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A Wingtip Wedding

On Saturday, September 14th, Wingtip — the store and the club — hosted its first wedding: my wedding to my beautiful wife, Stacy. And since this is the company’s blog, and the store and the club played a starring role in the entire day, I thought I’d do a recap of the details that would… Read more »

Robin Rotenier Trunk Show – Thu, May 9

Get the full story on Wingtip founder Ami Arad’s first pair of Robin Rotenier cufflinks (and meet Rotenier at his Wingtip trunk show this Thursday). Details…

Updates on the Grand Opening Party

While we are neck deep in construction, with Heidi keeping a close eye on proceedings (above), we also have some exciting updates on the Grand Opening Party, which will be Thursday, September 27th. As you may know, the event will take place all day in the store from 10am – 6pm. Many of our vendors will be… Read more »

Golf Accessories for your US Open Weekend

San Francisco’s Olympic Club hosts the US Open this week, and if history is any indication, it’s going to be an unpredictable and extremely difficult course for the contestants. Forbes magazine notes, “The U.S. Open has been contested at The Olympic Club 4 times previously (1955, 1966, 1987, 1998), and only 4 golfers total across those 4 tournaments finished the tournament… Read more »

An accessory for hockey fans who aren’t watching the Stanley Cup Finals

We were browsing The Trades this morning when we saw this disconerting headline: TV Ratings: Rising ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Tops Stanley Cup Finals Interesting. Just to fill you in, here’s ESPN‘s breakdown of what you missed while you were watching talent show auditions: “Anze Kopitar scored a spectacular goal on a breakaway with… Read more »

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The Netflix of Cufflinks

I consider myself a pretty big fan of cufflinks, and yet I only own about a dozen pair that I regularly wear. If I’m wearing a green coat, shirt, or tie, I have a nice pair of jade cufflinks. Bright blue is great for my lapis links. I have a favorite pair with some burnt… Read more »

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Gift of the Day: Cufflinks

About 10 years ago, I was told by an old, wise man or woman that a true gentleman does not buy his own cufflinks; he is gifted them. It made sense. I would argue that after a nice necktie or watch, a beautiful pair of cufflinks are complimented by a stranger more often than anything… Read more »

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Official Haberdasher of Somali Pirates

The Skull & Crossbones motif has been very hot the past few years. So hot, in fact, that I was hoping it had finally jumped the shark. I’m sure some of you will say it already had, which it did; but, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still sell, which, to a retailer, means it hasn’t… Read more »

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Can I Get French Cuffs With That?

You sure can. More and more men are finding that French cuffs are a wise way to distinguish themselves from the increasing number of well-dressed gents in the workplace and on the social scene. But are they for you? Known as double cuffs in Britain, French cuffs were once the exclusive province of boardroom swells,… Read more »

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Interview with Robin Rotenier

I first came across Robin Rotenier’s cufflinks 7 years ago while working at a software company called Blue Martini Software. The company, which was a Wall Street darling until the dot-com bust, was on fire, and I was in the mood to give back. Upon seeing a pair of Rotenier Martini Glass cufflinks in a… Read more »