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Saint Crispin’s Shoes Trunk Show

We are pleased to welcome Saint Crispin’s for their very first trunk show in San Francisco. St. Crispin’s has been a family owned-and-operated business since the early 1990s. They began with one last, and quickly developed their finely crafted shoes into one of the most respected footwear houses in the business. Below are a couple of samples from their 2014 Lookbook.


Sperry Top-Sider Trunk Show

Sperry Top-Sider, the originators of the boat shoe, will be at Wingtip with both Spring and Fall styles.


  • – Fall pre-orders
  • – Gift With Purchase options include complimentary corkscrew, shoe horn, or leather-bound journal
  • – Custom laces–choose from 8 different colors
  • – Nautical cocktails from Wingtip Bar Director Brian MacGregor, plus club snacks

Read more about Sperry Top-Sider and browse Wingtip’s current selection of Sperry Top-Sider shoes.


St. Crispin’s Shoes Visits Wingtip May 1st & 2nd

We are pleased to welcome Saint Crispin’s for their very first trunk show in San Francisco. St. Crispin’s (named for the Patron Saint of Cobblers) has been a family owned-and-operated business since the early 1990s. They began with one last, and quickly developed their finely crafted shoes into one of the most respected footwear houses in the business. Visit St. Crispin’s at Wingtip for semi- and full-bespoke footwear, May 1st and 2nd. Below are some inspiration pieces from their 2014 Lookbook.


Oxxford Clothes Trunk Show Recap

Thanks to everyone who visited Bespoke for our Spring 2014 Oxxford Clothes trunk show. We had a fun and stylish showing, and were reminded throughout the day of the loyalty Oxxford inspires in the gents they outfit:

One gentleman wore his 12-year-old Oxxford cashmere jacket. When your jacket is old enough to be a fine Scotch, you are wearing one remarkable garment!

Another long-standing Oxxford patron, who had only heard of the event on Wednesday, picked up two new sportcoats for an upcoming trip to Europe.

Yet another gentleman was able to match a particularly unique Oxxford jacket, which had already been making the rotation in his wardrobe, with just the right pair of Oxxford trousers.

Not to mention, Oxxford’s trousers, with their patented one-piece waistband construction (which amounts to a comfortable fit with no bunching around the belt) inspires a fervent following all of its own.

Thanks to Bob Denton, President of Oxxford Sales, for making the trip!


Thursday: Oxxford Spring Trunk Show

This Thursday Oxxford Clothes returns to Wingtip. The revered Chicago suitmaker is one of America’s most esteemed bespoke labels. They have been outfitting the most demanding gentlemen for nearly 100 years, and though they have long traded in classic silhouettes, they recently unveiled some more modern fits.

Robb Report noted the change in 2010: “The new Oxxford Suit, one of the few still made entirely by hand in the United States, features lighter super wool and cashmere fabrics, softer construction, and a sexier shape that consists of smaller lapels, higher armholes and leaner, flat-front slacks. In other words, all the elements of contemporary suit making that the best English and Italian clothiers have been stressing for years.”

Below are a few examples of what Oxxford can do–but the only real limit is your imagination. Oxxford visits Wingtip Thursday from 10am to 6pm. To make an appointment for a fitting, please email Bespoke Advisor Bruce Zuckerman at bespoke@wingtip.com. Walk-ins are also welcome.


Wingtip Suiting Launch Today

Just Added: Celebrate with complimentary Maker’s Mark Manhattans at 2pm, as well as complimentary shoe shines (as time permits).

We are thrilled to be measuring people today for their first official Wingtip suit or sportcoat. As Wingtip founder Ami Arad noted in our recent press release, “We have spent the past three years building relationships with fabric mills around the world, and with tailors here in the States. We are excited to offer our Wingtip line alongside other esteemed suit-makers, such as Dunhill, Peter Millar and Oxxford Clothes.”

Stop by today, not only to be fitted for your custom suit, and choose fabrics from a multitude of options, including our guests Scabal, but you can also be fitted for a pair of custom or ready-to-wear Nettleton shoes.


Nettleton Shoes: An interview with VP Jim Tognoni

We are very pleased to introduce you to Nettleton Footwear. The American Heritage brand has roots stretching back to 1879, and, though dormant as of late, they are stomping back into the footwear scene. We caught up with Nettleton Vice President Jim Tognoni to talk about Nettleton’s story and classically constructed product. Come see the shoes yourself as part of Wingtip’s Wingtip Suit launch, this Friday and Saturday. [Ed: This post was originally published 6/12/2013, but we are revisiting it in anticipation of Nettleton’s return to Wingtip.]

