dan Tordjman, writing for “America’s Best Racing,” likes the chances of Mischief Clem, the winner of this year’s California Derby, where California Chrome started his gallop last year. Tordjman is also keeping an eye on Stand And Salute, from the team behind last year’s winner Tamarando, jockey Baze and trainer Jerry Hollendorfer.

There you have it. Whether you’re a serious fan of the ponies or just need an excuse to wash an awkward holiday down with a few mint juleps, it’s all happening at Golden Gate Fields this weekend.

El Camino Real Derby will race at approximately 3:55pm; the first race of the day will run at 12:45pm. For more details and info on the other contenders, check out Golden Gate Fields


It’s time for some Derek Rose boxer shorts

Don’t get caught with your pants down. If the cartoon above has any bearing on how you might feel on Valentine’s Day, then it’s high time you ratcheted up your boxers game a notch. Luckily, we just received a shipment with four new boxer short styles from top UK loungewear provider, Derek Rose.

Two of the below are made in Derek Rose’s “modern fit,” a style they rolled out just last year. The modern fit boxers feature a trim silhouette, a curved hem and shorter cut for easy wearability under trim pants, and a self-seeking magnetic closure to the fly. Read more about the modern fit at Derek-Rose.com. The “classic” is the fit you’re used to if you’ve tried Derek Rose boxer shorts in the past. And the “Ethan” is their brand new fitted boxer. All four are available in M-XXL sizes, in store, and ready to ship.

“Nelson” pure cotton modern fit boxer shorts ($55)

“Wellington” satin-woven pure cotton classic fit boxer shorts ($48)

“Plaza” pure cotton modern fit boxer shorts ($55)

“Ethan” ultrasoft micro-modal boxer briefs ($65)


Any Reasonable Offer Will Do

This Thursday, from 12-3pm, Wingtip founder Ami Arad will hold court on the sidewalk outside of Wingtip for one of his famous “Any Reasonable Offer Will Do” sales. The odds and ends that didn’t sell during the fall season will be available for a song, a reasonable song, that is.

Ami suggests that if you aren’t versed in the art of haggling, you check out the tutorial below before the sale.


Wrap-Up: Sundance Style

Over the past week-and-a-half, auteurs, wannabes, and looky-loos crowded into Park City, Utah, for the annual Sundance film festival. One of the largest “independent” film festivals in the nation, this yearly affair brings us the newest works and projects by Hollywood’s top talents as well as regional unknowns. We’re always excited to see which films have been bought for distribution, as well as which sartorial choices have been brought to the blistering temps, so we decided this year, Why not look at both?

The Players

James Franco: Rocking the ugly Fair Isle Christmas sweater like a baller, James Franco proves yet again that everything he touches turns to gold. Opting for the more casual and dressed down look this year, the director/actor/writer/style-icon/philanthropist/humanitarian (Are we missing anything?) shows that a crewneck sweater paired with some jeans can go a long way.

Jemaine Clement: Perfect for the conditions in Park City, where temperatures can swing from chilly to frigid, the down jacket has always been a staple in menswear, and especially snow wear. Whether you’re facing nippy wind or a couple feet of white powder, the down jacket’s got your back. Clement also does a good job of pairing it with a button down and tie, which we can always get down with.

Common and Erykah Badu: We gotta give respect to a man that wears a suit in the snow. Nice job on the proportional lapels and tie, but lackin’ a little flavor without the pocket square. Erykah Badu, on the other hand, takes the cake with that hat. Not really sure if she’s imitating Pharrell’s headwear style or if she’s just a really big Harry Potter fan. Either way it’s awesome.

Harvey Weinstein: The producer behind such hits as “Every Quentin Tarantino Flick Ever” also has a hit on his hands with that cream colored cable-knit shawl collar sweater. Keeping with the surroundings of the festival, Mr.Weinstein brings it with his fashionable and highly functional choice. He’s keeping cool, while not keeping cool, and we like that.

