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Behold, the 744 Shell Cordovan

It’s been tough keeping this boot under wraps. But the day is here. At left, Ami gets his new pair of 744s shined by Kea Lani, our new in-house shoe shiner. You might wonder why you would get a brand new pair of shell cordovans shined, but just yesterday Lani told us that after a… Read more »

9/20 Trunk Show: Wolverine Unveils the 744 Shell Cordovan Boot

We hear it all too often: “Do you still have that limited edition Wolverine 721 shell cordovan boot in stock?” Sadly, no. They have gone the way of the buffalo. But, on Thursday 9/20, at a trunk show at the new Wingtip (550 Montgomery), Wolverine will unveil the 744, which is the 721’s successor. You… Read more »

Horween leather: For boots, belts, and footballs

Chicago 1905. The leather industry booms as an offshoot of the area’s meatpacking trade. Tanneries line the north branch of the Chicago river. An immigrant from Ukraine named Isadore Horween sees an opening and establishes I. Horween and Co. At the peak of the industry there were around two dozen tanneries. But a century later,… Read more »