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This Thursday, 10am-6pm, Wolverines & Whiskey

This Thursday, 10am-6pm, we follow up last year’s exceptionally popular Bourbon & Boots event with Wolverines & Whiskey.

The event will feature the Wingtip debut of Wolverine’s new Centennial Bison Leather boot, which they released to celebrate the 100th birthday of the original 1000-Mile Boot. The stunning pebbled bison leather boot is available in tan and brown.

Lending support is a limited offering from Anchor Distilling: White Christmas. This white whiskey is actually the 2013 release, which is the 2012 Christmas Ale distilled. It is also the last whiskey from this annual release to be named White Christmas. And we will be giving away a bottle with each purchase of a pair of Centennial Boots (limited to available stock on-hand, applies to purchases in-store on 12/11 only). We will also be offering a 15% discount on all current stock from Anchor’s spirits portfolio in the Bank Of Wine & Spirits for the occasion!

The event will run from 10am-6pm. Stop by around lunch time, when Wolverine will be offering complimentary bison burgers, cooked to perfection by Wingtip’s Chef Matt.


Lost Coast Outfitters’ Top Five Weekend Essentials

Lost Coast Outfitters’ George Revel, who runs his fly-shop-in-shop at Wingtip, likes to get out into the country every weekend possible to go hunting or fishing. This weekend he’ll be fishing around Bridgeport, but first, he shops our store for his Top Five Weekend Essentials, all of which can be found at Wingtip.

Bills Khakis Shotgun Shell Belt

This belt allows me to express my love for the sporting life in my everyday wear. Plus it matches my Wolverine White Pines. ($75)

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Damn this stuff is delicious. It’s a longtime favorite for passing around the campfire. And the bottle comes with its own shotglass. (Available in store only)

Wolverine Weekender Duffel

This bag’s killer. It’s the right size, with a nice aesthetic; I can stuff it with everything I need for the weekend. Like most of my outdoor gear, it’s US-made. ($400)

Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Gold Cup Boat Shoes

These are comfortable, slip-resistant, and pretty fly (fishing, that is). When I’m out on the boat, I can kick ’em off and quickly go barefoot if I need to. They have the convenience of flip-flops but are nice enough to wear out after a day of fishing. ($150)

Barbour Sapper

I really like to wear the Sapper hunting and around the city. It has nice big pockets for shells, and a good range of motion. It also has a slimmer fit than the classic Barbour designs. I dig it! ($429)


The Staff Recalls Their Wolverine Boots Adventures (Bourbon & Boots This Friday!)

In anticipation of this Friday’s Bourbon & Boots event, we asked some of the Wingtip staff to share the stories of the trials they’d faced down while wearing their Wolverine boots. Just a reminder–Buy any pair of Wolverine boots this Friday, and walk away with a bottle of Henry McKenna 10-Year Bottled-In-Bond or Elijah Craig 12-Year Bourbon.

Wolverine Boots' Limited Edition 744 Shell Cordovan Boot“I own six pairs of Wolverine boots, and I recently wore my Burtons hiking in the Redwood Forest. While hiking I was stuck in a rain storm, but my boots kept my feet dry, and they had no damage from that tough day.”

— Ian, Wardrobe Consultant

“My 1000-Mile Addisons have gotten me through the Lake Tahoe snow, as well as the streets of Paris and Barcelona. They’re the only footwear I need on my travels.”

— Michael, Store Manager

“I wore my Wolverines to the beach, and they had great ankle support for walking in the sand.”

— Rob, Accounts Payable

“To keep my feet dry in the snow, I coated a pair of Wolverine boots in animal fat before a February trip to Montreal.”

— Jesse, Vice President of Operations

“I own a pair of the White Pine boots in brown. I wore them a couple of weekends ago on a trip to the Trinity Alps. They got me through camping, fishing, building fires, even setting the boat up. A real ‘roughing it’ weekend.”

— George, Lost Coast Outfitters

“I wear my Wolverines when I know I am going to be on my feet all day. They keep me sturdy–and comfortable.”

— Joe Roberts, Master Barber

Bourbon & Boots Invite

Wingtip, Wolverine Boots, and Heaven Hill Distilleries invite you to Bourbon & Boots.

Friday, February 28th: 4pm to 8pm

Buy any pair of Wolverine Boots and walk away with a bottle of Henry McKenna 10-Year Bottled-In-Bond or Elijah Craig 12-Year Bourbon.*

Sip whiskey while you shop!

