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A Wingtip Wedding

On Saturday, September 14th, Wingtip — the store and the club — hosted its first wedding: my wedding to my beautiful wife, Stacy. And since this is the company’s blog, and the store and the club played a starring role in the entire day, I thought I’d do a recap of the details that would… Read more »

Gentle Swagger: A Visit to Wingtip

“Tuesday I went into Wingtip again to get started on the custom shirt I’m having made. It was a fun, informative experience. If you’ve never actually worked one on one with a tailor before, definitely try it at least once, just to pick up some of the jargon. Do you know what a gusset is for?”

Another Reason to Love Antonio Valente

The difference between a good shirt and a great shirt is all in the details. In this blog post at Antonio Valente‘s site, they discuss pattern matching. Not matching ties with your shirts with your jackets, but just ensuring that the individual panels of a shirt line up. Details indeed. “Many brands have price tags… Read more »

The world’s best cotton now available

We are very excited to now offer Thomas Mason shirting fabric, which will be a new option for made-to-measure Antonio Valente shirts. Thomas Mason has been one of Europe’s finest mills since 1796. They are renowned for their high thread counts, and were even called on during WWI to create a thick, waterproof shirt for… Read more »

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Antonio Valente Made-to-Measure Shirts

Four made-to-measure shirts just arrived, and they remind us why we’re so excited about Antonio Valente. (Excited enough to post these rather poor excuses for photos.) You can’t feel the fabrics on screen, of course, but you can see the details: split yokes, careful pattern matching, gorgeous buttons. For those looking for unique touches to… Read more »

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Antonio Valente Linen Check Sport Shirt

Details are where the Toronto-based firm of Antonio Valente really shines, and here’s a case in point. The buttons on this linen sport shirt are colored red, white, and blue to match the fabric pattern. A soft collar, with contrasting fabric on the interior, adds another nice touch. Perfect for you next trip to the… Read more »