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Oxxford Clothes Trunk Show This Wednesday

Oxxford Clothes President Bob Denton returns to Wingtip this Wednesday. If you haven’t heard us trumpet their accolades already, Oxxford creates for the finest handmade custom suit in America, providing a comfort and fit comparable to centuries old Savile Row tailors.

Oxxford Clothes Trunk Show Wednesday 10/2

Next Wednesday, we welcome Oxxford Clothes back to Wingtip Bespoke. We will be featuring their 2013 suiting and jacketing fabrics

The Tuxedo: As If You Needed an Excuse

After 37 years of life, and 10+ years in menswear, here are my conclusions on a dinner jacket/tuxedo:

  • Every gentleman should own one; renting is for high school prom. Call me a snob.
  • Once you own a tuxedo, you find opportunities to wear it. You actually look forward to invites that include “Black Tie Optional.”
  • Inevitably, you will be invited to a once-in-a-lifetime event that requires a tuxedo or dinner jacket, and you will not have time to rent or buy, and you’ll miss out unless you have one hanging in your closet.
  • It is a conversation starter anywhere you go. Strangers will ask about the occasion to which you can answer whatever you like.
  • Given a half-dozen or so uses a year, and assuming no major changes in your body shape (+/- 3″ in the waist), your investment ends up lasting a decade or more if you buy a timeless silhouette.

Fall Fabrics from Holland & Sherry

It’s still a little warm to imagine actually wearing a blazer made from the incredible assortment of swatches Holland & Sherry just sent us. So, for now, we’ll just give you this gallery as a teaser. As the temperature heads south,we’ll get into the specifics of the following collections: Inter-City (worsted wool), Target (super 120s… Read more »

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On The Fly: Now Serving Cut Lengths

Who (makes these): Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, and Scabal What (they are): Cut lengths, a.k.a. bolts of fabric, that one buys to make up into a suit, sport coat, trousers, or any piece of tailored clothing you can imagine Where (these companies are from): England, France, and Belguim, respectively   Why (you should care): because… Read more »

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Holland & Sherry Blazer Buttons

I used to be very ANB: Anti-Navy Blazer. It just felt so boring to me. Every time I attended a trunk show, I picked out fabrics with bold colors or bold patterns. One of the best ways to differentiate your navy blazer –or personalize it– is to order a set of unique buttons. Although they’re… Read more »