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Wingtip: Gentleman’s Basics and Accessories

Currently on display, directly in front of the new walk-in cigar shop at 550 Montgomery (more on that soon!), is a collection of some of our favorite Wingtip brand products. Here’s a breakdown…

Montgomery and Clay–the history of our intersection

We’ve been doing a little bit of research on our new neighborhood, specifically our intersection, and found a few tidbits: — The intersection of Clay and Montgomery (then water) is where Captain James Montgomery landed the Portsmouth in 1846 to claim California for the US. “About eight o’clock on the morning of July 9th, Montgomery… Read more »

The Cufflink Library as Wall Art

As you exit the elevator on the 10th floor to enter the lobby of the new club, to your left will be a new, beautiful display for our Pocket Square Library. Look to your right, and you’ll see 50 floating shirt cuffs, each showcasing a single cufflink. Of course, its partner will just be in… Read more »

Ami Arad in The Jackhammer

Bastille Day Weekend. 1976. Albert Spaggiari breaks into the Société Générale Bank in Nice, France, languorously emptying out safety deposit boxes while treating his accomplices to a picnic lunch of wine and pâté. This fall, Ami Arad takes Spaggiari’s vision to new heights. He’s not robbing the bank–he’s redecorating it! See the work of The Jackhammer… Read more »

A Passion for Demolition

Micro-manager? Maybe. Perfectionist? Definitely. Or maybe he’s just developing a passion for demolition. Our Founder, Ami Arad, takes the sledgehammer to some old board-constructed bank tellers’ desks that needed to go in the new space. In less than 2 months, the space under his feet will be re-carpeted and become the new and expanded shoe department!

We’re Moving!

The San Francisco Business Times spills the beans on our latest plan for world domination: consolidating and expanding (doubling, actually) our current stores and club to 550 Montgomery, aka the original Bank of Italy building. At the corner of Clay & Montgomery in the heart of the Financial District, 550 Montgomery is a national historic… Read more »