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Krug Tasting Party [Members Only]

Do you love Krug? Do you love oysters? Do you love Wingtip? Join us Fri, Sep 26th, 4-7pm, when US Krug Ambassador Garth Hodgdon will be here to take you through 4-5 expressions of Krug, with hors d’oeuvres, in various parlor rooms on the 11th floor. Paired with gourmet bites and highlighting our unique 11th… Read more »

10-Year Anniversary Party

All Day At Wingtip: Celebrate the dawn of our 2nd decade with food, drinks, giveaways, and 20% off all full priced merchandise. (Discount applies in store only.)

10-Year Anniversary Party

THIS THURSDAY: All Day At Wingtip. Celebrate the dawn of our 2nd decade with food, drinks, giveaways, and 20% off all full priced merchandise. (Discount applies in store only.)

Pinot Days 2014 Report

Pinot Days in San Francisco brings together close to 100 wineries from California and a few from Oregon. Having 100 wineries all working with the same grape varietal is fascinating and challenging as you decide: Which wineries to try; How to compare them; What story to look for. Since wine has truth, it should tell its own story.

San Francisco Wine School at Wingtip [Members Only]

Join Wingtip in welcoming San Francisco Wine School for a few of their Master Sommelier-led, formal wine education courses. Looking to learn more? Then here’s your chance. Class size is limited to 20-maximum. Cognac Master Class: Elaboration & Essence: Monday Aug 18th, 2014 from 1-4pm Penetrate the elusive mysteries of the world’s greatest and most… Read more »

The Country’s Most Exclusive Whisky Show

Recently I spent 24 hours in Las Vegas at the Universal Whisky Experience. I was invited down by the CEO of the event, Mahesh Patel, on an exploratory mission to check it out in the hopes that I’d be sufficiently enticed to invite our fine Wingtip members to join me at the event next year.

With that disclosure out of the way, I must say that enticed, I was.

Donkey & Goat Tasting (Wine, Not Game)

Walking into the winery with barrels stacked up both sides of the walls, there were tables for pouring with guests two and three deep, a narrow channel in between was a slow passage from the front to the back lot where a band and a food truck waited. I become uncomfortable in crowds and stood with my back to a wall and enjoyed my wine. As I was raising my glass, an eight-year-old girl walked past raising an ice cream cone. I thought it unusual for a child to be there until I went to the back lot where families were sitting in the sun at picnic tables, with children playing bocce ball, a band in the background, a food truck, and, of course, an ice cream stand. The philosophy of the winemakers was evident there: They were not making cocktail wines for adult parties, but rather, wine to enjoy with food and family, all together in a fun environment.

Vintage of the Century Dinner [Members Only]

A multi-course dinner featuring eleven bottles of 1982 Bordeaux, including two that received a perfect score from Robert Parker. Menu TBD. Champagne or cocktails at 6:30 with dinner starting at seven. Limited to 14 guests.

Father’s Day Gifts: Japanese Whiskies with Furoshiki Gift Wrap (Whisky Tasting In-Store on June 12th)

June 12th, from noon-7pm on the Wingtip store floor, Neyah White, West Coast Brand Ambassador for Suntory brands will conduct a Japanese Whisky Tasting, featuring the Hakashu 12-year-old. For this day only, any purchase of a Suntory Brands Japanese Whisky (Yamazaki, Hibiki, Hakushu) will be offered at 10% Off and will be wrapped in a limited edition fabric in the traditional Japanese art of furoshiki.