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Introducing Abbeyhorn

The company now known as Abbeyhorn dates back to 1749, when the Humpherson family founded the company in Bewdley, UK. Their traditional housewares include our new Wingtip favorite, the pewter-mounted Drinking Horn (at left with 30-yr single malt Scotch), in addition to fantastically long shoe horns, shaving brushes, and the Sgian Dubh, a decorative knife… Read more »

The most exclusive cloth on the market: Dormeuil’s Matterhorn Blue

170 sheep. 170 suits. That is how Dormeuil, one of the world’s premier fabric mills, celebrates their 170th birthday. The “Matterhorn Blue” fabric was woven into eight separate patterns. And while overall there is just enough fabric to produce 170 suits, there can only be 18 suits — worldwide — in the fabric we selected…. Read more »