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The Gentleman’s Harrington

The Harrington style dates back to the 1930s, but its popularity in pop culture was cemented in the 60s by scooting swarms of mods and titans of cool, including Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, and Ryan O’Neal. Wait, Ryan O’Neal?

10 Ways to Use the Wingtip Tote

10 Ways to Use the Wingtip Tote: 1. Lunchbox, 2. Farmer’s market groceries, 3. Gym clothes or swim trunks, 4. Dropping off shoes at the cobbler

Wingtip Suiting Launch Today

Just Added: Celebrate with complimentary Maker’s Mark Manhattans at 2pm, as well as complimentary shoe shines (as time permits).

Wingtip One of SF’s 10 Best Whisk(e)y Bars: Eater SF

Cheers to Eater SF, who named Wingtip one of their 10 “Best Whiskey Bars in San Francisco.” Eater compiled the list as part of their Eater Cocktail Week coverage, and noted in their review that Wingtip is a “members-only at this exclusive club

Wingtip: Gentleman’s Basics and Accessories

Currently on display, directly in front of the new walk-in cigar shop at 550 Montgomery (more on that soon!), is a collection of some of our favorite Wingtip brand products. Here’s a breakdown…

Wingtip Hosts Skyfall Skyfall Premiere

James Bond’s latest outing Skyfall racked in $88 million during its opening weekend; that’s enough money to pay off the evil masterminds of the first 21 Bond films combined (Just an estimate). It takes a lot of film-goers to come up with $88 million–and a lot of film-goers means long lines for tickets, scrambling for seats, cell phones ringing during… Read more »

Grand Opening Party Pics

Official photos still to come, but in the meantime, here are some snapshots:  

Grand Opening Today

Come one, come all! No more of this “soft opening” business. That photo (left) is the last time you’ll see “coming soon” in the window. Today we officially open, and joining us for the occasion are presidents, artisans, reps, and namesakes from our favorite brands: Edward Armah, Peter Millar, Bills Khakis, Margo Petitti, Megin Spivey,… Read more »

The Pocket Square Library

Netflix. Zipcar. “Collaborative consumption”: the idea that you pay for access rather than ownership. In our case, it started with our Founder bringing in his own collection of pocket squares for members to borrow. It resulted in members frequently purchasing the squares they were borrowing. With the new space at 550 Montgomery comes upgrades in… Read more »

Shoe Shines Now Available

Starting today, we are offering shoe shines in the lobby area of Wingtip. Shoe-shiner Kea Lani has been holding down A Shine & Co.’s operation at JFK airport in New York, and now she has returned to SF and taken up residency at our vintage shoe shine stand. Our CEO Ami Arad just snagged the… Read more »