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Davek Alert Umbrella

Never Lose Your Umbrella Again (Davek Umbrella Kickstarter)

For years, Davek has been the solution for people sick of umbrellas that buckle and flip inside out at the slightest hint of a breeze. Now Davek has solved our final umbrella quandary–how not to lose it. Davek’s Alert Umbrella is about to conclude a round of funding on Kickstarter, and, from the looks of it, this ingenious innovation will be funded without a problem. When the Davek Alert the market, they will be priced at $125, but currently the umbrella is available for a pledge as low as $89. Many more details at Kickstarter.


Golf Accessories for your US Open Weekend

San Francisco’s Olympic Club hosts the US Open this week, and if history is any indication, it’s going to be an unpredictable and extremely difficult course for the contestants. Forbes magazine notes, “The U.S. Open has been contested at The Olympic Club 4 times previously (1955, 1966, 1987, 1998), and only 4 golfers total across those 4 tournaments finished the tournament below par.”

So if you’re headed to down to spectate, here are a handful of accessories that will keep you looking smooth while the course is looking rough. (And, for anyone playing their own round this weekend, check out the Mulholland gear.)

Davek Golf Umbrella — $129

Tokens & Icons Golf Ball Cufflinks — $150

Why On The Fly, Part I

Toschi SUV2I’m in Scotland for the next two weeks, which, ironically, will likely mean I’ll have more time to blog than when I’m at the store. True to form, I waited till the morning of the trip to start packing, which reminded me in part* why the company is called "On The Fly."

I am not the world’s best planner, so naturally I checked weather.com for the 10 day forecast in Scotland and discovered it’s going to rain 9 of the 10 days ? and my umbrella was at the store. Despite owning dress shoes in every shade of brown discovered by mankind, I don’t own a pair of casual brown shoes. I wasn’t going to take my laptop which meant I needed something casual to cart around my iPad 2, umbrella, sunglasses and other essentials. So the taxi to the airport had to make one stop ? at the store ? for me to pick up a pair of Michael Toschi SUV2’s in brown, a Davek umbrella, a Mulholland Waxed Canvas Angler’s Bag, and a new Peter Millar golf shirt for my round at the New Course at St. Andrews just because.

So long story short, everything I’m taking ? luggage, clothing, accessories, shaving products ? except for my toothbrush & toothpaste was obtained at On The Fly. Perfect for the gentleman "on the go." Especially the one that doesn’t have the foresight to plan ahead.

* A few weeks back, a wrote a post mentioning that "Boothroyd’s" was on a long list of potential names for the store; that entry resulted in 2 of the 5 people that read this blog to ask for the back story of On The Fly. So I’ll write that up on this trip too between scotch tastings and golf.

37.5% Flattered

Peter Millar 30-Gauge CashmereIf imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we consider ourselves 37.5% flattered. Of the 8 holiday gifts for your favorite golfer suggested by Golf Digest‘s "Mr. Style", On The Fly carries 3 of them.

All three are long-time best-sellers of ours. The Mulholland Brothers Flat Shave Kit is the #1 dopp kit we sell, available in 4 different leathers and 3 different scratch-proof/water-proof polyvinyls.

Davek umbrellas have been flying off the shelf since wet weather has kicked in across the country, but the true golfer might prefer the Davek Golf Umbrella that has the hidden spike to keep your umbrella grounded while you take your shot. All Davek umbrellas come with a lifetime warranty, and a Loss Prevention card that gets you a 2nd umbrella at 50% off.

And while Mr. Style picks out the 30-gauge Cashmere Zip Sweater, any of Peter Millar’s sweaters would make a fantastic gift. Our favorite for this season is the classic cable with a zip for a twist, available here in Oatmeal or Black.

See the spread in this month’s Golf Digest here.

An Umbrella for every Objection

Davek UmbrellaGood Product Design 101 — if such a course exists — would teach that the first thing you do before designing a product is interview people about what they like or dislike about alternatives on the market. And if that is true, then umbrella-makers need a refresher course.

As I see it, if you asked people what they didn’t like about umbrellas, chances are they would say one of two things: (1) "They break too quickly", or (2) "I always lose mine".

Fortunately, Dave Kahng practices good product design, and has solved both problems with his brand new Davek umbrella. Unlike most umbrellas that reinforce the canopy with 6-8 ribs, the Davek umbrella uses 9. Its solid steel shaft and Carbon WindFlex frame make the product guaranteed to last a lifetime.

A recent trip to Central New York made a good excuse to grab the umbrella and go. Initial thoughts? It’s small and compact, and everything about it feels sturdy and reinforced — from the ribs to the shaft, the handle, and even the canopy strap.

Best of all, the davek Umbrella offers a "Loss Insurance" policy: fill out a registration card when you purchase your umbrella and if (or when) you lose it, Dave will sell you another one at 50% off the retail price. It’s like 2 umbrellas for the price of 1½!