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On Fatherhood and Tending Bar

I have been bartending for a long time. For fear of dating myself, I won’t say quite how long, but it is up there–I have been in the food service industry since before I could drive, and behind the stick for about half that time. For those of you who know me, I will allow you to do the math. Working in restaurants has taught me a great many things, and has prepared me for more real life situations than any schooling could have. But of all the things that bartending has prepared me for, being a father to a newborn is the least expected. Here are the top five things bartending has inadvertently trained me for, while dealing with my new born child:

The Manhattan Project

The Manhattan. How many articles, blogs, Tweets, Pinterest pins, Facebook updates, and Friendster posts (yes, we’re counting Friendster!) have there been on this most holy of cocktails? More than I care to count. So instead of boring myself to tears writing about it, I offer up a new perspective:

This Friday: Bourbon + Boots (A “Thought Piece” From Brian MacGregor)

When I think of Bourbon & Boots, I conjure up images of days past, wearing a pair of Doc Martens and slugging back cheap whisky on the way to a punk rock show. Now-a-days as I have settled down in to a more mature state of mind, I still love my whisky, as any reader of this blog knows, and I still love to wear a nice pair of boots.

Mezcal: A Brief Introduction to an Oft-Overlooked Spirit

I was looking through the selection of spirits we have here at the Club at Wingtip, and as I was going through the mezcal selection, I noticed we have amassed quite a bit of that particular liquor for a bar that does not specialize in Mexican spirits. In fact we have 20 different expressions of this amazing spirit for our members to choose from and enjoy.

On Pour: 100 Years of Highland Park

First things first: Highland Park Whisky isn’t a Highland whisky. The distillery is actually north of the Highlands, in the Orkney Isles (near the Shetland Isles of Shetland sweater fame).

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New at the Wingtip Bar: Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon

Beginning next week, Wingtip members will be able to enjoy a single barrel bourbon from Four Roses distillery of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. The bourbon was selected by the Wingtip Bourbon Committee, who were tasked with tasting 10 different barrel selections from Four Roses before making their judicial decision. They picked a barrel of bourbon that had… Read more »