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Pontoglio Velvet Custom Blazers

In 1883, a Milanese textile family called the Cantonis, in collaboration with Giulio Saccanaghi, started operating a textile factory on the banks of the Oglio river. Pontoglio maintains their unique heritage, but they have been forward-thinking with technology, seeking modern ways to craft velvet.  

The Future of Personal Labels

Come September, once we’re settled at our new space at 550 Montgomery, it will be hard not to boast about the Fitting Room. Those seeking out custom suits, shirts, trousers, belts, hats, eyewear, or even letterpress stationery will walk down a white marble staircase into the Lower Level where the Bank of Italy’s vault housed… Read more »

Today: Oxxford Clothes & Alfred Sargent Trunk Show

From 12-5, our Bespoke store has Bob Denton from Oxxford Clothes and Ron Rider representingĀ Alfred Sargent on hand to fit and design custom suits, coats, and shoes for you. Spring 2012 swatches from Oxxford are on hand, and dozens of models of Alfred Sargent shoes can be tried on or copied for your own. Oxxford… Read more »

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YGWYPF: Oxxford Edition

This past summer, we tried to introduce a new acronym into the English language, because clearly we don’t have enough of those yet. OTF came up with YGWYPF, or “you get what you pay for,” and the first subject of our scrutiny was a pair of Legoman cufflinks bought on Etsy. Today, we move up… Read more »