Finishing Touches: Wingtip’s Keith Griego Twiddles Beats, Styles, Shows, and Graphics

Each Sunday morning this past August, at the Legionnaire Saloon in downtown Oakland, a reunion was being forged. Foreign Legion, made up of the lounge’s proprietor Prozack Turner, along with Marc Stretch, and Wingtip’s own Keith Griego aka DJ Design, had not performed together in a decade. But a call from one of the talent bookers at Oakland’s Hiero Day music festival set the gears in motion.

To Foreign Legion, the stage show is at least as important as the setlist. After all, this is the group that once got a management deal based on a stage stunt that involved the featherweight emcee Prozack Turner hiding in the backpack of heavyweight emcee Stretch, before the latter turned his back to the audience so the former could unzip the bag and perform a verse from the cozy confines of the backpack–still hovering three feet over the stage.

Agave Visits Wingtip (Plus: Avion Tequila Tasting)

Agave Denim showcases their West Coast Luxury at Wingtip this Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 7-8. In the spirit of Agave, all customers who purchase new Agave garments at the event will be invited to join us for a special Avión Tequila tasting – Silver, Reposado, Añejo – accompanied by Mexican fare to thank you for… Read more »

Emmys Menswear Rundown 2015

Forget the statuette, the Freddy Krueger claw was the hottest accessory at the show.

Wingtip Bartender Brandon Bigalke: Sippin’ on Gin and Duck

Last month, Wingtip’s very own Brandon Bigalke competed in Bombay Sapphire’s Regional Finals for the 9th Annual “World’s Most Imaginative Bartender” competition. Held at the of-the-moment Mission bar Forgery, the event was the last stop on the tour, pitting six bartenders against each other to find out who would represent San Francisco at the North American Finals.

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The Wingtip Medallion

Saint Crispin’s is back next week for a trunk show on Monday, September 14th and Tuesday, September 15th. In addition to the usual fare of wingtips, oxfords, loafers, boots, and whole cuts, customers will also have the first opportunity to stamp their toe with a medallion designed by Wingtip. More about Saint Crispin’s at their… Read more »

Mind The Gap

Starting my journey at the marina where San Pablo Bay and the Petaluma River meet, I rode up Lakeville Hwy from the Hwy 37 Junction. The countryside has farms with cows, sheep, goats, horses and a miniature horse ranch. Among all this are vineyards. These are winegrowers who work intelligently with the terroir to provide the best material for winemakers to work with.

Super Sideman: Sax player Mark Rivera on touring with Billy Joel, working with Ringo Starr, and where to find the best slice in Brooklyn

Some people declare their major at 19. Or lose their virginity. Or try a Manhattan for the first time. At 19, Mark Rivera was just getting his first real gig: playing sax for Sam & Dave. From that auspicious breakthrough, Rivera worked on a number of projects, any one of which could have been a career-defining highlight: marquee gigs working with Foreigner, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, and Ringo Starr.

Layer Up For Fall

Clothing layers are a must in the Bay Area. From the time the marine layer settles in at 6am and the time you break for lunch, there could be a rapid swing in temperature. And our micro-climates practically guarantee that the weather at your house is not even the same as the weather at your work. While we layer during every season, we especially like to layer up in the fall and winter, even if we still have to shed our scarves and overcoats by noon everyday.

Touring Anchor Steam: “Drunk In San Francisco Since 1896″

Anchor is America’s first and oldest craft brewery, with roots dating back to the California gold rush. Even with the efficient beer production technologies of today, Anchor still handcrafts its beers from an all-malt mash in its traditional copper brewhouse in Portrero Hill. Walking into Anchor’s facility transports you back to 1965 when Fritz Maytag, of the clothes washer fame, purchased the failing brewery. There is the original bar where customers could buy beer directly from the brewery. The smell of malted, heated cereal fills the air. Even the name, Anchor Steam, evokes a different time and approach to beer.

St. Croix Grand Opening and Mark Pomerantz Trunk Show: Starts Tomorrow

Visit the new St. Croix shop-in-shop at Wingtip, where we are offering an expanded selection of American-made shirts, sweaters, pants, and more. PLUS: Visit Bespoke to see the new fall line from Mark Pomerantz.

  • This Blog Post is NOFORN//X6

    GQ is all over the news this week thanks to the attention given to Robert Draper’s article on former "SecDef" Donald Rumsfeld. It’s a fascinating – perhaps downright scary – read, but if you’re like me, you were probably dying to know what all those acronyms are atop each brief. Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic… Read more »

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  • HD Trailer for Sherlock Holmes

    If I’m going to promote movies that aren’t even being shot yet, I might as well link to a trailer for a movie coming soon: Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. Stars Robert Downey, Jr., Jude Law, and Rachel McAdams. From the trailer, it seems to bear little resemblance to the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novels, but… Read more »

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  • Favorite Paragraph of “Lords of Finance”

    Last week, I wrote a post linking to a James Fallows post on how Liaquat Ahamed made some Great Depression history much more interesting through the style of his writing in Lords of Finance. Now almost halfway through the 500 page tome, I have come across what will probably be my favorite paragraph even though… Read more »

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  • Sinatra by Scorsese & DiCaprio?

    Blogging from the road can be tough, so I apologize for coming back to this bit of news on Wednesday: Martin Scorsese is slated to direct a Frank Sinatra biopic. Variety, naturally, has the scoop.  As they explain, DiCaprio is an easy rumor to play Ol’ Blue Eyes since he has starred in the last… Read more »

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  • “Bearish on Pinstripes”

    The New York Times Fashion & Style section featured an article on Wednesday entitled "When No One Wants to Look Like a Banker". Of course, this is ground we covered back in October here, but perhaps it just hadn’t sunk in yet.  So agreeing with the main premise of the article, and have admitted to… Read more »

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  • Sitting in a Chair in the Sky

    Last week, I had to book a ticket on a jetplane for Boston where I’d be doing "some research" for an upcoming "project". Tickets were actually pretty cheap (about $200 roundtrip), and both JetBlue and United had almost identical fares, and departure times that were fine with me. While I probably have more miles with… Read more »

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  • Lords of Finance

    Is every single blog post during this recession going to reference the fact that we’re in a recession? I hope not. But buzz about a book that takes an in-depth look at the Great Depression — Lords of Finance by Liaquat Ahamed — resulted in its selection as our May Book-of-the-Month selection. It’s certainly relevant,… Read more »

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  • The 2,500 Hour Smoke

    In the interests of transparency, here were my ballpark assumptions:  A typical Double Corona is almost 8 inches long A typical Double Corona takes about 90 minutes to smoke assuming a reasonable pace The cigar mentioned below is 1704 inchesMore controversially, I assumed there were 12 inches in a foot, and 60 minutes in an… Read more »

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  • How Quickly Things Change

    What a difference a economic collapse makes! Not that should come as any surprise, really, but it hit me in a new way this last week.  For the past couple years, there have been dozens, if not hundreds, of blogs that have popped up that follow the "ultra-luxe" market. They’re blogs that highlight diamond-covered iPhones… Read more »

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    I will be in Boston for a couple days next week, and thought it would be a good excuse to do some legwork on the Modern Gentleman’s Guide to Boston. While I plan to use the interwebs to find some of the places I’ll visit, I figured it would be even better to go directly… Read more »

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