Super Sideman: Sax player Mark Rivera on touring with Billy Joel, working with Ringo Starr, and where to find the best slice in Brooklyn

Some people declare their major at 19. Or lose their virginity. Or try a Manhattan for the first time. At 19, Mark Rivera was just getting his first real gig: playing sax for Sam & Dave. From that auspicious breakthrough, Rivera worked on a number of projects, any one of which could have been a career-defining highlight: marquee gigs working with Foreigner, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, and Ringo Starr.

Layer Up For Fall

Clothing layers are a must in the Bay Area. From the time the marine layer settles in at 6am and the time you break for lunch, there could be a rapid swing in temperature. And our micro-climates practically guarantee that the weather at your house is not even the same as the weather at your work. While we layer during every season, we especially like to layer up in the fall and winter, even if we still have to shed our scarves and overcoats by noon everyday.

Touring Anchor Steam: “Drunk In San Francisco Since 1896″

Anchor is America‚Äôs first and oldest craft brewery, with roots dating back to the California gold rush. Even with the efficient beer production technologies of today, Anchor still handcrafts its beers from an all-malt mash in its traditional copper brewhouse in Portrero Hill. Walking into Anchor’s facility transports you back to 1965 when Fritz Maytag, of the clothes washer fame, purchased the failing brewery. There is the original bar where customers could buy beer directly from the brewery. The smell of malted, heated cereal fills the air. Even the name, Anchor Steam, evokes a different time and approach to beer.

St. Croix Grand Opening and Mark Pomerantz Trunk Show: Starts Tomorrow

Visit the new St. Croix shop-in-shop at Wingtip, where we are offering an expanded selection of American-made shirts, sweaters, pants, and more. PLUS: Visit Bespoke to see the new fall line from Mark Pomerantz.

Costume Designer Catherine Thomas Dishes the ’60s Style Secrets Behind Ed Burns’ New Cop Drama

You may not know her name, but you’ve seen her work. Catherine Thomas is the costume designer you call when you need a hero to look his best while firing a gun, accurately, in a rapidly descending plane (Liam Neeson in Non Stop) or when you need a swarm of paperdoll bad guys to all look like menacing Japanese Reservoir Dogs (the Crazy 88s in Kill Bill Vol. 1) or when you need the right hat for the right officer who needs it to stay tilted just-so even while they bust down a casino. That last challenge comes courtesy of Public Morals the long-gestating cop drama from Ed Burns and Steven Spielberg that gets rolled out on TNT tonight. In this interview we talk with Thomas about her menswear tips, her storied career, and what makes Public Morals style different from, say Mad Men

Agave’s Japanese Clouds Shirts

Agave’s Japanese Clouds shirts are the epitome of casual sophistication, with an extremely soft and comfortable touch. They are made from cotton, hand-picked from mills in the United States, Italy, and Japan. The fabric is yarn-dyed and “gauze”-weight. This fall, the Japanese Clouds shirts are offered in both checks and solids.

The Wingtip Cellar Collection, Featuring the Coravin Wine Preservation System

The Club at Wingtip is pleased to announce a vast expansion of the wines by-the-glass program in the club. Our new Wine Directors, Michael Hildbold and Adam Ono, have created the Wingtip Cellar Collection. Twenty-plus rare, old, or otherwise prestigious wines to pour by the taste and by the glass using the Coravin wine preservation system. This system perfectly preserves the wines, allowing Wingtip to offer such an incredible range. The Wingtip Cellar Collection will be offered Tuesday through Friday nights, poured tableside by our sommeliers.