Wingtip: Are today’s Nettleton shoes based on the original designs, or brand new designs?

Jim Tognoni: The current line is largely made up of classic Nettleton styles, some of which are still talked about and worn by our legacy customers. We have done some tweaking to keep the look relevant for today’s gentleman, but the designs still retain the original elegance of the product. Some of the styles, such as our Savannah loafer, date back to the 1930s–this shoe, in fact, was the original loafer. Nettleton trademarked that name, “loafer,” in 1934, though the use of the term has become ubiquitous. Our Madison style has the classic Algonquin toe seam, which too is a Nettleton original, and another name that we had trademarked years ago.

Which shoes will be available to see during the trunk show?

Customers and your staff will see our Wingtip, Algonquin toe, Savannah loafer, tassel loafers, and our Cap Toe–everyone needs a pair of these in their wardrobe [image at left]. We will likely show a few pieces that we will introduce this fall. We want the classics but want it to remain fresh and relevant for today’s savvy gentleman. As we say in our tag line “We Make The Classic Shoe For The Modern Gentleman”.

Where are Nettleton shoes made today? Are they designed in St. Louis?

Design of the shoe is a collaborative effort. I would say the lion’s share of the effort and details are done in our Coral Gables, Florida, corporate headquarters. Ed Tognoni is the lead on all design and updates, along with close communications with our factory team. The shoes are hand-crafted in Belgium. We have found old world craftsmen that have the leathers, equipment, and know-how to produce what we feel is among the finest gentleman’s shoes in the world. 

Where do you source your alligator?

We will actually be using belly skins of the Crocodile, which makes for the softest and most beautiful hide. Our factory procures them from South America. We are licensed for import and export by the U.S. fish and wildlife service. We always go by the book. 

What are the different lasts to consider when shopping Nettleton footwear?

Lasts are always an interesting topic. The ones that we have at our factory are made from original Nettleton specifications. We conferred with the original last-maker to Nettleton and verified that all was as it should be. We did tweak them slightly to accommodate the changes in the modern gentleman’s foot. As you know, people around the world are bigger than they used to be so that has to be considered and applied to the last for a very good fit. Note that we are still using US standards for the last as we are an American brand. 

Do you have any information on the designs used in your vintage ads (particularly the “Mr. Net” character)?

One of my favorite topics… Mr. Net was the creation by Bert Stern as commissioned by Nettleton back in the 50s (Stern is still a practicing ad artist working out of NYC). Many pieces were done by Louis Francher in the early 1900s up to the 1930s. He, too, was a well known advertising artist in that era. Some of our other favorites, like the portrait-looking images, were done by another advertising maven of the 30s and 40s–a Don Gardner. We actually have about 10 of his original oil paintings, which he produced the ad artwork from.

Any other notable discoveries in the Nettleton archives?

There are a few interesting pieces correspondence that we have from former U.S. presidents that were fans and customers of Nettleton. Teddy Roosevelt and Coolidge, to name two. 

Why is 2013 the right time to re-launch Nettleton?

The internet has given us an opportunity to reach a global audience with our message, sell product and keep in close communications with customers, dealers and prospects. We notice that on various blog sites and newspaper and magazine articles that there is a broad interest in Nettleton shoes. We saw too that certain websites were and are actually selling vintage Nettleton shoes for a significant amount of money. We examined all this information and determined that it is the right time to bring a solid, extremely well made line of footwear to the global market. Our history is quite unique, inspiring, and most enjoyable to work with. 

Anything else to add about the trunk show tour?

We are very enthused about partnering with Wingtip for this effort. We are overwhelmed by the uniqueness and the tremendous use of an iconic space. With Wingtip’s class and elegance we feel Nettleton is the right partner for such a classy company. Other than that we have been around since 1879 and can talk enthusiastically for hours about the fabulous advertising materials in our archives–and of course the quality of the footwear we produce. We truly are passionate about the whole of the Nettleton product story.


This Friday: The Wingtip Suit, and Maker’s Mark Manhattans

Beyond pocket squares, watches, and hats, I think the best accessory for bespoke clothing is a classic cocktail. Throughout the history of men’s fashion, guys like to do important things while being well-dressed–like go hunting, sign a deal, or just enjoy a refreshing beverage. Examples abound, from the legendary Mark Twain, to Frank Sinatra, our favorite super spy James Bond, and of course the current king of fashion and booze, Don Draper. All these gentlemen where meticulously dressed–and all these gentlemen enjoy whiskey in some form or another.

This Friday afternoon at Wingtip, we will be offering complimentary Maker’s Mark Manhattans to all those fine gentlemen who step into the shop to get fitted for the launch of our brand new Wingtip Suit. Maker’s Mark is a delicious bourbon in its own right, but I especially like the way it blends with, Italian Vermouth, and a dash of my dear old friend, Angostura Bitters.

