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Mind The Gap

Starting my journey at the marina where San Pablo Bay and the Petaluma River meet, I rode up Lakeville Hwy from the Hwy 37 Junction. The countryside has farms with cows, sheep, goats, horses and a miniature horse ranch. Among all this are vineyards. These are winegrowers who work intelligently with the terroir to provide the best material for winemakers to work with.

Three (More) Things I Learned In Scotland

The thank you list of people who were generous, hospitable, kind, open, and honest is long indeed. I know this: These brands and these whiskies will forever be near and dear to me after the time I spent there.

27.5 Hours In Portland

4:30 AM Wake up. Perform the Triple-S. 5:00 Kiss my wife and baby goodbye. 5:01 Kyle [GM of Wingtip’s Bank of Wine & Spirits] picks me up and we drive to the airport. 5:30 Eat crappy breakfast food in the international terminal, even though we are only flying to PDX. I guess Oregon is another country.

Three Things I Learned In Scotland

Edinburgh is a majestic city. While most of my time was spent at legendary distilleries, I kicked off my trip in Edinburgh, and boy was it amazing. We stayed in a hotel three blocks from the castle in old town. The streets are beyond cobblestone. They are old, and I mean older than our country, or at least they feel that way. Everywhere you look feels like you are in a postcard from the Middle Ages.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

A few of our favorite Father’s Day gift ideas for the guy who taught you how to shave, golf, grill, and tie a four-in-hand.

Spring 2012 Legal Trip to Cuba Photo Gallery

Candy-colored cars… hand-rolled cigars… wabi sabi architecture… okay, we’ll shut up and let the photo roll do the talking.

The Carnivore’s Guide to London

Meat London: An Insider’s Guide Edited by Tom Howells With an introduction by Thomas Blythe Black Dog Publishing   Now and then you hear a London-bound traveler mumble something about “such a beautiful city, but the food’s so dull and heavy.” Leave it to a book devoted to meat to negate their argument. Sure, Meat… Read more »

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Cuba Trip Day 3: Artist’s Homes

Art and music are a big deal in Cuba. In fact, if you want to become “wealthy” by Cuban standards, your best bets are art or music, and of course, there are a small few talented enough to make that happen (unfortunately, Simon Cowell never created “Cuban Idol”). Our Sunday in Cuba started with most… Read more »

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Cuba Trip: Review of the 1952 Chevrolet

Of course no trip to Cuba is complete without a ride or two in an old American car. They are everywhere in Cuba, but some are obviously much better cared for than others. We took a cab ride down the Malecón from Old Havana back to the hotel in a 1952 Chevrolet (pronounced “shev-roh-let” by… Read more »

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Cuba Trip Day 2: Rum Museum & Old Havana

I knew I was going to like Havana when, at breakfast, there was a gentleman wearing a pink, linen, long-sleeved guayabera with French cuffs. After breakfast, we took a walking tour of Old Havana that included –not at my request but I certainly wasn’t complaining– a stop into the Conde de Villenueva. I probably visited… Read more »