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The Pocket Square Library

Netflix. Zipcar. “Collaborative consumption”: the idea that you pay for access rather than ownership. In our case, it started with our Founder bringing in his own collection of pocket squares for members to borrow. It resulted in members frequently purchasing the squares they were borrowing. With the new space at 550 Montgomery comes upgrades in… Read more »

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Still Confused How to “Fold” a Pocket Circle?

A year and a half ago, I met Edward Armah at one of the Market week shows in New York. He had two innovative concepts: reversible bow ties and “pocket circles”. I referred to his pocket circles as “the biggest innovation in pocket squares since the invention of the pocket square.” Within a year of… Read more »

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The Nice Thing About Wearing a Bow Tie

I guess it’s been a while since I’ve worn a bow tie because I can’t help but notice how many people have stared at my neck today. Smiles. Double-takes. Then another gentleman wearing a bow tie was walking towards me, and I said, "Nice bow tie." He responded, "You too." It’s like when you buy… Read more »