Maison Ferrand Cocktail Dinner At Wingtip [Open To Non-Members]

1st Course: Oysters with Dukes Citadelle Gin Martini
2nd Course: Padron Peppers with French 75
3rd Course: Jerked Chicken with Stiggins’ Pineapple Allspice Rum Daiquiri
4th/Digestive Course: Cheese Pairing with Pierre Ferrand Reserve 20-year

He Who Smelt It Dealt It: Introducing Wingtip Cheesemonger Matt Gill

Every Thursday for the past year, Matt Gill has been rolling a cart around the club, full of specially selected cheeses. Some selections are tied to a specific theme, like goat’s milk or all blue cheeses or even Halloween pairings (e.g. brie and cotton candy). July was spent lasering in on all-American cheese. Other weeks, Gill just picks what he likes, what he wants to share with club members. On those days, just listen and hold on. On those days, just listen and hold on. Gill will enchant you with his ripened testimony until everything goes quiet and you sail away on the seas of cheese. His passion for cheese and its related specialty foods knows no bounds. Except camel. He’s not totally sold on artisanal camel meat–yet.

Your “Back-To-School” Shoes

Today, we manage to keep all of our shoes in fine condition for far longer, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to treat ourselves to a new pair of back-to-school shoes.

  • Lords of Finance

    Is every single blog post during this recession going to reference the fact that we’re in a recession? I hope not. But buzz about a book that takes an in-depth look at the Great Depression — Lords of Finance by Liaquat Ahamed — resulted in its selection as our May Book-of-the-Month selection. It’s certainly relevant,… Read more »

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  • The 2,500 Hour Smoke

    In the interests of transparency, here were my ballpark assumptions:  A typical Double Corona is almost 8 inches long A typical Double Corona takes about 90 minutes to smoke assuming a reasonable pace The cigar mentioned below is 1704 inchesMore controversially, I assumed there were 12 inches in a foot, and 60 minutes in an… Read more »

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  • How Quickly Things Change

    What a difference a economic collapse makes! Not that should come as any surprise, really, but it hit me in a new way this last week.  For the past couple years, there have been dozens, if not hundreds, of blogs that have popped up that follow the "ultra-luxe" market. They’re blogs that highlight diamond-covered iPhones… Read more »

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  • Downtime in Boston?

    I will be in Boston for a couple days next week, and thought it would be a good excuse to do some legwork on the Modern Gentleman’s Guide to Boston. While I plan to use the interwebs to find some of the places I’ll visit, I figured it would be even better to go directly… Read more »

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  • Portfolio, R.I.P.

    Portfolio2007-2009 It seems like only yesterday that I was kicking myself for missing the inaugural issue of Portfolio – Conde Nast’s glossy competitor to Fortune, Forbes, and the like. Well, I didn’t miss it — I think I still have it — but I meant to write a review of it very early on since… Read more »

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  • A Future for Bookstores?

    Our San Francisco store opened in mid-November of last year right as retail sales around the country were cliff-diving. There are numerous reasons why our first store made a lot of sense, but the reality is that we moved into a mall-like complex beneath 4 of the largest office towers in the Financial District. Our… Read more »

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  • World’s Most Expensive Suit

    I’m not sure if this story makes me jealous or sick. has announced that the world’s most expensive suit was recently purchased by a "phantom" clotheshorse. The price? $100,000.00! Aspects of the story that made me jealous: Suit was made of "rare materials such as Vicuna wool, which can only be shorn once every… Read more »

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  • Golf’s Forgotten Scandal

    I’ve never really shared my love of stand-up comedy through this blog, probably because there are very few points at which luxury men’s goods and a bit that kills intersect. But every once in a while, they do, and I have concluded that it is my responsibility to share them since, in times like these,… Read more »

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  • Audi & BMW Jump the Snark

    Has anyone else noticed how popular the word "snark" is becoming? We have always tried to project a "tongue-in-cheek" attitude in the way we present ourselves to the outside world, and I think we always used "tongue-in-cheek" because it sounded more sophisticated than "sarcastic" or "smart ass". Sure enough, a quick report on Google Trends… Read more »

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  • Cuba in the News

    With the Obama Administration recently loosening travel restrictions to Cuba, the timing could not be better for the arrival of Ike Behar’s new Havana Collection.  The Ike Behar story begins in pre-revolutionary Cuba where Ike, the youngest of three brothers, learned the fine art of custom-tailoring at the shop owned by his father, Samuel Behar…. Read more »

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