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Never Lose Your Umbrella Again (Davek Umbrella Kickstarter)

For years, Davek has been the solution for people sick of umbrellas that buckle and flip inside out at the slightest hint of a breeze. Now Davek has solved our final umbrella quandary–how not to lose it. Davek’s Alert Umbrella is about to conclude a round of funding on Kickstarter, and, from the looks of… Read more »

Golf Accessories for your US Open Weekend

San Francisco’s Olympic Club hosts the US Open this week, and if history is any indication, it’s going to be an unpredictable and extremely difficult course for the contestants. Forbes magazine notes, “The U.S. Open has been contested at The Olympic Club 4 times previously (1955, 1966, 1987, 1998), and only 4 golfers total across those 4 tournaments finished the tournament… Read more »

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Why On The Fly, Part I

I’m in Scotland for the next two weeks, which, ironically, will likely mean I’ll have more time to blog than when I’m at the store. True to form, I waited till the morning of the trip to start packing, which reminded me in part* why the company is called "On The Fly." I am not… Read more »

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37.5% Flattered

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we consider ourselves 37.5% flattered. Of the 8 holiday gifts for your favorite golfer suggested by Golf Digest‘s "Mr. Style", On The Fly carries 3 of them. All three are long-time best-sellers of ours. The Mulholland Brothers Flat Shave Kit is the #1 dopp kit we sell,… Read more »

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An Umbrella for every Objection

Good Product Design 101 — if such a course exists — would teach that the first thing you do before designing a product is interview people about what they like or dislike about alternatives on the market. And if that is true, then umbrella-makers need a refresher course. As I see it, if you asked… Read more »