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Foster & Son Visits Wingtip This Week

Foster & Son’s Jermyn Street workshop in London stands as a testament to classic, understated craftsmanship. As they note on their brochure, “The tools of our craft are very simple. An awl, flax thread, beautifully naturally tanned leather, a hammer, pliers, sharp knives, beeswax, punches, and marking tools.”

Well, you know what they say about the shoe being greater than the sum of its parts, no? Join us to find out, 3/26-28, when Wingtip will host Foster & Son’s Retail Manager Andrew Murphy and Last Maker Jon Spencer for their spring trunk show.

For appointments, please contact bespoke@wingtip.com.

PICTURED ABOVE: Bespoke Advisor Michael Alzona visits Foster & Son during a recent trip to London.


The Skeptical Shopper’s Guide To Saint Crispin’s Shoes

Next week, St. Crispin’s visits Wingtip for a three-day trunk show. We adore these shoes, and fell that they represent an investment-caliber value, even at their steep price tag. But we know some readers may get light-headed over the thought of parting with $1700 for a pair of shoes. So, here we embody the “Skeptical Shopper,” and volley the hard questions to our Bespoke Advisors Michael Alzona and Bruce Zuckerman:

Skeptical Shopper: What makes St. Crispin’s special?

Michael Alzona: The fact that they offer a custom fit and they design every single one-of-a-kind pair makes them particularly special. Saint Crispin’s are only available at the world’s finest retailers. Wingtip is one of four in all of North America.

SS: I hear they’re from Romania? I thought all the best shoes were from Italy or England.

Bruce Zuckerman: Although English and Italian products are renowned, the old world craftsmanship and worker pride in Romania is respected throughout the leather goods marketplace, worldwide.

MA: Sure, Saint Crispin’s is a smaller shoe company, but pound-for-pound they are a top-notch contender for the mantle of “World’s Finest Shoe Brand.” They have earned a massive amount of respect among the world’s shoe and fashion aficionados for their high quality and designs.

SS: What will make this trunk show exciting?

MA: We are very excited to have the owner Phillip Car at Wingtip again this year to help clients with custom fittings and consultations.

SS: Bottom line–Why should I spend $1700 on a pair of shoes?

MA: Finest quality hand welted shoes custom fit that I can design? Hollowed shoe trees specific to the shoe? Monogrammed sole? Sign me up!

BZ: These are more than just shoes; they are an investment in your wardrobe, style, and comfort, for years into the future.

Saint Crispin’s trunk show runs next week, Monday, March 16th through Wednesday, March 18th. Contact Mr. Alzona or Mr. Zuckerman at bespoke@wingtip.com to make your appointment.

Alfie Michael Caine Dormeuil Tonik

This Thursday: Dormeuil Fabrics & Wingtip Suits

One of the world’s premier fabric mills returns to Bespoke Thursday for their fall trunk show. Dormeuil has existed at the top of the fabric game since 1846, and are revered the world over, from the traditional tailors of Savile Row to the contemporary creatives of Napoli. When you take a fabric from one of Dormeuil’s many books, and use the yards to create an American-made Wingtip suit, you have one of the finest custom offerings available anywhere in the market. (Pictured above: Michael Caine wears his famed Dormeuil Tonik suit in Alfie)

Among the fabrics on offer are a few recent introductions to the Dormeuil line:

  • Iconik Nano (water-repellant Super 120s Australian Merino suiting)
  • Cashmere Towntex (a “fashionable vintage look” that is a wool-and-cashmere update on the original 1960s Towntex line)
  • Jade (the “Talisman” fabric is made from wool treated with jade-infused waters that are said to have relaxing and lucky powers; if nothing else, it’s made from truly beautiful, exceptionally thin Super 160s New Zealand wool)
  • Cashasilk (supremely soft cashmere-silk blends woven into bold jacket styles)
  • Dormeuil visits Wingtip this Thursday, all-day. To schedule a consultation or fitting, please email bespoke@wingtip.com. Walk-ins are welcome.


