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Jun 3: Visconti Pens Trunkshow (Father’s Day Promotion)

Our Visconti Pens trunkshow will be your chance to get your dad the right pen to finish writing that novel that’s still kicking around in his sock drawer. Some pens will be on hand for sale, but there will be many more sample pens available to choose from. (Orders placed at the event are guaranteed to arrive before Father’s Day.)


Updates on the Grand Opening Party


While we are neck deep in construction, with Heidi keeping a close eye on proceedings (above), we also have some exciting updates on the Grand Opening Party, which will be Thursday, September 27th. As you may know, the event will take place all day in the store from 10am – 6pm. Many of our vendors will be on hand, and most will have gifts with purchase or door prizes. We also expect to pouring some libations. All in all, it should be a festive affair in an unbelievable space, and we hope you can join us.

Visiting vendors now include:

  • Chris Knott, founder of Peter Millar
  • Bill Thomas, founder of Bills’ Khakis
  • Michael Toschi
  • Jeff Shafer, founder of Agave Denim
  • Kirby Allison, The Hanger Project
  • Todd Fisher, CEO of Truefitt & Hill, N.A.
  • Robin Rotenier
  • Margo Petitti

Plus representatives from Paul’s Hat Works, Agave Denim, Johnstons of Elgin, Mulholland, Martin Dingman, W. Kleinberg, Visconti, HollenWolff, and more.

Keep your eyes on our Facebook event page for more updates.

We’ve Entered the Steel Age

Homo Sapiens Steel AgeIntroduced two years ago, Visconti’s Homo Sapiens pens have proven quite popular (or as popular as any exquisite, and expensive, writing instrument can be). This success undoubtedly has much to do with the pens’ unique material: they’re made from volcanic lava take from Mt. Etna, Sicily. It doesn’t get much more old school than that.


However, a segment of the writing (as opposed to typing) public clamored for the same pen, albeit with silver trim in lieu of bronze. Ask and ye shall receive: we can now offer the Visconti Homo Sapiens Steel Age collection.

Prices start at $325. 

New Year’s Resolutions for On The Fly

I think I’ve done a New Year’s resolutions post for the business the past few years, and at this point, I really don’t care about looking back to see how we did. I should, but it just seems a waste of time. So let’s talk about what we hope to do this year:

  • Add more products, faster. This year, we added more brands to the store and website than we have in years: Wolverine boots, Match Pewter, Berti Cutlery, Luminox watches, pens from Visconti and Higdon, Orbita watchwinders, Agresti furniture, and Saphir shoe care products. I’ll be in New York in 2 weeks to scout out new brands, but it’s safe to say we’ll be adding at least one additional shoe brand and a dress trouser line, more casual wear, some new barware & cigar accessories, and some innovative furniture which is already in the works. 
  • Video. Lots of ideas here. Long overdue. Not sure what else to say except we’re sorry we don’t have videos up already.
  • Formally roll out our custom offerings. You probably didn’t even know we do custom stuff, and much of that, unfortunately, won’t be available to our beloved web customer base. But we’ve been dabbling in custom suits by Southwick, custom shirts by Ike Behar and Individualized Shirts, custom belts from Antas Apparel, and we’ll start offering custom pens from Higdon Writing Instruments. And we’ll broaden our Bespoke Stationery offering across a number of dimensions.
  • Tell our story. We’re still a very small business lucky enough to have a loyal clientele. I have had countless friends and customers that know some of the gory details about our business tell me that we should write a book about it; it would make The Da Vinci Code read like a reference book in comparison. We’ll skip over some of the most unflattering aspects of our business, but we plan to use emails and promotions to share our story with our customers.
  • Launch some web apps. There are a number of web apps that I have wanted to build for years, and we’ve just never had the time or the money. These are basically mini-applications that don’t necessarily relate directly to shopping, but which we think our customers will find valuable or entertaining. The first web app should go live in the first quarter of this year, if not in January.
  • Consistently use social media. We have a Facebook page. We don’t really have a Twitter account we’re using…yet. I’m not suggesting we use social media for the sake of saying we use social media; the "Deal of the Day" posts we’ve done on Facebook have been win-wins for us and our customers. We just need to do it more often, and more consistently. I’m not promising we will, but I hope we will.

That’s a pretty healthy list. If we follow through in all those areas, a year from now, I would look back and consider it a very successful 2011.