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Six More Weeks Of Winter (Outerwear 50% OFF)

Punxsutawney Phil wants it this way. Six more weeks of winter. But never fear, we’ve just knocked a bunch of outerwear down to 50% Off. Most of these items were not included in the Risk/Reward Sale, so even if you have click-fatigue, you’re going to want to check out this select outerwear sale from Bills Khakis, Peter Millar, and Dunhill.


Lost Coast Outfitters’ Top Five Weekend Essentials

Lost Coast Outfitters’ George Revel, who runs his fly-shop-in-shop at Wingtip, likes to get out into the country every weekend possible to go hunting or fishing. This weekend he’ll be fishing around Bridgeport, but first, he shops our store for his Top Five Weekend Essentials, all of which can be found at Wingtip.

Bills Khakis Shotgun Shell Belt

This belt allows me to express my love for the sporting life in my everyday wear. Plus it matches my Wolverine White Pines. ($75)

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Damn this stuff is delicious. It’s a longtime favorite for passing around the campfire. And the bottle comes with its own shotglass. (Available in store only)

Wolverine Weekender Duffel

This bag’s killer. It’s the right size, with a nice aesthetic; I can stuff it with everything I need for the weekend. Like most of my outdoor gear, it’s US-made. ($400)

Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Gold Cup Boat Shoes

These are comfortable, slip-resistant, and pretty fly (fishing, that is). When I’m out on the boat, I can kick ’em off and quickly go barefoot if I need to. They have the convenience of flip-flops but are nice enough to wear out after a day of fishing. ($150)

Barbour Sapper

I really like to wear the Sapper hunting and around the city. It has nice big pockets for shells, and a good range of motion. It also has a slimmer fit than the classic Barbour designs. I dig it! ($429)


Bills Khakis Spring Style Guide

Sanbridge Plaid shirt available in shortsleeve red and blue plaids ($140) Independence Plaid shirt available in three different plaids ($155); Original Twill M3 Trim Fit khakis available in 5 colors ($145), plus limited edition M2 Regular Fit colors sage and wicker ($145)

Tea Label Blues Collection Blue-Check Button-Down Shirt
Supima Shirt Sleeve Pique Polo available in 11 colors ($89.50)

Khaki: A color? A material? Something else?

Many people use the term “khaki” to refer to the general category of casual trousers made from cotton, and frequently even use the word when referring to almost any casual cotton trouser, regardless of color or fabrication.  However, its origin is very definitive and specific.

Khaki began as a color, the dusty shade of the Indian desert used by the British army in the 1800s to camouflage their previously white trousers. When applied to the cotton twill “chino” military fabric, the color and the style of slacks became synonymous.

Khaki trousers are considered one of the most hard-working options in casualwear, but they never have to be average. At Wingtip, our wide selection of Bills Khakis are available in up to three fits, and some include the option of flat or pleated front.

Another option is to craft custom-fit khakis specifically to your style preference and build. We can help you design your ideal pair of workhorse slacks, whether you prefer a flat front and a trim fit or a pleated front with a full fit–or anything in between. The custom approach also offers options for personal preferences in pocket style, belt loop style or no loops at all. Of course, your pattern and style preference can be replicated as your wardrobe needs dictate.

And if you are one of the many people committed to the the broad use of khaki as simply a color, then there is a whole world of fabrics in wool and wool blends from which a great pair of trousers can be made to meet your wardrobe needs.

To talk with Bruce about your custom pair of khakis–or custom khaki-colored anything, contact bruce.zuckerman@wingtip.com.

Varsity Jacket for Wingtip

Quick Market Recap

After London, it was off to New York for the big menswear show called MRket (MR is a trade magazine for the menswear industry, and this is their show). Between the MRket show and showrooms in Manhattan, probably 80% of what will appear in the store this fall was ordered last week. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the highlights:

  • Fox UmbrellasPeter Millar: there’s always too much to talk about with Peter Millar. We have great sweaters, pants, shirts, shoes, and outerwear coming, as always, but if I had to pick a piece that I think will be the runaway hit this fall, it’s a well-priced, soft-construction Travel Blazer. We’ll also be bringing in their #1 seller, the Merino Wool V-Neck sweater, in something close to two dozen colors.
  • Bills Khakis: the GTH pants for fall are bold as always, and we’ll have all of them coming in, but for the most part, we want long on their two best selling fabrics — Original Twill and Vintage Twill — in a lot of different colors. The outerwear from Bills’ was also too good to pass up, so expect a number of great coats, all made in the USA.
  • Sport coats: long on tweed. Some Harris Tweeds, some Robert Noble. Donegals. Club checks. Buffalo checks. Also called an audible on spring, and added a Cashmere/Linen story in five colors just for fun.
  • W. Kleinberg: we’ll be bringing in more casual belts but the reversible concept we’ll be introducing is the game-changer as far as the belt game can be changed.
  • Golden Bear Sportswear: in addition to bringing in some classic leather jackets (think Motorcycle, Bomber), we’ll also be introducing a made-in-San-Francisco Wingtip Varsity Jacket.
  • Pantherella: if you haven’t yet tried the Escorial socks, they really are noticeably more elegant than Pantherella’s already elegant socks. We’ll have more Escorial, cashmere, argyle, and Vintage Collection socks coming.
  • Fox Umbrellas: we’ll be stocking four styles: a golf umbrella, travel umbrella, the classic John Steed umbrella from the Avengers (black canopy, whanghee handle), and an exclusive-to-Wingtip umbrella (we’ll keep its details a surprise).
  • Cufflinks: we have a steady supply of beautiful new cufflinks coming from Robin Rotenier, Jan Leslie, and Codis Maya among others.
  • Miscellaneous: we will likely be bringing in another high-end leather goods line, a great new dress shirt program, a new (but old) British grooming brand, some new formalwear looks, and an ultra-high end shoe brand from Europe.

