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Six More Weeks Of Winter (Outerwear 50% OFF)

Punxsutawney Phil wants it this way. Six more weeks of winter. But never fear, we’ve just knocked a bunch of outerwear down to 50% Off. Most of these items were not included in the Risk/Reward Sale, so even if you have click-fatigue, you’re going to want to check out this select outerwear sale from Bills… Read more »

Lost Coast Outfitters’ Top Five Weekend Essentials

Lost Coast Outfitters’ George Revel, who runs his fly-shop-in-shop at Wingtip, likes to get out into the country every weekend possible to go hunting or fishing. Today he shops our store for his Top Five Weekend Essentials, all of which can be found at Wingtip.

Khaki: A color? A material? Something else?

Many people use the term “khaki” to refer to the general category of casual trousers made from cotton, and frequently even use the word when referring to almost any casual cotton trouser, regardless of color or fabrication.  However, its origin is very definitive and specific.

Quick Market Recap

After London, it was off to New York for the big menswear show called MRket (MR is a trade magazine for the menswear industry, and this is their show). Between the MRket show and showrooms in Manhattan, probably 80% of what will appear in the store this fall was ordered last week. Here’s a quick… Read more »

Peter Millar On Sale: Plus A Look We Like

Check out this wintry, weekend driving outfit based around Peter Millar apparel: Peter Millar Myers Loro Piana Coat $895 on sale for $671.25, Peter Millar Cashmere 1/4-Zip Sweater $295 (not part of the sale, though the Merino Qtr Zip is), Peter Millar Twill Gingham Shirt $115, (also not part of the sale, but check out the Solid Twill or Gingham instead: both half off at $72.50 today)…

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Look of the Week

Johnstons of Elgin Shawl Collar Cardigan Bills Khakis Sporting Twill Shirt Michael Toschi Berta, Natural w/ Blue Sole Bills Khakis Flannel-Lined Khakis W. Kleinberg Italian Calf Belt in Navy Moore & Giles Wilson Slim Brief Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere Ribbed Hat Gold & Wood Aviator Sunglasses

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Weatherproof Ventile Pant by Bills Khakis

It’s 1941. You’re flying your Fairey Swordfish over the Arctic Ocean, somewhere off the coast of Norway, escorting a convoy of English mercantile ships. Not far away, through the thin, frigid air, you can feel the presence of German U-boats and destroyers, all those things you like to shoot up. But they get to you… Read more »

Standing at Attention in SF-Weight Khakis

“The man responsible for introducing the now ubiquitous [khaki] colour to the British military was Lieutenant-General Sir Harry Burnett Lumsden . A true old India hand, Lumsden was born aboard an East India vessel in the Bay of Bengal and, becoming a soldier in his teens, he was involved in opening the Khyber Pass in 1842 and raised a special forces unit called the Corps of Guides five years later. Intended for work on reconnaissance and intelligence missions, the unit was characterized by an unorthodox approach to uniforms. Lumsden eschewed the traditional red coats of the British military, feeling better able to fight in the pyjama-style local dress that had been dyed the colour of mud, using a dye that came from a plant called Mazari.”

Updates on the Grand Opening Party

While we are neck deep in construction, with Heidi keeping a close eye on proceedings (above), we also have some exciting updates on the Grand Opening Party, which will be Thursday, September 27th. As you may know, the event will take place all day in the store from 10am – 6pm. Many of our vendors will be… Read more »