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A Scottish Minister Skates Into San Francisco

We don’t currently offer many art reviews at Wingtip’s Modern Gentleman’s Blog, but the occasion of the “Skating Minister” visiting the De Young Museum for the next few months has piqued our interest. This 1790s painting, allegedly by Henry Raeburn, is fully dubbed “The Reverend Robert Walker Skating on Duddingston Loch,” and usually resides at the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh, so it is a rare treat to lay eyes on this dapper gent.

Now On Display: The Works of John Schreiner

At Wingtip, we have taken Bank Of Italy founder A.P. Giannini’s bank vaults and repurposed them in a variety of ways: As a fitting room, as a shop for watches, cufflinks, and ties, and, now, as an art gallery.

In the lobby floor vault, we are currently displaying a series of collages/assemblages by John Schreiner, which he created from his own compulsive collection of aftershave-scented bric-a-brac….

One of my all time favorite photos

Click through to see a photo that was taken on October 3, 1930, at a tailor shop in Queens Village, New York. The shop built the course to entertain customers while their suits were being pressed. Genius. And upon further reflection, I suspect this photo was a subconscious inspiration for some of the amenities we’ve added to the club…

The Pocket Square Library

Netflix. Zipcar. “Collaborative consumption”: the idea that you pay for access rather than ownership. In our case, it started with our Founder bringing in his own collection of pocket squares for members to borrow. It resulted in members frequently purchasing the squares they were borrowing. With the new space at 550 Montgomery comes upgrades in… Read more »

Sport: North Korea’s outrage, Banksy’s Olympic art; more

OLYMPIC FLAG BLUNDER SPARKS TENSION, OUTRAGE From the Telegraph UK: “The opening day of competition in the 2012 Games ended with the first diplomatic incident of the Games as organisers were forced to apologise to North Korea for displaying the flag of bitter enemies South Korea before their women’s football match against Colombia. …The error came… Read more »

Visual Artist Leroy Neiman dead at 91

Artist Leroy Neiman has died at the age of 91. Neiman captured generations of athletes and pop icons with his frenetic brushstrokes and surrealistically colorful palette. He often painted his subjects in action, attacking his canvasses while his subjects performed in their respective arenas, be it the studio, the baseball diamond, even the chessboard. His… Read more »