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New For Summer: Orlebar Brown Swim Trunks

e are very excited to introduce a line of swimwear. Orlebar Brown trunks are designed in London, and may be best known for kitting out a certain James Bond, but you don’t have to be Daniel Craig to look great in these trunks. They are based on a “17-piece pattern of traditional men’s trousers,” which means the fit will keep you looking your best from brunch to the pool.

First Annual 007 Party: “Dr. No” [Seats Open to Public]

In honor of James Bond author Ian Fleming’s birthday (the author would be 106), we are hosting our 1st Annual 007 Party on Sat, May 31st. And, we are making 10 seats available to the public for the occasion. The theme is Dr. No, so come dressed in your best Bond, Bond villain, or a… Read more »

This Friday: The Wingtip Suit, and Maker’s Mark Manhattans

Beyond accessories–pocket squares, watches, hats–I think the best pairing with bespoke clothing is a classic cocktail. Throughout the history of men’s fashion, guys like to do important things while being well-dressed–like go hunting, sign a deal, or just enjoy a refreshing beverage.

James Bond’s Visit to Wingtip?

The 49ers beat the Packers and it’s time to find something else to watch. The BBC is showing an MGM documentary called Everything or Nothing: The Untold Story of 007 to commemorate 50 years of James Bond. A little over halfway through the show, they flash a still photograph of Sean Connery and Albert “Cubby” Broccoli talking to each other. While the still is only on-screen for a couple seconds, the backdrop is something I’ve looked at almost every day for the last two years, since first stepping foot in the original Bank of Italy (later, Bank of America) building at 550 Montgomery.

New in the club: Casino Royale

The Casino Royale Multigame Armoire by Agresti is a stunning piece of furniture that houses some of the modern gentleman’s favorite games of skill and chance, including poker, chess, blackjack…

James Bond’s “Skyfall” Jacket by Barbour: Available for Pre-Order

In the new James Bond flick Skyfall, Bond sports a jacket from one of our favorite UK brands, Barbour. The specific garment is the “Sport Jacket” from Barbour’s Beacon Heritage line, created in collaboration with Japanese designer Tokihito Yoshida, aka ToKiTo. (Read more about their partnership here.) We are very excited to offer the jacket… Read more »

Gatsby delayed; but Skyfall looking even better than before

Good: In the full-length Skyfall trailer, Javier Bardem looks like a classic Bond villain — almost as creepy as he looked as Sigur in No Country for Old Men. Not so good: The Great Gatsby has been pushed back to Summer 2013. Sure, we can wait. But the delay is an unfortunate indication that Gatsby isn’t the… Read more »

More Bond 50th Anniversary Coverage

In 1962, James Bond made his first big screen appearance with Dr. No. Bond had made his novel debut with Casino Royale in 1953, and his little-screen debut with a Casino Royale adaptation the following year, but Dr. No launched the character  into the pop culture lexicon. In the 50 years since, Bond has become synonymous with cool–clothes, gadgets,… Read more »

Top 10 Bond Looks

On July 6th, London’s Barbican Museum opens the show “Designing 007: 50 Years of Bond Style.” The show will “explore the craft behind the screen icons, the secret service and villains, tailoring and costumes, set and production design, automobiles, gadgets and special effects, graphic design and motion graphics, exotic locations, stunts and props.” To celebrate… Read more »