The Films

“Fresh Dressed” (dir. Sacha Jenkins): While we have much fondness for the classics like Sinatra and Dino, we here at Wingtip also have much love for hip-hop. “Fresh Dressed” chronicles the roots of urban style as it exploded through hip-hop culture. From Adidas tracksuits to stereo sets, this flick will take you back to a time when Charlie Sheen was working it on “Wall Street” instead of drinking tiger blood.

“Best of Enemies” (dir. Morgan Neville and Robert Gordon): In 1968, a televised debate between righty William F. Buckley and lefty Gore Vidal rocked the world during the Democratic and Republican national convention. Their policies were so polar that every topic was heated and every political stance was fierce. Because of this, ABC, whose ratings were at the bottom at the time, shot through the roof. We’re not taking sides on anyone’s political ideas, we’re just excited to see the suits these guys rock during the debates.

“Knock Knock” (dir. by Eli Roth): Keanu Reeves stars in this psychological thriller by the man who’s brought us such cinematic horrors as “Hostel” and “Cabin Fever.” Living a perfect life, Evan Webber’s (Reeves) life is turned upside down when he lets two mysterious women enter his home for one night. While this film is typically more horrific than what we would recommend, we can’t argue with the robe game.


Six More Weeks Of Winter (Outerwear 50% OFF)

Punxsutawney Phil wants it this way. Six more weeks of winter. But never fear, we’ve just knocked a bunch of outerwear down to 50% Off. Most of these items were not included in the Risk/Reward Sale, so even if you have click-fatigue, you’re going to want to check out this select outerwear sale from Bills Khakis, Peter Millar, and Dunhill.


There’s Always Next Year

We’ll probably watch the Super Bowl on Sunday–you know, for the wings and the commercials. But seriously, we’ve had our dreams dashed by the nation’s most ignominious birds these past three years (by the Ravens in Super Bowl 47; by the Sea Pigeons in last year’s NFC championship; and by the Sea Pigeons, who put the final nail in the coffin of a bad year on December 14, 2014.) Between those sullen affairs and watching this year’s Niners flail around in a cesspool of locker room conflict that culminated in the firing of Coach Harbaugh, we’re feeling more deflated than a New England football.

Oh well, next year we’re bringing it all back home. Superbowl 50 (aka L) is slated for 2/7/16 in Santa Clara, and we intend to have a little skin in the game next year. Plus the sliver lining–we won’t be led by a guy who buys pleated parachute khakis at Walmart. Until then, a couple of accoutrements to weather the off-season:

San Francisco 49ers Cufflinks $60
Bills Khakis Football Leather Belt $85


Breaking: Whisky Bundles and Whisky Club

We here at Wingtip love whisky. Nay, love is not a strong enough word. We obsess over it, we read about it and drink it every day, and as soon as we can grow gills, we will breathe it. We drink it young, old, neat, and over ice; and whether its lineage is Scottish, American, Japanese, or some other whisky-loving nation, we will give it a fair shake. I think you get the point. We love the Golden Elixir that is the nectar of life–and we want to share it with you.

To that end, Wingtip Bank Of Wine And Spirits manager Kyle Nadeau and myself have worked diligently putting together whisky bundles that will allow you to explore whisky regions from around the world. Each month will feature a three-bottle bundle of whisky for around $200, which will give you the chance to build an amazing whisky library. At the end of the year, if you choose to purchase each month (and if you still have some elixir left in each bottle), your home bar will be better stocked with whiskies than many bars in SF.

The first month only costs $185 (down from a combined retail value of $220), and will feature three whiskies from the Speyside region. There are more distilleries per square mile in the Speyside region than anywhere else in the world, and we chose these to highlight the diversity of the region.

First up, the lovely Glenrothes 2001, owned by the good people at Berry Brothers and Rudd. Ronnie Cox, Global Brand Ambassador for the distillery, describes it thus, “It was selected from a variety of casks to deliver soft but stimulating and conversational properties. It combines the maturity of oaky vanilla, with the fullness of ripe black cherries and has a lingering, typically Glenrothes finish of soft spices.