    St. Crispin’s Shoes Fall Trunk Show

    Saint Crispin’s stoppwed by Wingtip this past May for their very first San Francisco trunk show. We are thrilled to say that these magnificent shoes are now a permanent fixture at Wingtip. And, for more information on custom sizing, leathers, and specifications, St. Crispin’s returns for their fall trunk show.


    Saint Crispin’s Shoes + The Finest Pair of Pants in Napoli [10/16-17]

    Saint Crispin’s stopped by Wingtip this past May for their very first San Francisco trunk show. After seeing and trying on those shoes, we couldn’t help but offer them at Wingtip on a full-time basis. And we are thrilled to have Philip Carr return to Wingtip for a two-day trunk show next week. [PHOTOS BELOW]

    Joining Carr is an esteemed guest who has made a name for himself around-the-world as a premier craftsman of trousers: Salvatore Ambrosi. Hand cut and sewn in a workshop in Naples, these are trousers that would make Sinatra drool: Fully bespoke, classically high-waisted, and sharpened with devilish cuffs.

    The event takes place next week, all day Thursday 10/16 and Friday 10/17. Walk-ins are welcome, but to make your appointment with Saint Crispin’s, Salvatore Ambrosi, or both, please contact bespoke@wingtip.com


    Foster & Son Bespoke Shoes Return Wednesday

    Andy Murphy from Foster & Son returns Wednesday for an all-day bespoke shoe event. Foster & Son has produced one of the very finest London-made shoes since 1840. We are also pleased to announce that last-maker Jon Spencer will also be on hand for the event.

    See below for photos from their last trunk show at Wingtip, when Wingtip manager Michael Alzona was fitted for a personal last. Commenting on that experience, Michael said, “Having my feet completely measured was amazing. Andrew actually hand-traced the profile of my foot on paper and took measurements of the width and instep. Knowing you will have a fully bespoke pair of shoes to fit your feet is a true luxury.”

    Drop-ins are welcome, but you may schedule an appointment through bespoke@wingtip.com


    Bruce Zuckerman: The Wingtip Custom Shirt

    The custom shirt is one of the hallmarks of well dressed gentlemen. And although styles, fabrics, and tastes change as time passes and generations evolve, the custom shirt remains one of the affordable pleasures that will enhance a man’s wardrobe.

    The great benefit to the custom shirt is, simply, that it is made to match what the wearer wants–not what the ready-to-wear manufacturer has decided what the shirt will look like–regardless of price and label. You choose the style for every key element of a fine shirt, not merely the collar and cuffs, but the pocket, the front and back tailoring style, closure(s) on the forearms, monogram parameters, all in addition to the desired fit.

    To wear it in or to wear it out? That is but one question. Many contemporary gentlemen have a particularly unique style issue that custom can easily address: the length of the shirt. This dilemma is easily addressed by a custom shirtmaker.

    What about my outsized wristwatch? Another great question. As the popularity of large wristwatches has outgrown the cuffs on most off-the-rack shirts, the custom shirtmaker can enlarge the cuff to accommodate the watch–not both cuffs, mind you, just the single cuff that you wear your watch beneath.

    What fabrics do you offer? That’s one of our favorite questions. We have thousands to choose from, including Wingtip, Thomas Mason, Cotonificio Albini, and more. The best way to see them all is to make an appointment and stop by.

    How much will it cost me? The bottom line question, indeed. But you’ll be happy to know that our custom shirt options begin at just $165, comparable to many off-the-rack options.

    So stop by the vault at Wingtip in San Francisco, and ask for myself, Bruce Zuckerman [pictured above left], or Wingtip store manager Michael Alzona [pictured above right]. We are happy to accommodate walk-ins, but the best way to set up a leisurely fitting is to make an appointment. Visit soon to see all of the options, and get fitted for your own custom shirt.