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Enjoying a Dunhill Cabinetta 1989

Another trip to London, another stop to the Dunhill Tobacconist at the corner of St. James and Pall Mall. The shop, which opened just a little over a year ago, has a beautiful and somewhat modern humidor and wall of cigar lockers along with a world class selection of cigars.¬†On my last visit, I tried… Read more »

Don Candido: $280 to Smoke History

At the corner of St. James and Pall Mall lies the newly refurbished Dunhill London Limited Tobacco shop. By “newly refurbished” I mean it soft opened in December of 2013, I’m visiting in late January, and the formal grand opening is later this month. While the location has been a tobacco shop since 1907, it… Read more »

London Dispatch: Day 5

Too much and too little to write about tonight. Too little in that half my day was spent walking across London to pick up a huge box of Scotch for a good customer that can’t be shipped into the U.S. so I am effectively his Whisky Mule; too much in that my evening was filled… Read more »

London Dispatch: Day 4

Not that I had any doubts prior to this trip, but London really is the best shopping for men in the world. New York is great, but it doesn’t hold a candle to London. I’d have made the declaration after Day 1, but Day 4 certainly solidified it. The morning started with breakfast at the Connaught Hotel which was great, as it should be for what they charge (bacon, eggs, coffee, juice, pastries, classical music was $50). I chose it because the hotel looked as Old School as Old School gets (it was; I loved it), and it was two blocks from my appointment at Alfred Dunhill’s Bourdon Home.

London Dispatch: Day 3

Day 3 started with a longing for bacon & eggs, but only time for a croissant and coffee while walking a couple miles across London to Two Temple Place for an appointment with Alfred Dunhill. The setting, described as “one of London’s hidden architectural gems, an extraordinary late Victorian mansion built by William Waldorf Astor on Embankment,” was stunning, and appropriate for showcasing Dunhill’s broad array of products.

London Dispatch: Day 2

Jet lag resulted in sleeping in until noon. For someone that normally gets up somewhere between 5-6am, that’s half the day wasted. But it was still a productive day in the most unproductive sense of the word. Chocolate croissant and latte at a local cafe, and then back to spying visiting some classic retailers. On… Read more »

London Dispatch: Day 1

A Dunhill buying trip has forced me to visit London for the first time since 2001. Landed around 10:30am. Arrived in central London around 12:30. Grabbed a quick bite, and started heading toward Bond Street and Jermyn Street. First stop was the barbershop of Geo F. Trumper at 1 Duke of York Street. Now, I… Read more »

Sport: Pants shopping with 35-inch thighs; Cameroon defections; sports photography

Maybe you were one of the people making pointed “Thunder Thighs” jokes while watching the track cycling events. Turns out, this is no laughing matter. In fact, shopping for pants is a big problem for those bikers who lug around barrel-sized quads. Greg Bishop, of the NY Times, writes: “This often leads, of course, to… Read more »

The Carnivore’s Guide to London

Meat London: An Insider’s Guide Edited by Tom Howells With an introduction by Thomas Blythe Black Dog Publishing   Now and then you hear a London-bound traveler mumble something about “such a beautiful city, but the food’s so dull and heavy.” Leave it to a book devoted to meat to negate their argument. Sure, Meat… Read more »