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Remembering When…

Boy, how time flies! On August 16th, 2006 –almost 5 years ago– we received our first online order for some new-fangled magnetic collar stays by Wurkin Stiffs. While that 1.0 version of the product has long been upgraded, repackaged, upgraded again, expanded, repackaged again, and so on, you can still see what that original version… Read more »

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Why Didn’t MacGyver Have Silk Knots?

Ever since Wurkin Stiffs introduced their silk "Knotz" in about 100+ colors, we’ve always touted them as a great emergency item. Any modern gentleman has probably found himself in a hotel with a French cuff shirt in his suitcase only to realize that he forgot to pack cufflinks. Rather than having to buy another pair,… Read more »

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What Would Tony Stark Do?  I’d have to think really hard about my favorite movie of the year, but I’m pretty confident that the most inspiring movie I’ve seen — to the extent that it made me want to give up menswear to become a military industrialist — was Iron Man. Granted, I haven’t yet… Read more »