“It has wonderful length and depth, hugely satisfying and an excellent demonstration of the Malt Master’s skill and dedication to the art of wood management.”

The second whisky comes from a distillery that laid silent for many years, but has seen a revival as of late. So welcome back, the Tamdhu 10 Year, a real beauty. From its enticing hue of golden brown (cue the classic Stranglers song), to its elegantly redesigned bottle, it will satisfy the most picky of whisky drinkers. Fully matured in second-fill sherry casks, it shows notes of dark fruit and baking spice. The finish lingers and leaves you wanting more.

The third whisky is very near and dear to me. When we built our collection at the Wingtip club, BenRiach is one of the distilleries that really jumped out at me. We stock many of their whiskies, and this, the BenRiach 16 Year, is one of my favorites. It is finished in Sauternes Casks that lend it a beautiful straw-blond color, as well as a great mouth feel and a full palate experience. With a slight note of passion fruit, this warm and inviting whisky is truly seductive.

This is my last rambling whisky note for today. But it’s a biggie. We are getting ready to launch (Wait for it) (Do you see it coming?) (Okay, well here it is) The Wingtip Whisky Club!

Kyle will be selecting the bottles for this club, and I can tell you with complete confidence that he has an amazing palate and sources the finest whisky this side of the Atlantic.

We are going to offer two different clubs. The first will cost no more than $200 a bottle, and you will receive a bottle every two months. If you fall in love with a bottle, you can always buy more.

The second club is going to cost $500 a bottle and will be available 2-3 times a year. This is a club reserved for those special bottles Kyle finds, the ones that can’t be passed up.

If you are interested in either club (or both clubs!), please email Kyle at kyle@Wingtip.com. We will launch the first club as soon as we get 100 people signed up–both WIngtip members and non-members are welcome to join. The sooner we reach that number the sooner we all get our whisky. So what are you waiting for?

Stay tuned for next month’s bundle offering and more ramblings from this whisky lover.


Spring TV Style Report

Happy New Year! Before you protest, let me explain: If you’re a TV junkie like me, the New Year doesn’t really start until the Spring TV season debuts. So, by my calendar I’m still within the period where it’s not awkward to say, heartily, “Happy New Year!”

At this time of the season, new shows make their first appearances, and old shows return to finish up their season’s run. But I won’t bore you with what to watch and what to skip, we’re here to look at the best and worst dressed characters so far this season.


Marty Khan played by Don Cheadle (“House of Lies”)

Based on the book “House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time,” Marty Khan (above) steals the show every night with his standout sartorial choices. Straddling the thin line of business formal and just looking damn good in a suit, Cheadle’s character never misses a beat with his three-piece, double-breasted, and formal suits. It doesn’t hurt that he always has a pocket square at the ready.

Lucious Lyon played by Terrance Howard (“Empire”)

Premiering their first episode just a couple weeks ago, the dark horse of the spring season has really brought their A-game when it comes to style. The show’s been renewed for a second season after only showing three episodes. We can’t help but think that this is in large part to the patriarch and main character of the show, Lucious Lyon, who has killed it figuratively with his neckwear game–and literally with, you know, guns. Unafraid to rock the ascot, scarf, and even neck bandana, he does a great job of pairing accoutrements with bold suits.

Tom Haverford played by Aziz Ansari/Ben Wyatt played by Adam Scott (“Parks and Recreation”)

Ever since their debut in mid-2009, the men of “Parks and Rec” have always stood out with their simple and elegant style–except you, Terry (Jim O’Heir), get it together, you’re the worst! Tom Haverford and Ben Wyatt especially stand out with their perfectly tailored suits supported by solid tie and shirt combinations. My personal favorite though is how Tom always pairs a nice dinner jacket with some slipees (slippers) sans the socks.

