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Wingtip: Gentleman’s Basics and Accessories

Currently on display, directly in front of the new walk-in cigar shop at 550 Montgomery (more on that soon!), is a collection of some of our favorite Wingtip brand products. Here’s a breakdown…

Last Call for Truefitt & Hill

The recent news that our Truefitt & Hill distributor will no longer be carrying our favorite shaving cream brand had us thrashing through our medicine cabinets taking inventory.

Goodbye Movember, Hello Wingtip Razors

We hate to break it to you, but if you’ve been growing a Movember moustache for charity this year, it’s time to shave. And–just in time for the great shearing–we got in our first shipment of Wingtip razors and badger brushes. The razors are available in seven different colors, and configured for either a Gillette… Read more »

Joe Roberts, Master Barber

It’s a peaceful morning at the Wingtip barbershop. Over the hum of the clippers, Joe Roberts plays classical music. “It puts me in my masterpiece mode,” he tells me. “My DaVinci mode.” Like many artisans, Roberts’ craft was borne of simple resourcefulness. “My first haircut was actually with my brother. I was on my way… Read more »

Introducing the Gentleman’s Workbench

$#!& happens. And sometimes it happens when you’re away from home. Of course at home you have everything you need for every conceivable gentlemanly emergency: an unpolished shoe, a missing button, tarnished cufflinks, an unsharpened straight razor. Should one of these emergencies occur when you’re in downtown San Francisco, we hope you’ll come see us… Read more »

eBay Acquisitions: Barber’s chair, wastebasket

You really can find just about anything you need on eBay. Sometimes we snag vintage threads or artwork. This week we bought a barber’s chair and a wastebasket. The barber’s chair is a beauty: A two-piece (chair and footrest) by the¬†Samuel Kline Co. that dates back to 1909. The chair is upholstered in tufted, black… Read more »