Preview Wolverine’s Fall 2014 line!

Extra gifts with purchase!

*21 and up. Bottle will be 750ml and cost 5 (five) cents.


This Friday: Bourbon + Boots (A “Thought Piece” From Brian MacGregor)

When I think of Bourbon and Boots, I conjure up images of days past, wearing a pair of Doc Martens and slugging back cheap whisky on the way to a punk rock show. Really: In those days, the only way to avoid an ass-stomping was to wear the biggest boots. Now-a-days, as I settle into a more mature state of mind, I still love my whisky–as any reader of this blog knows–and I still love to wear a nice pair of boots, but the ass-stomping days are behind me as I wade into eternal adulthood.

Now I tend to sip on a great bourbon or scotch as I unwind at the end of the day (usually still listening to the punk rock [See: NOFX, at left], I am not giving up on all things youthful after all). As far as the boots go, while I still have a pair of Doc’s, I now prefer the comfort of a well-made, worn-in pair of American-crafted boots, in particular, the Wolverine 1000 mile boot. They work well for sloshing around behind the bar, or just running around doing weekend errands–Gag! I sound so much like an adult when I utter such fuss. But, hey, it’s the truth. As we all get older, our tastes tend to refine.

While this may sound like a middle-aged man lamenting his lost youth and the newfound comforts of adulthood, there lies an ulterior motive beneath my memoir, to encourage you to enjoy Bourbon and Boots this Friday.

When was the last time you bought a great pair of boots and got a free bottle of great bourbon?

Well, that is just what is happening this Friday, February 28 at Wingtip. For every pair of Wolverine boots you buy, you get a complimentary bottle of bourbon–either Elijah Craig 12 Year or Henry McKenna Bottle in Bond, both of which we sell in the club, and both of which are outstanding bourbons. You can also learn a little bit about the brown spirits that accompany each purchase by chatting with Tracy, the Bay Area’s local representative of Heaven Hill Distillery. Not to mention, you’ll be able to sample (read: sip) while you shop.

So, get off you duff and upgrade both your footwear and your liquor cabinet. (And don’t hesitate to still skank the night away, even if you are older and nursing one bad knee!)


Bourbon + Boots

Wingtip, Wolverine Boots, and Heaven Hill Distilleries invite you to Bourbon & Boots.

Friday, February 28th: 4pm to 8pm

Buy any pair of Wolverine Boots and walk away with a bottle of Henry McKenna 10-Year Bottled-In-Bond or Elijah Craig 12-Year Bourbon.*

Sip whiskey while you shop!

Preview Wolverine’s Fall 2014 line!

Extra gifts with purchase!

*21 and up. Bottle will be 750ml and cost 5 (five) cents.

Wolverine Krause

New Wolverine Boot: Krause

Over 125 years ago, G.A. Krause, inspired by men who wanted quality made products but also demanded comfort, began a footwear company that would revolutionized the industry. This year, Wolverine designed the Krause boot in honor of their founder.

With contrast stitching along the archival pattern line and cap toe, as well as a butyl-treated leather outsole, Vibram heel lift, and a classic leather storm-welt with traditional Goodyear Welt construction, this boot is smooth, but oh, so rough.

The Krause is available now.

Wolverine Krause

Wolverine Krause

Wolverine KrauseWolverine Krause


More Shots of the Wolverine 744s

Wolverine has gone back into their vault and unearthed the punched cap toe for a limited run of 1000 boots. They are made from Horween’s famed shell cordovan, a layer of tissue just beneath a horse’s hide that is then tanned for a full six months. The leather is unbelievably resilient, and can last a lifetime if properly maintained. At our event last week, Neil Burns, of Wolverine, said of the material, “This stuff is going to outlast us all.” We later took a pair of the 744s on a sight-seeing tour around the Bank of Italy building, including one of our own vaults.


Behold, the 744 Shell Cordovan

It’s been tough keeping this boot under wraps. But the day is here.

At left, Ami gets his new pair of 744s shined by Kea Lani, our new in-house shoe shiner. You might wonder why you would get a brand new pair of shell cordovans shined, but just yesterday Lani told us that after a shine, ‘If the shoe doesn’t look better than when it came out of the box, then I’m not doing my job.’

Wolverine will be with us today from 4pm–8pm to celebrate the release of the 744 LTD in Horween shell cordovan leather. There are only 1000 pairs of these boots worldwide, and today many of those boots will be released into the wild.

Need another reason to visit? How about a complimentary shine?