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New Markdowns (Up To 70% Off)

70% Off luxurious, sustainable wool knits from Ramblers Way. 60% Off dress shoes and loafers from Nettleton’s. 50% Off select leather goods from Daines & Hathaway.

The Risk/Reward Sale At 75% Off

It’s that time again. Our twice-yearly Risk/Reward Sale launches today. For those new to Wingtip, this is not your typical sale. Escalating markdowns are common, but with most stores, you don’t have any notice when the sale might increase from 30% off to 40% off, or from 50% to final markdowns. With our Risk/Reward sale, it couldn’t be more transparent.

April Whisky Bundle: A Trio From Springbank Distillery

It’s time for another whisky bundle to add to your growing collection of amazing gold liquid at your home bar. This month Kyle and I put together a fun little ditty from the region of Campbeltown. Tucked away in the South West Corner of Scotland, Campbeltown used to be home to as many as 34 distilleries. Now there are only two left, and they produce some very exciting whiskies indeed. The whiskies in this month’s bundle all come from one distillery; two are homages to closed distilleries, and the other is one of our all-time favorite daily drams. These three bottles would normally retail together for $226.97, but purchased as a bundle, we’re offering them for just $190. Without further ado, our April Whisky Bundle of Joy, featuring Springbank Distillery.

Any Reasonable Offer Will Do

This Thursday, from 12-3pm, Wingtip founder Ami Arad will hold court on the sidewalk outside of Wingtip for one of his famous “Any Reasonable Offer Will Do” sales. The odds and ends that didn’t sell during the fall season will be available for a song, a reasonable song, that is.

The Risk/Reward Sale Starts Now

Our twice-yearly Risk/Reward Sale kicks off today at 30% OFF select seasonal apparel & accessories. The sale event raises the discount by 1% each day, meaning that sale items will be 31% off tomorrow, 32% the day after, and so forth. The rewards increase through higher savings, but so does the risk that your choice of color or size sells out.

Shop Early And Save (Up To 25% Off)

If you think it’s hard work shopping for the holidays, we can guarantee you it’s even more stressful on our side of the table. The last thing we want to do is disappoint anyone by being out of stock on an item, unable to get it to you by the date you need it, or… Read more »

Bi-Annual Risk / Reward Sale On Now

Our bi-annual Risk/Reward Sale is brimming with fresh spring and summer apparel at 38% Off. The sale event raises the discount by one percentage point each day, meaning that seasonal apparel will be 39% Off tomorrow, 40% the day after, and so forth. This sale tests a customer’s capacity for risk–do you buy the shirt… Read more »

Peter Millar On Sale: Plus A Look We Like

Check out this wintry, weekend driving outfit based around Peter Millar apparel: Peter Millar Myers Loro Piana Coat $895 on sale for $671.25, Peter Millar Cashmere 1/4-Zip Sweater $295 (not part of the sale, though the Merino Qtr Zip is), Peter Millar Twill Gingham Shirt $115, (also not part of the sale, but check out the Solid Twill or Gingham instead: both half off at $72.50 today)…

CEO’s come cheaper than you think

Given the news and recent economic trends, you’d be forgiven for associating all CEO’s with astronomical dollar figures. The exception: our overstock of Ike Behar CEO shirts, which are now 50% off. In Ike Behar’s parlance, CEO stands for custom express original. These are made-to-order dress shirts, crafted from bolts of fabric that we have… Read more »

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Why is Stuff 27% Off Today?

Today is Day 3 of our "Risk/Reward Sale" which means seasonal items are now marked down 27%. Why 27%? Every year, after the holidays, we begin a SALE to clear out Fall’s merchandise before Spring starts arriving. Every few weeks, the discount would increase but there would be less to choose from. This year, we’re… Read more »