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This Thursday: Dormeuil Fabrics & Wingtip Suits

One of the world’s premier fabric mills returns to Bespoke Thursday for their fall trunk show. Dormeuil has existed at the top of the fabric game since 1846, and are revered the world over, from the traditional tailors of Savile Row to the contemporary creatives of Napoli. When you take a fabric from one of Dormeuil’s many books, and use the yards to create an American-made Wingtip suit, you have one of the finest custom offerings available anywhere in the market.

A Wingtip Wedding

On Saturday, September 14th, Wingtip — the store and the club — hosted its first wedding: my wedding to my beautiful wife, Stacy. And since this is the company’s blog, and the store and the club played a starring role in the entire day, I thought I’d do a recap of the details that would… Read more »

The Tuxedo: As If You Needed an Excuse

After 37 years of life, and 10+ years in menswear, here are my conclusions on a dinner jacket/tuxedo:

  • Every gentleman should own one; renting is for high school prom. Call me a snob.
  • Once you own a tuxedo, you find opportunities to wear it. You actually look forward to invites that include “Black Tie Optional.”
  • Inevitably, you will be invited to a once-in-a-lifetime event that requires a tuxedo or dinner jacket, and you will not have time to rent or buy, and you’ll miss out unless you have one hanging in your closet.
  • It is a conversation starter anywhere you go. Strangers will ask about the occasion to which you can answer whatever you like.
  • Given a half-dozen or so uses a year, and assuming no major changes in your body shape (+/- 3″ in the waist), your investment ends up lasting a decade or more if you buy a timeless silhouette.

Dormeuil Fall Fabrics

Our Bespoke shop just received a package of fall fabric books from Dormeuil. They are incredible as usual, and we’re especially enthused by the new Cashasilk book (photos after the jump)

Two Cannes Looks: Gatsby Fabrics and Jewel Thieves

arlier this week Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby opened up the 2013 Cannes film festival. We were very excited to hear that Dormeuil worked with Gatsby producer Catherine Martin in providing fabrics for many of the film’s Roaring 20s suits, three such fabrics are currently available in Bespoke. (Your chance to take 20% off a suit after the jump)

Thursday: Dormeuil Trunk Show

Thursday, from 12pm to 7pm, in Bespoke, Luke Mayes and Dan Stevenson, of Dormeuil, are in house to help you find the perfect fabric to suit your inner-Alfie. (Click through to find out exactly what that means.)

Suit inspiration

New bolt of fabric from Dormeuil’s Ice line, which is their take on flannel. This 11.5oz charcoal fabric features a horizontal twill and rainbow flecking. 92% wool, 5% cashmere, and 3% mohair.                                      

Bespoke: Dormeuil Fabric, Peter Millar Construction

Two-button, 1/4-lined blazer. Made of fabric from Dormeuil’s Derby book: a chocolate tweed with lavender and lilac double-windowpane. Constructed using Peter Millar’s soft-shoulder model. Also featuring three patches and surgeon cuffs.

A Chair fitting of the Fitting Room

While you’re trying on your new suit made from Dormeuil’s Matterhorn Blue, you may have brought a friend or SO along for the fitting. Or perhaps you need to rest your feet while waiting for the tailor to steam your coat. You’ll need a place to sit. A wingback chair seems appropriate. But the run-of-the-mill… Read more »

The most exclusive cloth on the market: Dormeuil’s Matterhorn Blue

170 sheep. 170 suits. That is how Dormeuil, one of the world’s premier fabric mills, celebrates their 170th birthday. The “Matterhorn Blue” fabric was woven into eight separate patterns. And while overall there is just enough fabric to produce 170 suits, there can only be 18 suits — worldwide — in the fabric we selected…. Read more »