If that wasn’t enough, we are also proud to welcome Maker’s Mark CEO, and grandson to founder Bill Samuels Sr., Rob Samuels. Samuels will be joining us for a private tasting at the Wingtip club, but we’re sure he’ll want to visit the show as well. And we’d be remiss not to mention that anyone who purchases a suit at the show gets an invite to the club’s Maker’s Mark Tasting friday evening. Yes, members and non-members alike.

If you feel the need to get fitted for a suit (and really, what gentlemen does not feel the pull of a suit created just for him?) come in to create your ideal suit and have a great drink at the same time. Personally, I’d go for a notch-lapel, two-button suit, and I would agonize over the color of stitching around the button holes. I think that’s the most appropriate way to spend a Friday afternoon, and I like to think any of the aforementioned men would agree.

By the way, if you ask nice, there is a little surprise to be handed out as well.


Our Bespoke Advisor Weighs Fashion v Style [Plus The Wingtip Suit’s Debut]

A common question that is asked when considering custom clothing is “What’s the difference between fashion and style in custom clothing?”

Before anything is said about custom clothing, the overall consideration of fashion versus style needs to be addressed.  Generally, fashion represents the most current, and, oftentimes, short term trends in styles being shown at the retail level of the distribution chain.  On the other hand, style is usually associated with longer lasting looks in the industry.

However, it is not uncommon for long-lasting styles to be born out of radical fashion statements. Several years ago, some rather avant garde designers began showing men’s suits with very short, snugly fit coats accompanied by extremely tight trousers with hems 1 to 2 inches above a man’s shoe top. The coat lapels were approximately an inch and one half wide, and the trousers were to be worn below a gent’s hip. As radical as that fashion statement was, it has influenced the menswear industry to the point that even the most classic houses have incorporated slimmer models for a more contemporary, updated silhouette.

Custom clothing actually offers the optimal means a gentleman can, so to speak, have it both ways. That is, if one desires a garment to work as both a solid wardrobe investment value while having a genuine, distinctive look, custom clothing is the right choice.

To that end, on March 28 and 29, we are officially introducing the Wingtip suit. The suit will be available in three fits, from trim to classic. And we will, of course, offer a selection of fabrics from the world’s premier fabric mills, including our guests, Scabal. Schedule a fitting ahead of time through bespoke@wingtip.com.


The Staff Recalls Their Wolverine Boots Adventures (Bourbon & Boots This Friday!)

In anticipation of this Friday’s Bourbon & Boots event, we asked some of the Wingtip staff to share the stories of the trials they’d faced down while wearing their Wolverine boots. Just a reminder–Buy any pair of Wolverine boots this Friday, and walk away with a bottle of Henry McKenna 10-Year Bottled-In-Bond or Elijah Craig 12-Year Bourbon.

Wolverine Boots' Limited Edition 744 Shell Cordovan Boot“I own six pairs of Wolverine boots, and I recently wore my Burtons hiking in the Redwood Forest. While hiking I was stuck in a rain storm, but my boots kept my feet dry, and they had no damage from that tough day.”

— Ian, Wardrobe Consultant

“My 1000-Mile Addisons have gotten me through the Lake Tahoe snow, as well as the streets of Paris and Barcelona. They’re the only footwear I need on my travels.”

— Michael, Store Manager

“I wore my Wolverines to the beach, and they had great ankle support for walking in the sand.”

— Rob, Accounts Payable

“To keep my feet dry in the snow, I coated a pair of Wolverine boots in animal fat before a February trip to Montreal.”

— Jesse, Vice President of Operations

“I own a pair of the White Pine boots in brown. I wore them a couple of weekends ago on a trip to the Trinity Alps. They got me through camping, fishing, building fires, even setting the boat up. A real ‘roughing it’ weekend.”

— George, Lost Coast Outfitters

“I wear my Wolverines when I know I am going to be on my feet all day. They keep me sturdy–and comfortable.”

— Joe Roberts, Master Barber

Bourbon & Boots Invite

Wingtip, Wolverine Boots, and Heaven Hill Distilleries invite you to Bourbon & Boots.

Friday, February 28th: 4pm to 8pm

Buy any pair of Wolverine Boots and walk away with a bottle of Henry McKenna 10-Year Bottled-In-Bond or Elijah Craig 12-Year Bourbon.*

Sip whiskey while you shop!

Preview Wolverine’s Fall 2014 line!

Extra gifts with purchase!

*21 and up. Bottle will be 750ml and cost 5 (five) cents.