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New Looks From Agave for Spring 2014

Wingtip Wardrobe Consultant Alvin Lampkins mixes and matches Agave’s Spring/Summer collection with accoutrements from Sperry-Topsider, Goorin Bros., and Bills Khakis. See the links for more details.

“For 2014, Agave was inspired by beach and ocean colors. Their new shirting is reminiscent of workwear, but very comfortable, with a texture of washed gauze. It’s like workwear-at-play. Similarly, their five-pocket trousers have a pre-washed quality, which makes for a very soft feel.”

“Here, we took Agave’s beach sensibilities and gave it a very preppy accent with Bills Khakis’ canvas d-ring belt.” Jefe Japanese Soft Plaid Cotton Shirt in Small Indigo Plaid ($205), Rocker D-Ring Canvas Belt in navy (6 colors available; $55).

“Another way to pair these outfits with the beach-inspired theme is with the Sperry-Topsiders, a traditional American brand that is white hot hip right now. The two-tone seen here is a boat shoe, which I we like to think of as the American counterpart to the European driving loafer.” Top photo: Jefe Japanese Soft Plaid Cotton Shirt in Small Indigo Plaid ($205), Sperry Top-Sider Made In Maine Boat Shoe; bottom photo: Craftsman Japanese Neps Chambray Shirt, Sperry Top-Sider Gold Cup Authentic 2-Toned Boat Shoe, Rocker

“Pairing these outfits with Goorin Bros. hats makes them perfect for today’s hipster. From the bottom up, you have your Railroad denim (Jonah Newsboy, $42), your summer tweed (John Milton Flatcap, $36), and the Moretti Fedora ($38) with the thick, accentuated band–giving it a hipster meets Rat Pack look.”

Agave Black Star Flex Denim

Agave Denimsmith Founder Jeff Shafer on 2013 Denim

We recently got in touch with Jeff Shafer of Agave Denimsmith to get the backstories behind some of our favorite new Agave jeans. Here they are, in the words of the man himself:


“Sometimes it’s what to don’t see that makes something perfect. Agave’s Portland Indigo Rinse starts with cotton grown in Georgia, then milled into denim at Cone Denim’s historic White Oak plant in Greensboro, NC. After being cut and sewn into Gringo Classic Cut Straight Leg jean, all that is done is a hot water rinse. No stones, no bleach. Dark denim, pure and simply stated.”

see them in the store
Also available in the Waterman fit


“Agave’s Purest Classic Cut Straight Leg jean is cut in perhaps the most exotic and luxurious denim every made. Woven on vintage shuttle looms by weavers in Italy, this denim is the perfect lightweight blend of cotton and linen. The gray color is unique and perfect for travel and adventure.”

see them in the store
(and don’t miss their linen shirting)


“Black denim is back! The Pragmatist Classic Cut Straight Leg from Agave features a plain-back pocket and clean details, combined with Cone White Oak Black stretch denim. This truely 100% Made in America masterpiece is perfect for both the office or an evening soiree.”

see them in the store
Also see the Pragmatist Silver Star Flex Rinse


“Supima Cotton is The World’s Finest Cotton. Japan weavers create the most coveted denim. Agave blends them into the perfect summer Gringo Classic Cut Straight Leg jean that is Made in America.”

see them in the store

Thanks to Jeff Shafer for his contributions to this article!


Updates on the Grand Opening Party


While we are neck deep in construction, with Heidi keeping a close eye on proceedings (above), we also have some exciting updates on the Grand Opening Party, which will be Thursday, September 27th. As you may know, the event will take place all day in the store from 10am – 6pm. Many of our vendors will be on hand, and most will have gifts with purchase or door prizes. We also expect to pouring some libations. All in all, it should be a festive affair in an unbelievable space, and we hope you can join us.

Visiting vendors now include:

  • Chris Knott, founder of Peter Millar
  • Bill Thomas, founder of Bills’ Khakis
  • Michael Toschi
  • Jeff Shafer, founder of Agave Denim
  • Kirby Allison, The Hanger Project
  • Todd Fisher, CEO of Truefitt & Hill, N.A.
  • Robin Rotenier
  • Margo Petitti

Plus representatives from Paul’s Hat Works, Agave Denim, Johnstons of Elgin, Mulholland, Martin Dingman, W. Kleinberg, Visconti, HollenWolff, and more.