The Penguin played by Robin Taylor (“Gotham”)

It’s strange that villains of the DC universe are always so well dressed. This is true from Lex Luthor to Solomon Grundy, but the villains of Gotham are especially astute. Two-Face, The Riddler, Black Mask, The Joker, and the other dastardly foes are always in very personalized formalwear and suits, and this retelling of the Batman universe is no different. Utilizing three-button coats, wide peak lapels, but mixing and matching different colored vests, the Penguin does a nice job of incorporating old-school styles and new-school flair with his signature umbrella. A murderer hasn’t looked this good and menacing since the “Clown Prince of Crime”.


Kevin Hart (“SNL”)

Opening monologue. Leather dress shirt. Need we say more?

Blake Chesterfield Henderson played by Blake Anderson (“Workaholics”)

One of the funniest shows on TV right now, the guys of “Workaholics” are a real treat to watch week in and week out, but the one thing that irks me is that tie Blake wears every week. It’s bad enough that he’s wearing a short-sleeve collared shirt to work, but, come on man, you work in an office setting. The least you can do is knot your tie so it hangs a couple inches lower.

Lucious Lyon played by Terrance Howard (“Empire”)

For all the positives this new show and character bring to TV, this is one negative We can’t let slide. Episode 3, Terrance Howard’s character hosts a dinner party wearing this monstrosity. The sleeves and collars are just plain awful and make him look like a villain from “Miami Vice.”

Backstrom played by Rainn Wilson (Backstrom)

For all the winners that blossom during a TV season, there are always going to be losers. And while this show’s not half bad, the clothing choices made are downright garbage. Ever since “Seinfeld” signed off in the late 90s, we’ve been waiting for a show to take its place as the forefront of dad-core fashion, and “Backstrom” does a pretty good job of that. On the plus side, we now know that Rainn Wilson is consistent in choosing characters that make dubious vestiary choices.

Noir City Lurks Tonight (and keeps creeping through 1/25)

Hey, all you readers looking for something stark to rest your retinas on better get hep tonight and dig the danger that Baghdad By The Bay has on offer. Just shuffle your wingtips down to the Castro Theatre, where Noir City is launching another festival of high-octane, high-contrast flicks about doomed dudes and thrilling dames. The series starts today and runs through the 25th. Here are the screenings we’re hoping to catch:

Woman on the Run (dir. Norman Foster, 1950) Based on the short story “Man on the Run” by Sylvia Tate, this film follows a newspaperman (Dennis O’Keefe) and a woman (Ann Sheridan) as they track her husband who’s running for his life after witnessing a gangland murder. Set in San Francisco in the mid 20th century, this film does a great job of showing the city we know and love as well as the style and aesthetics from the same era. Noir City notes that, “Anyone who was here in 2003 for the first Noir City will recall the thrill of discovering “Woman on the Run,” a fabulous film we retrieved from obscurity only to see the sole surviving print burn in a studio fire years later. Now, years of indefatigable effort culminate on Opening Night with the resurrection of this extraordinary film.” The world premiere of this 35mm print screens tonight, 1/16 at 7:30pm.

Suspicion (dir. Alfred Hitchcock, 1941) Directed by the man, the myth, the legend, Hitchcock’s film starring Cary Grant and Joan Fontaine tells the story of a recently married spinster who finds out that her husband is a broke degenerate gambler and pathological liar who might also be plotting to kill her. While not set in San Francisco, this film does a great job of highlighting the fashions of the era, especially Cary Grant in that double breasted pinstripe suit and Joan Fontaine in those dope overcoats. This film has all the elements of a classic noir film from suspense and mystery to elegant motifs. “Suspicion” screens tomorrow, 1/17 at 3:30pm

Shockproof (Dir. Douglas Sirk, 1949) Supposedly “Shockproof was so critically lambasted and financially stillborn that director Douglas Sirk got depressed and moved back to Europe. So why watch it now? Well, the film has its advocates–Two Boots Pioneer Theater and an online film enthusiast group were such enthusiasts that they planned the film’s first proper New York engagement in 2007. Plus it has a pivotal scene shot in LA’s moody Bradbury building. Plus, anything by Sirk is worth checking out once–and this one happens to be part of a Sirk double-feature, paired with restored print of “Sleep, My Love.” “Shockproof” screens 1/18 at 2pm and 7:30pm; “Sleep, My Love” follows at 4pm and 9pm.

