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New Looks From Agave for Spring 2014

Wingtip Wardrobe Consultant Alvin Lampkins mixes and matches Agave’s Spring/Summer collection with accoutrements from Sperry-Topsider, Goorin Bros., and Bills Khakis. See the links for more details.

Agave Denimsmith Founder Jeff Shafer on 2013 Denim

We recently got in touch with Jeff Shafer of Agave Denimsmith to get the backstories behind some of our favorite new Agave jeans. Here they are, in the words of the man himself:

Updates on the Grand Opening Party

While we are neck deep in construction, with Heidi keeping a close eye on proceedings (above), we also have some exciting updates on the Grand Opening Party, which will be Thursday, September 27th. As you may know, the event will take place all day in the store from 10am – 6pm. Many of our vendors will be… Read more »

Agave 7 Year Selvage Denim

We’re not sure where the name came from, but this new arrival from Agave is one gorgeous pair of denim. 12 ounce fabric from Kurabo, Japan. Whiskers and hand sanding on top of a dark vintage base give these a lived-in look. Offered in Agave’s new slim straight cut, called Maverick.

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Agave Denimsmith Purist Cone White Oak Selvage Denim

It’s about time we got some selvage denim! Well, the only reason it took us so long is because we actually carried some Agave Selvage denim about 5 years ago, and we were probably slightly ahead of the curve back then (not ahead of the hardcore denim fanatics, mind you, but ahead of most men’s… Read more »

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The Winter Sale

It’s that time of year that still makes absolutely no sense to me: retailers put Fall & Winter merchandise (overcoats, scarves, gloves, cords, woolens, etc.) on sale to make room for the imminent arrival of Spring goods (shorts, short-sleeved shirts, madras, linen, seersucker, etc.). Yet the weather just about everywhere suggests that now would be… Read more »

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Our “Hipster” at Treasury

Over the weekend, the Economist profiled President-Elect Obama’s nominee for Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner. You might assume we liked the article because of this passage: "The current treasury secretary, Hank Paulson, is reworking the $700 billion bail-out plan on the fly" (emphasis ours), but that statement, for reasons that should be obvious, doesn’t make us… Read more »