Keep your eyes on our Facebook event page for more updates.

Agave Denimsmith Purist Cone White Oak Selvage Denim

Agave Denim Cone Selvage JeanIt’s about time we got some selvage denim! Well, the only reason it took us so long is because we actually carried some Agave Selvage denim about 5 years ago, and we were probably slightly ahead of the curve back then (not ahead of the hardcore denim fanatics, mind you, but ahead of most men’s knowledge of what selvage is or why they should care).

Selvage, as it pertains to denim, is another way of describing the self-finished edges of fabric (comes from a corrupted version of "self-edge"). "Selvage denim" is usually presented in an unwashed or raw state, and the edges are often located along the outseam of the pants so that it’s visible when turned up at the cuff.

Cone American 12.25 oz. 100% ring spun cotton, 3×1 right hand
denim, warp ring spun weft, woven on 29" vintage American shuttle
looms, rinse wash. The Purist model is a relaxed fit, straight cut, button fly jean.

Agave Denimsmith Purist Cone White Oak Selvage Denim  $305

The Winter Sale

It’s that time of year that still makes absolutely no sense to me: retailers put Fall & Winter merchandise (overcoats, scarves, gloves, cords, woolens, etc.) on sale to make room for the imminent arrival of Spring goods (shorts, short-sleeved shirts, madras, linen, seersucker, etc.). Yet the weather just about everywhere suggests that now would be the best time to have lots of cold-weather gear as half the country or more is snowed in. 

Nevertheless, it is with much fanfare (this blog post and an email to follow on Monday representing substantial fanfare) that we announce our semi-annual, Post-Holiday, Pre-Spring sale on seasonal merchandise. Items on sale include tasty clothing like Bills Khakis Limited Edition, Ike Behar casual shirts and ultra-soft Agave knits, accessories like a select group of discontinued Bill Lavin belts and Martin Dingman wallets (Ambrose & Matte Alligator only), and a few deals here in there in Wine & Spirits and Leisure.

Spring will bring a colorful cornucopia of new products and new brands. Expect the usual suspects: Bills Khakis Limited Edition (if ever there was a time to buy shorts, it will be this Spring from Bills), Agave knits, Ike Behar casual and their new "Havana Collection", and the return of seasonal fashion from Fairway & Greene. Brand new classifications will come from Peter Millar, and new brands like Artificial Flavor will make their debut.

Happy hunting!

Our “Hipster” at Treasury

Geithner HipsterOver the weekend, the Economist profiled President-Elect Obama’s nominee for Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner. You might assume we liked the article because of this passage: "The current treasury secretary, Hank Paulson, is reworking the $700 billion bail-out plan on the fly" (emphasis ours), but that statement, for reasons that should be obvious, doesn’t make us optimistic. Actually, this was the section that caught my eye:

Mr Geithner looks a lot younger than his 47 years (though not as young
as he did before the crisis began). He skateboards and snowboards and
exudes a sort of hipster-wonkiness, using ?way? as a synonym for ?very?
as in ?way consequential? and occasionally underlining his point with
the word ?fuck?. In temperament he seems similar to Mr Obama: he is
suspicious of ideology, questions received wisdom, likes a competition
of ideas and is keenly aware of how uncertain the world is.

In our Shop by Lifestyle section, we’ve had a "Hipster" lifestyle. Some have construed this to mean that we think we have stuff that would appeal to the anti-establishment, trucker hat-wearing, Pabst Blue Ribbon-drinking, vinyl record-collecting, dripping-with-irony "hipsters". That was never our intended audience.

In our worldview, "Hipster" refers to a psychographic profile for a gentleman that appreciates the finer things in life, but eschews many of the traditional rules of fashion or etiquette in order to create a style all his own. Our hipster might be a 40 year old guy who chooses to wear Agave jeans, Michael Toschi SUV2s, an Ike Behar casual shirt, and a vintage watch (for irony). This is a stark contrast to the Old School gentleman that wears a conservative suit, shirt & tie to work, or the Professor who wears a V-neck sweater over a sport shirt with cords and loafers.

From publicly available photos, Geithner’s wardrobe is what I would consider an Old School/Wall Street fusion, but we bet he’s in jeans & a t-shirt on weekends. If the Economist can refer to a Secretary of the U.S. Treasury as a "hipster", we’re in good company.