In other words, lots of great stuff to come.

Peter Millar Weekend Driving Look

Peter Millar On Sale: Plus A Look We Like

If you haven’t browsed the Peter Millar section in the last day or so, we are offering a large, limited sale on Fall 2012 Apparel. Get 25–50% off select items, while supplies lasts. Below is a wintry, weekend driving outfit based around Peter Millar apparel.

Peter Millar Weekend Driving Look

Peter Millar Myers Loro Piana Coat $895 on sale for $671.25 (three additional colors available)

Peter Millar Cashmere 1/4-Zip Sweater $295

(not part of the sale, though the similar Merino Qtr Zip is: $129.03 down from $198.50)

Peter Millar Twill Gingham Shirt $115

(also not part of the sale, but check out the Solid Twill or Gingham instead: both half off at $72.50 today)

Dents Contrast Stitch Leather Gloves $175

Martin Dingman Saxon Grain Bit Loafer $245

Bills Khakis Flannel Forward Pleat Pant $275

Look of the Week

Look of the WeekJohnstons of Elgin Shawl Collar Cardigan

Bills Khakis Sporting Twill Shirt

Michael Toschi Berta, Natural w/ Blue Sole

Bills Khakis Flannel-Lined Khakis

W. Kleinberg Italian Calf Belt in Navy

Moore & Giles Wilson Slim Brief

Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere Ribbed Hat

Gold & Wood Aviator Sunglasses

Weatherproof Ventile Pant by Bills Khakis

Bills Khakis Ventile PantIt’s 1941. You’re flying your Fairey Swordfish over the Arctic Ocean, somewhere off the coast of Norway, escorting a convoy of English mercantile ships. Not far away, through the thin, frigid air, you can feel the presence of German U-boats and destroyers, all those things you like to shoot up.

But they get to you first. You feel the bullets chewing up your right wing. You pull up, bank hard. You shook ’em, sure, but you’re gliding now, slowly losing altitude. The nearest base is 80 miles away and you’re not going to make it.

Good thing you’re wearing your weatherproof Ventile Cotton Immersion Suit. That’s right, they’ve been scooping pilots out of the Arctic like ice cubes out of a punchbowl, and Winston Churchill got sick of it. Now he’s ordered up one of these extremely-tightly woven cotton immersion suits for every RAF pilot. At the first hint of moisture the cotton swells, allowing just enough space for breathability while keeping you totally dry. Hypothermia used to set in after just a couple minutes; now you have nothing to worry about.

About 100 feet off the water now, you’re kind of looking forward to bailing out.

Seventy years after it rescued the British fire-hose industry from a flax shortage and protected a generation of pilots from very likely events of water landings, Ventile cotton is still the go-to fiber for sportsmen who seek a high-functioning material with natural breathability, and city dwellers seeking an all-winter khaki.

Bills Khakis Ventile Pant — $395



Standing at Attention in SF-Weight Khakis

burnett_lumsdenWe received our F/W 2012 stock of Bills Khakis‘ popular Bullard Field Pant just as we were reading the history of the safari jacket. The story was in “Mogambo,” book 9 of the uman essay series, and was written by Nick Foulkes in collaboration with Umberto Angeloni.

The whole essay was a fascinating read, but here’s the part that’s relevant for today:

“The man responsible for introducing the now ubiquitous [khaki] colour to the British military was Lieutenant-General Sir Harry Burnett Lumsden [pictured left]. A true old India hand, Lumsden was born aboard an East India vessel in the Bay of Bengal and, becoming a soldier in his teens, he was involved in opening the Khyber Pass in 1842 and raised a special forces unit called the Corps of Guides five years later. Intended for work on reconnaissance and intelligence missions, the unit was characterized by an unorthodox approach to uniforms. Lumsden eschewed the traditional red coats of the British military, feeling better able to fight in the pyjama-style local dress that had been dyed the colour of mud, using a dye that came from a plant called Mazari.”

Bullard Twill. 10.2 ounce cotton. A cool-weather khaki so sturdy you can’t help but stand at attention. (Note: We will cut the unfinished hems to your specifications in-house at no additional charge.)

Bullard Field Khaki  $175–$180


Updates on the Grand Opening Party


While we are neck deep in construction, with Heidi keeping a close eye on proceedings (above), we also have some exciting updates on the Grand Opening Party, which will be Thursday, September 27th. As you may know, the event will take place all day in the store from 10am – 6pm. Many of our vendors will be on hand, and most will have gifts with purchase or door prizes. We also expect to pouring some libations. All in all, it should be a festive affair in an unbelievable space, and we hope you can join us.

Visiting vendors now include:

  • Chris Knott, founder of Peter Millar
  • Bill Thomas, founder of Bills’ Khakis
  • Michael Toschi
  • Jeff Shafer, founder of Agave Denim
  • Kirby Allison, The Hanger Project
  • Todd Fisher, CEO of Truefitt & Hill, N.A.
  • Robin Rotenier
  • Margo Petitti

Plus representatives from Paul’s Hat Works, Agave Denim, Johnstons of Elgin, Mulholland, Martin Dingman, W. Kleinberg, Visconti, HollenWolff, and more.

Keep your eyes on our Facebook event page for more updates.