Crime of passion (Dir. Gerd Oswald, 1957) Love knows no bounds in this crime/drama flick about a San Francisco news reporter who gives up her career to move to LA with her cop husband. Bored, with nowhere to channel her zeal, she begins to push her husband up the career ladder by any means necessary. This piece of work does a great job of showing the best of California from north to south, plus it’s actress Barbara Stanwyck’s curtain call insofar as noir is concerned. “Crime Of Passion” screens Wednesday, 1/21 at 9:15pm

The Steel Trap (Dir. Andrew Stone, 1952) We don’t know much about “The Steel Trap.” But what can we say, we have a soft spot for vintage bank vaults. After all, our vault-cum-tailorshop hosted a caper that was plotted by the Riddler and interrupted by Batman and Batkid. And we’re excited because the “Steel Trap” title makes it sound like the vault does the actual catching of the baddie in this one. “The Steel Trap” screens 1/24 at 12:30pm.

For more details, check out noircity.com


What to drink at the club in January

It’s the new year, and we have some new exciting and fun things available to drink in the club. We are working on a new cocktail list, as well as a truncated version that will change monthly, but will always include variants of the Old Fashioned and the Manhattan.

Apparently our members love to drinks these two drinks more than any other, and I am here to give our members what they want. So the newest addition to the Old Fashioned category is the Fireside Chat. We take Bowmore 15, add some honey syrup, a dash of Angostura (because it is not a Wingtip cocktail without a little bitters), a dash of all spice dram, and, of course, double citrus peel. This lovely peaty Scotch cocktail will make you want to sit by the fire and chat with your friends for hours upon hours. We have tested it out on plenty of our members, and the word is it’s a hit.

As far as beer goes, we have two real doozies on tap right now. My all-time favorite beer, Well’s Bombardier is available, while supplies last. I bought the last six kegs in all of california, and rumor is it shall not ever return. This is a classic English bitter beer; but don’t let the name fool you. It is rich and malty and has only a note of bitters at the finish, and the body of this beer is light enough you can enjoy a few (and the good lord knows that I do every chance I get). The other beer I am totally stoked on is Hitachino Red Rice Ale. As far as I know we are the one of a very few accounts in SF selling this beer on draft. It comes from our friends in Japan who make the popular and delicious Hitachino Nest Ale. This beer is red in color and malty in texture, with beautiful notes of incense and sandalwood on the finish.

As far as whisky goes, man, there are too many to name, as always, but I’ll try to pick just a few to feature. We just got a bunch of independent bottlings in from Signatory, and they are rad to say the least. (If you are not familiar with what independent bottlers do, see my post on the topic). We also got in a Highland Park 15 that has been aged its entire life in a bourbon barrel. The reason this is so badass is simple: Most HPs are aged in sherry casks of some sort, so to be able to taste an HP that is 100% bourbon cask is very unique indeed. The color is of straw and almost reminiscent of chardonnay wine. The flavor is unmistakably Highland Park, but with more vanilla and baking spice coming from the bourbon barrel. Also from Highland Park, we have their newest release, Dark Origins. This is aged exclusively in new sherry casks, so it makes for a great juxtaposition with the HP 15 bourbon-cask release. Dark Origins is all dark fruit and richness that can’t be beat. For one more whisky, I’ll go with the Angel’s Envy Cask Strength. Last year’s edition was named one of the best spirits of the year, and this year is sure to please. It comes off as a beautiful vanilla bomb of whisky. It is dark, it is sexy, and it is amazing, and it is available at the club right now.

Come by, say “Hi” to the gang on the 10th floor, and have any of the drinks mentioned above.

Oh, Happy New Year!